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Great trail, I did it solo and it took me 6.5 hours round trip with about 10-15 minutes at the top to snap some pictures. I took a 2 liter camelbak type pack with 3 other 16.9 Oz waters and that was good for me. Going up was actually more enjoyable to me, when you get close to the end coming down your knees and shins are pretty tired.

Excellent hike. Not too long but fairly intense.

trail running
2 days ago

A great hike up and an even better run down! Beautiful views and highly recommended if you have several hours to commit to it. Those who are new to steep switchbacks will enjoy that this route has lots of great places to take a break.

Gorgeous View...

This hike was HARD! AllTrails says this was 8.25 miles one way and nearly a 5000’ climb. We left the trailhead for a night hike at 10pm and made the summit in about 7 hours. Our goal was to reach the summit for sunrise. In the dark, your view is limited to the strength of your headlamp. Too many “stairs” and switchbacks to count before reaching the “saddle” or the “T” where you split off to Griffith Peak or the Summit. I think I kept our group at a slow, steady pace; some areas steep enough to make me stop frequently to catch my breath. From the trail approaching the top, you can see the US Flag waving in the breeze. Such a shot of adrenaline as you know the summit is a few hundred yards away! There is a rock pit up top that we used to help protect from the wind while we waited for the sunrise. The view of Las Vegas at night with some sun rays starting to come over the horizon is amazing.
The weather was perfect for the hike. Waiting in the pit at the top was freezing! Using trash bags and thermal blankets helped just a bit in retaining while we refueled and shivered in the dark. It would have been nice to have a small fire in that rock pit to help keep us warm! It wasn’t long before dawn was breaking and the glow was enough light to stop using our headlamps.
Sunrise on top of the mountain is an awesome view! No other words...
The hike down during daylight gave us the chance to see what we hiked past at night. Already tired, it has to be done! Not far from the top is the wreck of a plane crash from the 1950’s. We hiked down along the ridge for a bit, able to look down both sides of the mountain. After that, it was enjoying the view as I willed my legs to get down the mountain! We made it down in 5 hours. It was a rewarding experience!

2 days ago

This trail goes is incorrectly mapped and goes further than raintree. Raintree is the tree that stands over the junction with Mummy Spring trail. I was a little confused how this could have a harder rating than Mummy Spring when it is 9/10ths of Mummy Spring. After you pass the bald spot, be sure to take the switchbacks nice and slow. Well trafficked, amazing views, be sure to check the forecast during monsoon season though, storms and lightning are pretty much guaranteed if moisture is around (July-September).

The views are so awesome! Before the switch backs you can see Lake Mead!

Good moderate trail to begin your day! Nice and cool with wonderful breezes. Get there early, trail head parking limited.

Perfect for cardio and leg workout while surrounded by ever chhanging stunning views


love to hike this trail with our dogs!

on Fletcher Canyon Trail

4 days ago

Nice trail with lots of shade. During summer would recommend this for a morning hike.

This is an easy hike, not moderate. It's a good beginner trail or if you just want to do something easy; and see the Vegas views at the top.

Nice easy hike. Good for people who are trail runners. The trail can have high traffic, since it's a popular one.

4 days ago

Easy to start off.

The trailhead is easy to miss as it's basically a pull off area right next to the road. The beginning of the trail is well marked and easy to follow. A sign says it's a 1.5 mile in and out trail. I'm not sure where the trail actually ends. It went from wide enough for two people to more and more narrow. Eventually I think we were blazing our own trail. The well defined portion of the trail was long enough that you could still get a nice walk in without having to make your own trail. We walked all the way to the base of the mountain. Despite the lack of defined trail, I would certainly give this trail again.

Great hike. moderately challenging, as I had to rest three or four times at the switchbacks. pack plenty of water. amazing view at the end.

Great trail. Some inclines, but not too gravelly or potentially muddy. Lots of flats to counter the inclines on the ascent. Not as "Mountain View Scenic" as Mary Jane or Trail Canyon, but nice for those who like a look at the flora. Hundreds of beautiful pine cones on our hike.

We love this hike. It is pretty easy, quick and has great views.

It is definitely a good cardio workout but it's absolutely stunning all the way up!

Great hike! We did this hike a month ago. prior to all the smoke. Amazing views. lots of switchbacks. Once you get to the ridgeline, that is a great place for a break prior to the final straight up push to the summit.

South loop is a great trail. We love to backpack this hike as there is many sites along the way. This is a great beginner backpacking trip, I highly suggest it. Final push to the summit is the hardest part of the trail. Beautiful views!

I haven't done this in a couple of years.... Went last week after work and it was great. Lots of uphill.. Good people on the trail. It was tough but I went again this week and seemed much easier so I think I paced myself better. Like I said, lots of uphill!

When you get to the trail point you can go left to cave cove or go right (go right) On the right just up the hill are some beautiful top of mountain views! The cave cove is a more exercise uphill hike with not too much to see. When you get to the hollowed out tree with water you've arrived. It's up right above that.

This hike up and down isnt too long but both weeks left my legs sore and my abs tight!

This IS the only open trail to Griffith Peak, but it is NOT the Griffith Peak Trail. The Griffith Peak Trail was never used all that much, and is still closed due to a fire some time back. The trail in question is most commonly referred to as the South Loop Trail, as mentioned in the body of the article. By the way, it's an excellent hike!

A grueling uphill but worth it! Great hike to escape the heat of the city and see some incredible Flora.

11 days ago

My first hike and it was magical! Me and my 2 friends went past the waterfall to a cave above it and could see the entire valley! I would recommend this to anyone.

11 days ago

I would say this was a moderate to difficult trail. The switchbacks were quite grueling but the views made it worth it. The Raintree was quite a spectacle to see and the return journey back was quite easy.

Great summer hike in Vegas area

13 days ago

Love the openness at about 1.5 miles, and to the west you can see a log cabin. At 2.5 miles is the Mummy Springs junction and Raintree. I continued on the North Loop for the next 1.5 miles downhill to the Trail Canyon/Cave Springs junction. It wasn’t so pleasant to return back up after 4 miles of leg burn!

I live minutes away so I’ve gotten a chance to hike this trail numerous times. I love it. It’s not too close to the city, but not too far either. You get an amazing view of Las Vegas and it’s a fairly easy trail. There’s a trail that faces the city, which is a more inclined trail and will have you out of breathe for a minute. But not anything too bad. The trail on the other side is perfect if you want an easy and fast trail. There is also the actually Lone Mountain Park which is right there. It’s a nice park, not too crowded, has a basketball courts, playgrounds, and a large grass area and walking/biking trail. I absolutely love Lone Mountain.

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