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Absolutely gorgeous. We got deviated just a bit from the trail a couple of times but it ended up actually being 7.92 miles instead. The climb up thru the canyon took awhile but the views were amazing and loved the pain of the upward climb.

Loved this hike!!! Gets your heart pumping but plenty of places to catch your breath and such incredible views!!! I will definitely be doing this one again!

We loved this hike. It is definitely worth going to the top to see the caves and a very small waterfall. I think it may be longer then the 2.5 miles posted, more like 5 round trip but I didn't track it.

1 day ago

Led a group of co-workers for a little fun weekend outing; all skill- and endurance levels were represented, and we all got up to the top just fine. The trail gets busy and some parts are in open sun, so I recommend an early start. It's a beautiful trail with a great viewpoint.

Beautiful hike. I believe this one is better than Mary Jane Falls. Hiking boots a must.

We loved the hike. Its fairly easy and not too strenuous. Plenty of shade and the canyon is wonderful. the walk back has great canyon views.

5 days ago

What a gorgeous view! The weather was great and a welcomed break to the LV heat. It was the perfect getaway for the day. We started the hike at 9:30 am and it was just perfect. It’s definitely a moderate hike, but take stops along the way and enjoy the journey.

6 days ago

We enjoyed the trail but it started pouring rain on us and thundering so we ended up freezing but we would recommend it. :)

After reading all the great reviews on here I had to go and check this trail out for myself this past Saturday.

I’m kicking myself for not going sooner. The views at the bottom are nice but as you start to get near the top they are just absolutely gorgeous.

The trail is mainly on an incline the entire way, so don’t forget to take a break when needed.

A challenge but the beauty is worth the climb

Great hike. When hiking in the fall be sure to wear a light jacket. The weather on top is delightfully chilly.

uphill climb. Pretty views. Great way to get out of the city. We did this hike with a 6 year old and she did well.

this was the first time I hiked anything like this. I felt accomplished! We took my 3 grandkids and my dog and they did fine. Gorgeous views during the entire hike. We even had some rain. At the flat area near the top there is a small flat area you can camp. Leave no trace and no camp fires. This hooked me on hiking! Strenuous hike for beginner, but so worth the pay off.

8 days ago

Great hike with friends. Uphill going to the top of Mount Charleston but you will be rewarded with a great view of the surrounding mountains and valley below. I would definitely do this hike again.

We went in early November and the aspen trees were on point! A nice hike for the kiddos too.

Moderate hike with a lot of solid uphill through some switchbacks. Wife and I are out of shape and the altitude and uphill required stops at the switchbacks. The last run up the falls gets into a good incline but there are steps and good trail to follow.

Payoff is a nice waterfall and some spectacular views. Totally worth the effort.

Trail is impossible to miss and easy to follow. There are some spots through the switchbacks where the trail looks eroded away and you have to be careful. Most of it looks to be caused by folks making a shortcut down the hill.

Easy walk in the woods until it hits the canyon and gets narrow. From there it's difficult to discern between the stream bed and the trail. It's been dry these past few years so the stream bed seems to have been the route most have taken and the trail itself is a bit disused. At the end of the trail you can continue up the stream until you get to some short vertical climbs. From there it's a scramble up some rocks to continue upstream. Payoff are some wonderful canyon views at the end and then all the way back.

Very nice and relaxing walk. Fairly well used and easy to manage. Great entry or training hike, just speed up your pace to add difficulty. The Eagle's Nest loop is off this trail and can be used to add some distance if you find this hike to be too short.

Great hike for a walk in the woods and a wonderful hike for the family with kids because the area is confined and there are no big drop offs to wander over.

12 days ago

Great trail. There are a bunch of options along the way to make the hike harder. Pays off at the end with a beautiful canyon walk.

Kicked my butt. We only went as far as the first summit, which was about 5 miles (total of 10). Hard hike. No joke. I loved it, I’m glad I went. I’m glad I pushed myself.

solid uphill hike, got me out of breath in a good way. nice trees and forest around. We went in July, so waterfall was little droplets of water but still! there was water! Started raining on us on the way down, with mini hail! it was a good 4 mile roundtrip hike.

13 days ago

Really great hike. The switchbacks on the front end are pretty grueling, but they lead to some amazing views — and, of course, Raintree (which isn’t marked, but is right by the sign where the trail splits after you come over the ridge). Temps were great for July — in the 70s when I started at 9:00 — and traffic on the trail was fairly light for a Sunday, especially once I passed the tree. Took me about 4.5 hours, but I made tons of stops for pictures and hung out by the tree for a while.

I’ll be doing this one again! Highly recommend it.

14 days ago

Beautiful trail to a stellar overlook! We were fortunate enough to get some of that rare Nevada rain on our way back down the mountain! It only added to the adventure and the beauty of the day! This trail is in great shape!

15 days ago

We just completed this hike in the rain and it was gorgeous. The view is phenomenal and totally worth the hike.

Great hike with awesome views! did the upper and lower for the 5.6 mile loop. Next time we plan to just hike the upper out and back to stay in the shade more.

15 days ago

Great views. Well worth the work up.

15 days ago

I was trying to go to the Trail Canyon Overlook (not to be confused with Trail Canyon!), missed the turn off and wound up here. Glad I did! The view was great and it's always nice to get away from the Vegas heat. This hike is a great work out for the legs and lungs! On my way down, I found the turn off for Trail Canyon Overlook and made my way there. Unfortunately, that trail seemed impassable at a certain part, so I had to turn around. Will definitely do this hike again!

So far my absolute favorite hike as far as view goes. It isn't the most difficult hike but the views and foliage view are breath taking. A great hike for a date too. The top of the rock is a romantic one!!

One of my favorite hikes. Just the right amount of length and a good hike for the average hiker. The view at the end is worth the trip!

18 days ago

Great hike. During the summer the fall has little falling water. Late Spring when the snow melts, the falls are beautiful with lots of falling water!

I’m in average shape with some difficulty breathing at this altitude ... so that part was difficult for me but pushing through that it was worth it to get to the top of Cathedral Rock, worth the workout on my lungs and legs :). It was a beautiful hike would definitely do again and hope to continue to condition myself to join the world of outdoorsy types like you all!

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