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1 day ago

Great workout! All incline, all the way. The trail is well defined and easy to follow. Great views from the top and it intersects with other trails. The way down was no easy task. Be ready for a leg workout.

on Raintree Trail

8 days ago

I took my 11 month old 20lb “weight vest” with me and made it at a pace of 31 min/mi... we both enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells very much! There weren’t a lot of people on the trail either (which I prefer) Can’t wait to do this beautiful hike again!

I hiked this trail on 4/14/2018 and trail conditions then were not favorable. The first 2.5 miles were snow free, after that microspikes/crampons were highly recommended and trekking poles. My buddy and i are pretty experienced hikers who have climbed multiple high altitude peaks even with snow, but even then, there were portions of the trail that were just completely covered with thigh high deep snow. We made it pass the saddle and continued for another mile with Charleston in plain sight, but unfortunately due to time we had to turn back. Had it not been for time we surely would have summited, going again this weekend. Awesome trail though, just a bit long.

13 days ago

Strenuous climb but well worth it. The bristlecone pine forest is beautiful. I had to stop myself from takin pictures of every tree.

The Rain Tree is not at the end of this hike but a little past the midway point. I posted a picture showing where the tree is on the AllTrails map. The rest of the hike is worth the trip; you end up on a ridge with steep cliffs. You may be disappointed if you expect the trail to end in an even better tree.

May 7, 2018. Hike got snow-covered about 3 miles from trail head. Nice hard and beautiful hike. Recommend wait 30 days unless using traxx and poles. Will be back.

Attempted this trail yesterday (04/25/18) with a goal of making it to Griffith Peak (total = 4.0mi one-way), and unfortunately only made it to 10,000' before I had to turn around (vertical 1000' / 0.7mi short of Griffith Peak). While the first ~3mi on the trail were mostly clear of snow (with some patches of 6-12"-deep snow on thinner parts of the trail over hills, which should be considered very carefully), the last mile of the trail's switchbacks are pretty heavily loaded in deep snow. At one point, the tracks I was following made by previous hikers became too unclear, and I decided to play it safe and turn around. It is worth noting that I passed a few other hikers coming down who had made it to Griffith, but each of them noted some trail-finding would be necessary as the upper portion of the trail was unclear to them, too.

Aside from the snow, this trail was beautiful -- steep and challenging, especially when considering the altitude (you'll be going above 10,000' if you do the whole thing, and starting at 8000' in the parking area), but really wide-open scenery with tons of great views and lookouts that get better and better the further you ascend. Highly recommend. Bring poles and consider microspikes, if available for the snowy patches, and definitely take your time and be safe with the snow. As always, avoid altitude sickness by staying well hydrated (water with electrolytes!) and fed.

27 days ago

It’s actually 4.6 miles to the top and back according to my GPS. Tough on the Way up (elevation gain is 1600+ ft.) all incline. Start very early in the day, took me about 3 hours; Start to finish but I took my time and enjoyed the view.

Did this hike yesterday 4/2/18. Was able to only get to about 1.5miles before the summit. There is still too much snow. For a solid mile I was following old footsteps through the snow until they stopped and there was no longer a trail to follow. Amazingly beautiful hike though! Can’t wait to complete it in a month or two.

1 month ago

My favorite hike!

1 month ago

A decent trail near Mary Jane Falls trail. The beginning of the trail is a easily followed (though constantly ascending) gravel path with little overhead shade and conifer trees. Push past this part and you’ll be rewarded with great views at the top. Overall, not a trail I would take again unless I was going to converge with another trail at the peak.

I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

Seven of us set out on our first hike of the season. We were a little concerned about a seven mile trek as our first outing, but the trail proved to be beautiful and not overly taxing. It was the type of trail that makes you want to come back for more.

The layered colors were amazing. So distinct. The landscape ranged from soft, rolling hills to jagged peaks, which were as sharp as lava rock. The winds were wicked, but interestingly always at our back.

Our group (age range 45 to 60) really loved this trail.

2 months ago

My Garmin had the distance a little shy of 6-miles,taking the north loop trail (as shown) up to the Raintree. Pretty solid 1,900-foot elevation change on the ascent from the parking lot at the north loop trail at 158. The elevation gets to just shy of 10,000 feet so will get to you on this steady climb. We hiked in early March so there was still some significant snow on the trail and micro-spikes and poles were needed. We had a great time and some of the views were tremendous.

Very beautiful trail. The spring was disappointing.

I haven't done this hike, but can you camp on the trail?

3 months ago

This is a challenging hike, not for the faint of heart. There are steep areas and switchbacks, and the elevation kinda started to kick my butt. But, it was worth it. The tree was magnificent and I was never bored.

3 months ago

This was a very tough hike. Very long distances so make sure you are in shape if you want to do this hike. Also , wear the right clothes and make sure to pack alot of food and water! The scene is gorgeous and makes it worth it !

The mysterious La Madre Trail, there's uphill and it could be quite challenging and it's a long trail but once you reach the end - Priceless! You can go deeper and deeper in the mountains but it goes uphill all the way (literally). I'd seen families bringing their children so it's safe because Red Rock has other Amazing yet challenging Trails that I wouldn't recommend it for children.

This trail provides spectacular views of the west side of the park. There are also ample opportunities to spot big horn sheep. We went counterclockwise, although I don't think it matters a whole lot in terms of rate of elevation gain if you go either way. Would do it again!

4 months ago

amazing trail despite some of the debris I found.

fantastic trail, be prepared for blustery winds. bring your hiking poles to help with your footing on the loose scree

Didn’t realize I had to walk the last mike on the road, ended out of the trail ‘loop’ at willow springs. Did I miss a trail

I run all over the Las Vegas and this is the one I recommend to visitors. Fun single track and beautiful views of Red Rock, Las Vegas with lots of landscape and vegetation changes.

Very nice trail with amazing scenery. I came across a huge buck while running, he was beautiful. Highly recommended!

Great hike. We started from the first parking lot and made our way up towards the trail. It’s a gradual uphill climb, but nothing that had us stopping to catch our breath. The views changed as you make your way through the trail and made for a really interesting hike.

La Madre was a little deceiving, but that could be due to going in December and having merely no water flowing.

It tooks us around 3 hours to complete the trail.

Strenuous hike but well worth it once you get to the top. The temperatures right now are brutal so dress warmly!

5 months ago

Although this hike is only 2 miles one way, it's a rough one if you are inexperienced. The first time I did this hike it felt more like 5 miles not 2. The first part of this hike is extremely gravelly! Wear good shoes! Once your through the gravel the incline continues. I believe it somewhere between. 1,500-2,000' of elevation gain in two miles. Whatever you do DON'T give up! There are plenty of shady spots to rest. Once you make it to the top of Trail Canyon you'll spot a sign for additional trails. If your done, just head up the tiny hill to the right for some amazing views. If you can take a bit more go the extra 1/2 mile up to Cave Springs. There's a cool little seasonal spring! Us desert folks love any sight of water!

5 months ago

Good strenuous hike. Tree at the top was really cool. Great views.

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