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Las Vegas, Nevada Map

Loved it

14 hours ago

Keep going all the way to the cabin. Bring lots of water.

14 hours ago

Make sure you keep going until your reach the remnants of a camp (structure and fire ring). Nice views along the way. Bring lots of water.

Great trail. Make sure you keep going all the way to the top where there are remnants of some sort of camp (structure and fire ring). Really great views along the way. Bring lots of water.

scenic driving
14 hours ago

If you visit Las Vegas, make sure you go to Red Rock and at least take the scenic drive. It is an amazing place to visit! The National Park America the Beautiful pass ($80/year for entrance to all national parks and monuments) gets you in for no additional cost. The visitors center is very helpful in suggesting trails to take if you are feeling like taking a hike. Nice areas to stop and take scenic photos.

14 hours ago

Nice hike in Las Vegas. Park at either entrance of Lone Mountain Park (free). Good view of the strip. Great viewing point for fireworks or moon or star gazing. The rest of Lone Mountain Park is great too.

on Dale's Trail

16 hours ago

Lots of up and downs, plant life is very colorful. Deep, rich colors of sand and stone. Lots of shade, but no water nearby except that at Pine Creek.

Hike that is absolutely not marked. Part of the hike is done in a 4X4 off-road road on a soft rock bottom that makes it a very difficult walk. The decor is beautiful, however. I could have given a 4* for the scenery.

1 day ago

One of the most amazing views I’ve ever encountered, especially as the fall colors are at their peak. Well worth the effort - not for the faint of heart!

we had great fun, no too difficult, but hard enough and terrific views! absolutely word while!

Great beginner’s trail. Lots of switchbacks & is a moderate incline the whole way up, but it’s very easy to go down the way back! Safe for dogs & kids. Can get crowded on weekends, but it’s worth it for the view + mini waterfall(s) at the end. My whole family does this hike every year in the spring when snow melt is high & the waterfall is POURING.

2 days ago

Short hike but the steady incline gets your lungs pumping for sure! Take your time, there’s a lot of benches a long the way if you need to stop.

good views
big workout! A lot of bang 4 the distance!

on East Wing Trail

4 days ago

Easy, fun walk

The hike itself is great but should not be listed as Light, this is definitely a moderate trail although somewhat short in length.

We also did lose the trail as it splits and we took the wrong direction bc it ended. We followed someone else who looked like they knew what they were doing - our mistake.

We didn't end up finding the waterfall, but the drive up there and the views are gorgeous. I think we got close but it was 6pm and we needed to get back before we were stuck in the dark. I'll probably try again.

Definitely loose gravel, 'stairs', steep inclines, and mixed terrain.

not much of a spring was visible. may just be the time of the year but regardless super fun and moderate hike.

4 days ago

Download the georeferenced map from the Red Rock website. It's REALLY helpful because it's hard to know where the trail goes. It's not marked at all once you get to the bouldering parts, so the map really helps if you aren't intuitive. I don't recommend this as a beginner's hike, as the rocks can be a bit challenging. It's very sunny, and the canyon walls block any breeze so the hike is HOT. The bouldering never gets TOO hard/dangerous - if it does, you've gone off path and missed the various stairs that make it easier.

Great workout. A lot of elevation gain in a fairly short distance (about 2 miles.) I usually get to the junction with the North Loop in 55 mins and can run back down in 20. Perfect for days where you don’t have a lot of time, but want a great workout surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness.

4 days ago

This is the easiest of the higher peaks to climb at Mount Charleston. I love it because it’s unmarked and most people don’t know where the turnoff from the North Loop is. Very peaceful. I’ve climbed it 3 times this summer. Only saw one person, one time at 7am in June. I’m an early hiker, usually starting at sunrise.

4 days ago

I am not going to say it's easy by any means but it's worth it. We went up to watch the vegas lights come on and descended in the dark. Was an amazing view. Tough uphill ascent with lots of long rocky pulls. Great workout. Don't give in at the first hill though.

Fun easy little hike that's pathway leads to our community. Nice view at top! Dog friendly

Amazing views! Take your time hiking, I didn’t. Ended up getting mountain sickness when I got home because of the elevation. But I will definitely go back to the trail again, now that I know better than to rush on my way to the top!

my fiance, her cousin, his girlfriend and my son went on this trail. beautiful views! My fiance and I didnt make it all the way, her and I got about halfway through the switchback. the rest of our group made it to the top

7 days ago

A beautiful somewhat challenging hike. I hiked it counterclockwise and was happy I did. The trail starts out a little drab but gets nicer as you go. There is a nice view towards the end after the trail takes you up a hill.

Nice hike but we traveled this October and there was no waterfall or pond to see. The trail is poorly marked after the first mile. The area is beautiful to see!

Great workout for your legs and lungs.

This is a great hike with amazing 360* views at the summit. Well worth the time and effort.

Great hike!!! Hiked up and all around the mountain. Great feeling to reach the top of the mountain!!! The hike up was a little treacherous and steep for me, but I have not hiked since June. For anyone in better shape it would be a breeze. Overall great hike!!!!!

Nice, easy hike with great views. Just enough to get the blood pumping. One of my favorite in Red Rock.

Great trail! Pretty easy, not strenuous at all but does have some bouldering and scrambling towards the back of the gorge. Overall, the views were incredible. We were disappointed to not see much water, but it is technically still summer so that was expected. We definitely started early, on the trail by 7am to avoid the afternoon heat but on our way back there were tons of people just starting out. Lots of rock climbers seem to come through this trail, we were half tempted to start following them just to see where they were going but decided otherwise.

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