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Impromtu hike this morning. Just me and my dog. I try to find trails that aren't too rocky since he tends to crecks his paws. this terrain was perfect for him. Was a fairly easy hike. Overall a little over two hours round trip. I came in mid May and everything was beautiful. quite a few butterflies lots of vocal birds and a lot of beautiful trees - can get a little chilly at the top of the mountain so of your coming in earlier months or on a windy weekend you may want a light sweater. Enjoy!

2 days ago

5.12.18: snow is almost gone. No special equipment needed.

It was a moderate hike I did slip even though I had great hiking boots on so just be careful

Really nice view once you get to the top.

The details: Hiked 5/16/18. 55 y.o. hiking fit. 7 am start. 3 hours to summit, 5:30 RT. Snow is no longer an issue, just a couple of very small spots. I brought my yaktrax, and didn’t need them. T shirt up to ridge line where you make the left to GP. Very windy and cold from there, needed hat and gloves and a layer.

This is an awesome hike, my favorite in LV area. 360 views at the top. Very well maintained trail. No scrambling but very steep at the top. Have fun and treat yourself to a Buffalo burger and a beer at the lodge afterwards!

on Raintree Trail

5 days ago

I took my 11 month old 20lb “weight vest” with me and made it at a pace of 31 min/mi... we both enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells very much! There weren’t a lot of people on the trail either (which I prefer) Can’t wait to do this beautiful hike again!

I hiked this trail on 4/14/2018 and trail conditions then were not favorable. The first 2.5 miles were snow free, after that microspikes/crampons were highly recommended and trekking poles. My buddy and i are pretty experienced hikers who have climbed multiple high altitude peaks even with snow, but even then, there were portions of the trail that were just completely covered with thigh high deep snow. We made it pass the saddle and continued for another mile with Charleston in plain sight, but unfortunately due to time we had to turn back. Had it not been for time we surely would have summited, going again this weekend. Awesome trail though, just a bit long.

7 days ago

nice climb easy for most

Great views during the entire hike up, and an awesome work out! If you’re not in good shape (I’m not) definitely give yourself a few hours so you can take some breaks along the way. I only gave myself about 1.5 hours and I definitely felt rushed to get off the trail before dark. Take your time and enjoy the trip, it’s something you have to do while you’re in the area!

It was a great slot canyon. If you follow the would be trail passes the slots you have to do some bouldering to get past 1 mile marker. Saw a family of burros and lots of playful birds

trail running
9 days ago

Bit more loose terrain than the average non-hiker may be used to. I found it to be very pretty and very short. Great family hike.

very difficult ESPECIALLY in snow. my last year going and my sons 1st year. we did last year lots of snow.

If you’re hiking along the gravel wash, you are not on the actual trail (I realized that about 1 mile in.) Once you get to the north side of the mountain, I recommend veering right to go up and over. It adds some nice elevation and leg burn. Be prepared to scramble back down on the east side.

10 days ago

Strenuous climb but well worth it. The bristlecone pine forest is beautiful. I had to stop myself from takin pictures of every tree.

The Rain Tree is not at the end of this hike but a little past the midway point. I posted a picture showing where the tree is on the AllTrails map. The rest of the hike is worth the trip; you end up on a ridge with steep cliffs. You may be disappointed if you expect the trail to end in an even better tree.

It’s “easy”, but prepare yourself for the incline the whole way there. Lots of shade, lots of trees, lots of places to stop and admire the beautiful scenery. There’s usually water at the very end, it was dry to the bone today, bummer. Great hike! :)

May 7, 2018. Hike got snow-covered about 3 miles from trail head. Nice hard and beautiful hike. Recommend wait 30 days unless using traxx and poles. Will be back.

14 days ago

I enjoyed this trail. It offers a great workout including a little bit of rock scrambling. There's a cool cave at the top next to the falls. Beware climbing up to it, the rock is very slippery. I did the hike early. By 10:30am the parking lot was full and people were parking below at the other trailhead.

15 days ago

A nice easy trail, welcome escape from the Vegas heat! Plenty of wildlife if you take the time to look for it. Great trail for walking the dog or hiking with your kids - the Eagle side trail offers some better views....

