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off road driving
13 days ago

For off road driving, it starts off easy, and gets a lot harder as you go in. I did it in a stock 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport with off road tires. 4 low was a must at some points, and the skid plate saw a little love. I’d recommend a high clearance vehicle to do this.

Shooting out there is a lot of fun and you can really get some range. Just be sure to contact the Kingman BLM office and make sure fire restrictions permit it, and learn the rules.

There are a lot of cool old mines out there to explore (at your own risk). The scenery is breathtaking, especially the sunrise/sunset. With minimal light pollution, the night sky are also beautiful. Oatman is a must for the end of your journey, especially if it is overnight. The food at the main restaurant there is amazing, and the AC is real cold.

Rattlesnakes are VERY common so watch your step. Wild burros are also very common out there. Both will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.

I’d highly recommend carrying firearms out there. I ran in to some strange people out there who were also armed. You are responsible for your own safety out there, as no one is coming to save you in any sort of timely matter. A shotgun would also be helpful for rattlesnake emergencies, although killing them is an absolute last resort and also illegal. (every time I saw one, I just avoided that area)

Cell service is okay in some parts, but don’t rely on it. You need physical maps or a GPS, as the roads aren’t marked and near the end. It is VERY unclear what is a “road” and what it a wash that leads to a dead end. The app “viewranger” is very helpful to use as a guide on the go as to what’s a trial and what’s not.

All in all I’d HIGHLY recommend this route especially to be stretched out into a 2 day journey so you can experience the night sky, the amazing sunrises/sunsets and park your vehicle to wander the hills.