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I've done most Mountains around the Vegas valley, but none compare to what this brings to you. It's a long, windy(mostly starts at the junction between Griffith peak and Mt. Charleston), ride up there. The continual incline,makes sure you get your butt kicked thru out the entire summit. The weight we had on our backs with snacks and water didn't help either. Overall this is my biggest accomplishment as far as hiking, and I am very proud i was able to do it in one day, without camping up there.

1 day ago

Nice little flat hike then it gets fun and the views are pretty special. Very easy access/parking.

Great trail for mountain biking and getting lost in the desert. Take plenty of water and snacks. Trust me you could easily get lost. But thankfully I did, saw some beautiful scenery with a great view of the strip.

Absolutely amazing view at the top. Steady climb up the whole way. Definitely worth it.


Great view

3 days ago

A breath taking view. Moderate sized rocks for trail, steep incline for a good time. High altitude with slight shallow air at the peak. A beautiful trail that someone wouldn’t expect from Vegas. I Highly recommend it

steep and rocky but great views!

Have hike Cathedral Rock multiple times and always enjoyable. Fairly short hike, takes me about 1½ hours, including a break at the peak to admire the view. The elevation in general and the incline of the trail make for a good workout.

My girlfriend and I started at 8 am on 6/12/18 and reached the summit at 12:37 pm (4 hrs and 37 min.) We spent 10 minutes on top (had enough energy for snowball fight) before heading back down. Took 3:50 to make it back to the parking lot. 8 hour and 26 minute journey. Tough day, but great feeling of accomplishment.

5 days ago

All incline and a great quick workout for the legs and glutes. Very well-maintained and clear trail to the top. About 1.2 miles up there is a nice breezeway. Plenty of shaded areas to stop if you need a break. Once you reach the peak, you can continue another half mile to Cave Springs or another 6 miles to Charleston Peak. You can also head back down to the North Loop Trailhead which is 4 miles.

6 days ago

The scenery was gorgeous, and the continual incline is unforgiving with packs, lol. We weren’t able to make it to the Charleston summit this time; we camped at the trail junction between the peak and the trail to Griffith. Definitely would like to return one day without so much gear so that we can finish the hike. :-) very different hike that I’ve been on since moving back to Las Vegas

Walked this challenging trail with my daughter and her boyfriend. I’m 50 and out of shape. This was a great way to test the endurance and strength of a “old man”
The views are awesome and I will be returning to do some of the other trails on the Mt. Charleston range!

quite, well matained trail to start. got a little hard to follow near the peak but found the log book with no problems. saw little to no wildlife.

I'm going to give a New Englander's perspective for anyone traveling from that area.
The hike itself is spectacular. Shortly after you start, you find yourself weaving through a couple of massive cliffs. I tried to get good pictures but they were just too big. If you aren't acclimated, you'll probably be breathing heavy early on as you work towards the cliffs. That's when the switchbacks start...
For those used to White Mountain hiking, you'll be confused why you aren't suffering like you normally do, for most of the hike, the difficulty with altitude is more than offset by the switchbacks.
Once you reach the ridge, the views are amazing, much different from the whites because you can see down to the desert floor to the east and west. I thought it was surreal how much empty space there is. For about two miles the ridge is a nice leisurely stroll even though you are at about 10,700'. Then you start ascending to 11,300' as you wind around a prominent hump and get disappointed that it is not in fact Charleston Peak. At this point for me, the slight grade didn't help. I was in full struggle mode for every step.
Be prepared to suffer for another 1.5 hrs. first you descend to about 11,100' and start weaving your way back up. the trail splits left and right, I stayed left and would probably recommend it since I never saw the other side rejoin. This is where the trail became much more exposed than I anticipated. If you are scared of heights you will struggle a little (I'm very afraid). The trail is carved into the side of some kind of rock slide that is pretty steep in a few places. I found that when looking ahead it looks worse than it is when you actually travel through it. But in any case, you see the peak for a while and wind around. At this point I was moving in slow motion. Altitude definitely matters above 11,000'. The way down is easy once you get through the exposed part. Took me 5.5h up with lots of stops for pictures and 4 to go down with one stop to backtrack and find my cell phone. This is comparable to how I go vs AMC book time, so for those familiar with that, you can still use as a benchmark.

Amazing views through out, especially as you get closer to the turn around point. Overall a simple, straightforward hike.

Great moderately difficult trail. Beautiful views, great amount of exercise if you’re looking for a short hike. There were multiple boomboxes on the trail, which was kind of annoying. It was also slightly crowded.

beautiful trail which is easier on the knees. we saw wild mustangs.

on Turtlehead Peak Trail

11 days ago

Super fun & challenging!! Your thighs will hurt, coming back feels harder than going up! Take a light lunch to have at the top! Beautiful view to have while eating lunch!

on Calico Tanks Trail

11 days ago

Great hike!!! Great view through it & at the end!

12 days ago

Kind of flat and I little boring hike. Perfect for beginners thou

Beautiful scenery, amazing 64 degree weather. The trail is very easy to find and very defined the whole way to the top. Lovely breeze and trees. Can’t wait to go back. Oh no fees to enter the “park”.

12 days ago

Beautiful slow grade climb through the woods, and then the last .2 miles is a steeper incline into an AMAZING rock canyon! KEEP GOING - it gets more and more amazing the further up you go! My dog and I went at least another .5 mile past the official end of the trail up the dry wash bed!

Beautiful trail but it will kick you butt. Carried surface from sandy to rocky. This is a moderately difficult run run. Make sure you take water. Easy to follow and you won’t get lost.

13 days ago

I really liked this trail. No shade, so def wear a hat and take lots of water.

Great hike, the path itself is paved and only 1.6 miles. Very easy. Just make sure you take lots of water it's hot out there.

Great hike! Starts off pretty easy but gets challenging having to scramble up some rocks. The descent was far more difficult, wear shoes with good tread, and expect to slip and slide a bit on your way down. Bring lots of water and get ready for great views at the top!

I started at the Upper Bristlecone and did the Loop down to the Lower Bristlecone which is the end of the trail. So to get back to the upper trail parking lot, you would have to hike along the side of the road which I didn’t know..It was a very long hike for me.. Burnt lots of calories.. lol!!

15 days ago

Short and fun. No shade. Go early and finish in time to run thru park sprinklers.

I’m reviewing this from a family with two young kids perspective... and it is a fantastic if grueling hike. Not sure what I could have done it in myself, but it took us 3.5+ hours round trip stopping at every bench and sitting spot along the way and a long cool down up top. Started by about 8:30. 4yr old and 8yr old went up and down on their own. Incredible views. Highly recommended.

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