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off road driving
2 months ago

4x4 needed for this trail during summer months. Trail was gated at the entrance to the canyon. Trail is closed.

4 months ago

The trail is rated as moderate but I consider it more of an easy trail. It's short and the trail itself is pretty smooth. I would go in the morning or during cooler months; just take plenty of water and sunscreen. The road to the trailhead is narrow in some parts where you cannot see around the curves, so go slow.

It looks like the trail has been closed off at The Narrows since 2016. There is a huge fence barricade with a dozen signs to keep out. Someone said they crawled around the fence, but someone must have reinforced it because there was no way of getting around without climbing a mountain. Total bummer because all the good stuff is past the fence.

Cool trail down a wash. Didnt see a single soul, and while only a couple of miles from my car it felt so desolate. Really cool experience.

Absolutely delightful trail with beautiful scenery. Some challenging terrain, but nothing a stock vehicle with high enough clearance can't handle. Nice areas for camping along the trail, hiking, and photography.

Great hike. A little hard to find the actual traihead- it's down in the canyon and gated off with danger signs... After seeing a few people inside, we decided to join by crawling under the fence. The experience was well worth it. Long, narrow canyon winding about a mile with a cool breeze coming through. There was one spot that I needed a boost to get up (short legs) but other than that, a pretty short and easy day hike.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail, rock path was a plus.

Love this trail! Clear path, beautiful scenery, views of Lake, balance of rocky and smooth terrain.

6 months ago

this is definitely a simpler trail to walk and is about 2.5 miles round trip. we had our 3 year old son and our 1 year old German Shepherd with us. We completed the hike in about an hour and a half. the trail is nicely marked out and is nice to walk :) we will do this trail again. it was nice we had our park pass too to save us from paying the 20$ entrance fee (which is good for 7 days).

6 months ago

Nice, easy hike, not too busy and nice views. Park on the side of the road, I didn’t see any signs for the trail, but there were people parked there and you can find the trail easily. We didn’t finish the whole trail, we just went to the riverbed and then walked down it for a while. Cool outcroppings, lizards, birds and bushes that smell like lilacs.

Amazing views. Few signs, so it’s easy to be lost on the trail. GPS is absolutely necessary to stay on the trail. Some strenuous points; dangerous for those with fear of high.

Overgrown with Tamarix. If you’re protected and want to hike through there is still a trail. The entrance is across from the large building on west end. The schoolhouse?

Trail is open and very nice. Very cool to see. The Overton trail down the river is overgrown with Tamarix

7 months ago

$20 entry fee into Lake Mead Recreation Area. Park at campground info signs right as you enter the campground. We passed two people on our hike along the river. It was easy, quiet and a beautiful sunny winter day. I would not recommend this in the heat as there is no shade.

really incredible area full of unique rock formations. The trail shown here on Alltrails is wrong and so is the distance. if you try to follow it on GPS it will take you some very odd places including over an 80 foot spill on the north side... You can see it on the topo. I parked at the east end of the trail and hiked cpujnter clockwise, making a loop using the road. Have a GPS if you visit here.. It's very remote and confusing and you will most likely be the only one there. since the trail shown on this app was so wrong (notice how straight some parts are) I advise to research your route online. there is a different trail map that shows an actually navigatable route that I found later. trail is not marked and is more just a way to navigate the maze. it is a maze. I was afraid of getting stuck after dark because following washes seems Like a good idea until they get too narrow nd high on the sides and the spills too steep and then you have to backtrack for miles but that's what makes it fun right?

8 months ago

Just got back from hiking the Bluffs Trail. I give it a 3 star rating only because it's an easy, out and back hike with decent views. There's nothing difficult about this trail, so it's great for kids, walking the dog, etc. I did like that there was no one else on the trail on a Sunday late morning/early afternoon. For that reason I'd give it a 4th star. (NOTE: I'm a 49yr old avid hiker in great shape; I went here to take my dog for a short hike -- she's a short dog ;)

8 months ago

Do your homework. Research the history of this town online before going. Get a map that shows the location of the buildings and of which each building was. As you walk through this Ghost Town with the aid of a map, you can get a pretty good idea just what the town must have looked like. A nice getaway.

9 months ago

Nice trail, great to take people who have never been hiking or out of town guests. Will give them a taste of what it’s all about. Took my dogs off leash. They enjoyed it too.

amazing hiking trail, similar to the valley of fire but more secluded. i was the only one on the trail in August. there is so much to explore here! i spent 6 hours going through a maze of sandstone cliffs. perfect for bouldering. you do need to conserve some energy for the hike back though plenty of shade. highly recommend!

Great hike, bring plenty of ware, bring a camer, lots of great shots, watch for snakes.

off road driving
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Loved this trail. I was able to take some amazing photos. The beginning is rough but not at all difficult. Easy to follow markers with lots of other trails to ride. Campsites were clean and had great views. Not high enough elevation for a temperature change. Only bad thing was not seeing much wildlife which is my goal.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The trail isn't marked and is very hard to follow. It takes good route finding skills to see the trail in most places. I found to "Arch" the closed one is show on Bob's Arches website and is probably the correct one. The ranger at the visitors had never heard of "Arrowhead Arch". I followed the "Trail" further until I found another arch.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Interesting and easy. Hiked down to the Muddy River for fun.

So I drive a Kia Soul and tried to off road this, we didn't get stuck but I wouldn't recommend it. You can park off the highway and hike back. It doesn't add that much time to the hike and the Bowl of Fire is like a 15-minute hike from the trailhead. There is some bouldering but if you're in decent shape you can do it. I wear a prosthetic leg and managed fine. It's definitely worth it. I recommend bringing a good camera if you have one because it's very picturesque. There's also not much of trail once you get back there so you can just explore.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cooll little ghost town. Don't hike it in the summer there is zero shade. I would rate this as an easy hike it's about 3 miles with 85 ft of elevation change. Easy peasy.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Super easy walk. Beautiful, quiet open spaces.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Parking is at the campground, nice view and pretty well maintained trail. A few parts looked a little washed out but you can still walk through fine.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I like this trail. It's an easy walk most of the way. there are a couple boulders you have to climb around.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nice views and easy. No other hikers on Trail.

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