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I love this trail. I have roller bladed, walked, biked, and run this trail a thousand times. I love the wildlife near the east end and that you can access it from either end and all along the way. Local favorite for sure.

There is quite a bit of elevation gain with this hike so I would really say this is more towards moderate than easy. Very well maintained trail, although the end just blends into the Sierra Canyon trail so keep going if you want! You will probably run into mountain bikers and a few other hikers. Great views of the valley and the 2nd half is shaded but the trail overall can be a little warm in the summer months so go early.

3 days ago

Great hike down to a not too busy section of Lake Tahoe. We love to bring a picnic and enjoy the day from this spot. The old party house is pretty neat, I can imagine all the Gatsby type parties that were thrown here back in the day. Getting back to the road is pretty steep so pack lightly.

It ‘‘twas a great enjoyment

Very good hike. I took my 2 and 4 year old and packed my 1 year old on my back and they had a blast.

trail running
7 days ago

Great views and challenging hills. Great place to run away from the traffic.

Quick and easy trail. There's definitely a climb to the top, but anyone can make it. My corgi had no problem going up.
April 9, 2018.

11 days ago

For a newbie like me it was tough especially going up the wrong side of the mountain! LOL felt like one of those mountain goats. Was a beautiful view and a good time nonetheless

11 days ago

This will be my 4th time walking around the mountain in the past 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. It gives you a nice variety; a little incline to get the heart racing a bit. I love how you can venture off to the mountain and go as high as you'd like to go. There are many short trails on the side of the mountain you can take for walking or running, but i would recommend a light hiking shoe because there's lot's of gravel. If you will be climbing up or around the mountain beware of broken glass. There's lot's of it there. The walking path is fine, just the mountain has a lot of broken bottles.

Nice, easy hike. Rarely out of sight of the subdivisions, but a nice area for a casual walk.

17 days ago

Great little hike! Great for kids and dogs. The beach is a gem. Gorgeous views of the lake.

Nice workout to the ‘N’ with a great view of the valley. Stopped at the Basque Memorial and found some people I’ve known on one of the plaques. Nice hike early in the morning.

Great trail for kids and d. Wonderful views of the valley .

use a hiking stick, and bring water. there is no shade

Nice easy hike

Trail is no joke. But my 37 year old, somewhat in shape self managed. Not many people out. Saw one couple coming down while I was headed up at 10:30. Another couple bailed. On my way back, a few more making the start.

The hike is BORING as most everyone said. Some interesting cacti, etc, but not much else. The whole point is the view. And it's totally worth it.

Blossoms in the Spring, Shade in the Summer, Colors in the Fall, Quiet in the Winter. One of the best places to go outside in the City of Reno limits, and a great place to take kids.

Kid Friendly

My family and I didn’t really dig this area. It was ‘meh’ for sure. There are more beautiful places to just take a walk around our city.

26 days ago

Nice trail very nice view when you actually get to the N, great hiking trails for beginners, such a beautiful place especially in the early morning around 7am when all the birds are chirping. If you love to hear birds and feel a nice light breeze this is a good place to hike!

Awesome trail to run, hike, bike or just get away very peaceful.

Had a blast! Trail was much dryer than a week ago. Fun watching a team of mountain bikers training.

Amazing walk!!! The paved trails where very easy to walk!!! Loved it!!! I look forward to going back. There is so many trails! Paved and dirt trails.

28 days ago

Not quiet as pretty as the neighboring May Arboretum and Herman Pond Trail in regards to fauna. The pond has many types of ducks along with the standard Canadian Geese that have set up home in the park. I enjoyed that the trail went on the outside of the dog run. Nice to find the trail under McCarran, will probably use in the future.

An old favorite from when the boys were little. Easy trail with lots to explore. Really enjoyed the songs of the Red-Winged Blackbirds in the marsh!

This trail is no joke. Brace yourself, this is a very strenuous hike. however well worth it because the end view is amazing.

Great trail! There are 2 peaks, each with switchbacks near the top. Very steep grade with loose rocks....not a great trail for kids. I would say 2 hours up (then down and up again) with about 1 hour back is the fast pace.

Really fun trail! Was a soupy mess with the snow melting, but still had a blast. Trail was a bit difficult to find in the higher elevation of Peavine due to deep snow, but was able to follow along with the app. The only point that you could hear traffic, was along the southern part that ran parallel with McCarran. Good views of the Reno skyline. Nature trail part was interesting as well. Only passed a couple other hikers; lots of footprints suggest that the peak time is before 5 pm. Parking is difficult for the trail head. I ended up parking in the apartment complex lot. Was happy to see the car there when I returned!

Did this mountain 3 Times already in the last 2 months. The first time was a bit strenuous,but nothing I can't handle. The 3rd time I did it,I did it completely in 2 hours round trip. Has some steep inclines especially around the switch backs. Once you make it all the way up the first set of switch backs, you will notice that you are only half way. Then you must descend and ascend to another mountain which is the one you have to get to. It can be deceving but just keep going. I've your up the second mountain and Past the second set of switch backs, you are finally there. You have the option to go up to the first Hill where the first set of antennas are, or you can walk past the second set of antennas and up and find the ammo box where you can sign in. You can see the whole valley and Mead from up there.

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