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Hiked this a few days ago with friends. It’s a nice trail with some rock hopping to make it interesting. Also, always nice to see water on the way.

Very easy hike and short. The Waterfall is nice and the cave at the end of the trail. My daughter and her friends had a really great time. good for kida and pet

Gradual ascent up the canyon for the first couple of miles then stay to the left side of the ravine. Some bouldering but mostly a defined trail until about half way up the ravine then its climbing over a couple of rock outcroppings then back on the trail. If you hustle and don't lose the trail, count less than 2 1/2 hrs.

2 days ago

We went on March 3, 2018. Though it was winter, they do one or two tours a day on winter weekends. It was full, even then! If you want to go in the summer, book well in advance. The guide was awesome as she knew a lot about the cave and could give us a lot of facts (both social and scientific) about the cave. The cave is modernized with steps, cement pathways and lights. Our tour was 1.5 hours and well worth it!

I did try to record the path, but since you are underground, you can not record the path, no GPS signal. The recording and map of this path provided here is most likely the above ground visitor center nature trail loop.

See our video: https://youtu.be/LQWllU_aeOY

More visually rewarding than the Strip in Las Vegas.

Its nice and beautiful when you reach the end. Also you can see the city from the top.

Loved this hike! Very strenuous! But the views are breathtaking. I would definitely do it again!

Took a little longer than expected, but our group loved the trail. Be sure to use the app because the trail is not well marked at places. We only saw 9 people during the entire 6.3 mile loop which is why we selected this trail. The views of Las Vegas and the Red Rocks are great and the elevation and loose rocks make the hike difficulty moderate. Loved it and would do it again. It took us 5.5 hours for the entire loop but all of us are over 60 years old.

Loved the ease of this trail. Hiked to Lost Creek waterfall.

4 days ago

Love this trail! It’s great for beginner (in shape) hikers. Views of Vegas from the top are fun and there’s lots of change of scenery throughout the hike. It’s a quick day trip in the amazing Red Rock Canyon! It’s pretty exposed so bring lots of water- would not recommend in the dead of summer.

Great hike! Sprained my ankle at the top but the view was worth the ace bandage :)

4 days ago

I loved the creek running alongside the trail. At the top you have great views of wheeler peak. I did it without snowshoes and I was fine!

It’s hot. Very hot. And takes a long time to get there so make sure your car is gassed up and you have plenty of water. Other than that, pretty cool rock formations.

Really rockey and trash everywhere. there are a lot of off shoot paths so it's a bit confusing choosing the main path sometimes

Started from the Cowboy Trail Rides side. Nice leg burn up through Caren Canyon to Muffin Ridge. Great views of the Strip for about a half mile along the ridge to the BDH peak. The descent down leads to multiple trails that connect to Boneshaker and ultimately back down through Fossil Ridge to the parking lot.

the high elevation made it a slow hike. great views

10 days ago

This hike is a lot of fun. Takes a couple of hours and involves a lot of rock scrambling. I wore my hiking boots and had no problems with slipping on rocks. The view at the end is amazing. A good activity to get away from the Strip for a few hours.

Kraft Mountain trail is located at the Calico Basin and you don't need a pass or permit to go hike here. When you start the hike, it is a little bit deceiving...very easy start to the trail - we went round the mountain on the right side when facing it. It starts off very easy and then dips into the canyon with spectacular views of the surrounding canyon walls. About 50 min (5 year old ) into the hike it gets tricky and you will have to climb up some parts to carry on through the canyon. When you get to a part of the trail where it opens up again there is a sign that says trail...but when being new to the area and trail, it was difficult to see where the trail leads (straight on or left - you turn left and hike up the mountain) because it heads up the mountain and that does not have a clear path because of the rock face. We finally bumped into hikers who could show us the way and we headed up and over the mountain. When you make it to the top you have awesome 360 views of the Canyon and surrounding areas. It is an exciting trail.

The Ice Box Canyon trail is a good versatile trail. It starts off easy and then the deeper you hike into the mountain it gets rockier and requires a bit of extra work. It is considered the "coldest" part of the Red Rock Canyon, especially coming out of winter into spring... bring with something warm. It is a beautiful experience being enveloped by the mountains on both sides.

It was fun. Definitely enjoyed all the great boulders. There was a bit of water trickling down into some small pools of water at the end which was a beautiful sight. I imagine there’s a greater flow after a good rainfall or during the cooler months.
The only downside is that the trail isn’t clearly as marked as I would have liked it to be. On the way back I ended up veering off into the ravine which was fun because of all the large boulders to climb on, up until I realized I needed to scale a steep hill with loose rocks to get back on track. Overall a good hike though. I’d do it again and I’d be more vigilant about trying to stay on the trail, but hopefully they’ll add more markings in the future.

14 days ago

The scenery is awesome!!!

Beautiful. at times challenging to find trail but we'll worth it

Cool trail. Didn’t know there were pine trees and creeks to be found in Red Rock. I found a little pool and hopped in to cool off. Nice little hike but the trail gets pretty narrow and hard to find at parts.

16 days ago

This hike was first on my list to tackle for Red Rock trails. We had a party of 5, and brought 4 medium-large sized dogs as well, which they all did fabuously!! So definitely dog friendly. We went on a Sunday afternoon, with the weather about 80 degrees and the trail was packed with people. It's pretty spread out, so not too noticeable if you're keeping steady pace. Make sure you bring a ton of water, as a good section of the trail is in direct sunlight before hitting the canyon. The waterfall area is small but beautiful, likewise to the surroundings moutains in the canyon. The views aren't spectacular, but the hike is short (about 3 hours total) so totally worth it. Bring some snacks and sit by the water for a bit!! The trail requires quite a bit of walking on sharp rocks - so I recommend decent shoes. Also, don't forget sunscreen!

This was a lot of fun! It gets harder as the trail goes on but only took 1 hour to get to the water fall (and I’m not super athletic at all). TBH it was trickier going down than up for me! One of the more beautiful hikes I’ve done in Red Rock.

Great trail! Good for kids. The sand makes it slippery, so shoes with good traction are recommended. In the spring you can see the waterfall the best, because the snow is melting. There are rock steps as you get closer to the waterfall and the trail is not well marked at the bottom, but you want to head straight toward the mountain and then the trail is obvious.

Enjoy the drive, but be sure to get out and explore as well. There are hikes for all skill levels/ages throughout the park.

So much beauty to enjoy here! Lots of scrambling- just an excellent place to explore.

Ain't no thing for a rocky mountain scrambler and her kids. Great quick climb matched by even better views.

We hiked this trail at the end of March and was surprise by the water and waterfall.

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