I love it, its kind of hard if you are not in good shape but is worth it.

17 days ago

This is a fun trail to hike. Probably would be nice to go when the snow melts--that way the waterfall has more action. It's a popular and easy trail, which makes it a bit crowded on nice days.

19 days ago

The first half is the La Madre Springs hike and the springs kinda mark the half way point. at the springs there are a crazy amount of Dragonfly and Bees along with various wasps; be careful of the Tarantula Hawk, it has the second most painful insect sting right below the Bullet Ant.

Past the springs foliage is amazing and you almost forget you are in the middle of the Mojave: Pine, Juniper and reeds to name a few. The trail gets a little hard to follow here and there and it crosses the stream that feeds the spring a few times.

Things get a little steep as you get to the "Miner's Cabin" but it is worth getting there as the view is amazing.

If you want to find the mines above the cabin, things get a little rough and steep: one of the mines is about 40 feet horizontal and the other one descends into the ground, so I did not explore it. I think the mines are worth seeing but it did take me a few tries to find them.

Around one of the mines, I found a stone with a fossil in it.

I take about 2 liters of water with me when I go.

Great workout with great views. I came from the east coast so the falls were a bit anticlimactic compared to what I was expecting, however the acoustics right next to them with the sound of the water, is very tranquil. It is unfortunate that people tagged up the cave that is about 75 meters from the falls.

Loved it. Beautiful.

22 days ago

Summited 4/28/18 - as previous hiker said, lots of snow above 9k feet just after the second major overlook. The trail became completely obscured and we ended up following footprint paths in the snow directly across the switchbacks until just before the final bit of trail to the ridgeline. Trekking poles and microspikes helped us a ton and are highly reccomended. The snow often was up to our knees and there is currently no other way we could see to reach the ridgeline. Some footprint paths lead through more powdery snow that you can sink deep into, so be careful. Dirt on ground was damp from the snow melt and mostly had good traction, but was occasionally muddy and required extra caution. This was our first time hiking through this amount of snow and we felt confident as long as we took it slowly.

At the ridgeline, snow is melted away. A patch here or there on the final hike up to Griffith peak, but nothing that cant be walked around. Finding a safe route down was much easier as we already had a feel for the layout of the snow. 8 hours round trip for us from Cathedral Rock parking lot, including a break for lunch at the ridge line windbreak.

This is the Best place in Red Rock there is more evidence of native American Indians in this area then any other my friends and I rode our dirt bikes all over this area in the 70's and 80's

A longer hike on foot, but very enjoyable nonetheless. The views are amazing, though the trail itself is less than glamorous. It has a bit of climbing that was hard on my companion's knees and has little shade, so bring water.

Attempted this trail yesterday (04/25/18) with a goal of making it to Griffith Peak (total = 4.0mi one-way), and unfortunately only made it to 10,000' before I had to turn around (vertical 1000' / 0.7mi short of Griffith Peak). While the first ~3mi on the trail were mostly clear of snow (with some patches of 6-12"-deep snow on thinner parts of the trail over hills, which should be considered very carefully), the last mile of the trail's switchbacks are pretty heavily loaded in deep snow. At one point, the tracks I was following made by previous hikers became too unclear, and I decided to play it safe and turn around. It is worth noting that I passed a few other hikers coming down who had made it to Griffith, but each of them noted some trail-finding would be necessary as the upper portion of the trail was unclear to them, too.

Aside from the snow, this trail was beautiful -- steep and challenging, especially when considering the altitude (you'll be going above 10,000' if you do the whole thing, and starting at 8000' in the parking area), but really wide-open scenery with tons of great views and lookouts that get better and better the further you ascend. Highly recommend. Bring poles and consider microspikes, if available for the snowy patches, and definitely take your time and be safe with the snow. As always, avoid altitude sickness by staying well hydrated (water with electrolytes!) and fed.

24 days ago

It’s actually 4.6 miles to the top and back according to my GPS. Tough on the Way up (elevation gain is 1600+ ft.) all incline. Start very early in the day, took me about 3 hours; Start to finish but I took my time and enjoyed the view.

24 days ago

Offers some scenic views and a good workout.

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