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Las Vegas, Nevada Map

Small park. Not much here.. can pet the animals running around

Fun. Long. Not as hard as Griffith peak.. but longer distance.

12 hours ago

Great, easy hike that can be leisurely done in about 2 hours.

1 day ago

Honestly, I went late AF! Got there at like 5-5:15
BUTTTTTT, i feel it was even MORE AMAZING!!!
If there’s anything I could suggest is catch yourself here at sunset, that way you can catch the stars and the silhouettes of the mountainsand trees!

Bring a flashlight!!! But yeah it’s super fucking DOOOOPE! DOOOO IT BROSEPHERS!✊

Waterfall in The beginning of November is like a sink dribbling water lol good exercise though.

Not too challenging! Beautiful views!

Good trail

Lovely park—you almost forget you’re in Las Vegas. Lakes, peacocks, bunnies, and historical buildings. What more do you need!? Dirt trails for mountain biking too.

Starts out as a fairly easy trail, but toward the end of the trail there are a lot of off-shoots that can cause minor confusion. Plenty of shade, and lower elevation than other trails in the area.

Great drive. Hiked calico trail

Short Steep Hike - lots of fun, but bring 30-40% more water than you think you need (We did this in November when it was 80 and still ran out of water on way back). I wouldn't recommend doing this in the summer unless you start before sunrise.

Follow the markings once the trail becomes less clear, they are painted on the rocks. The general path stays low near gully, on the left side. If you are FAR left on that hill, you are off the path. Have fun and take pictures!

Snow and ice patches starting to show when getting within an hour of the summit bring plenty of water and warm gear. This took us around 5.5 hours with resting at the many vistas along the way
The views approaching sunset are special

4 days ago

So great no more words

Nice easy walk with dog. Not much elevation gain. Be careful of twisting an ankle, lots of rocks going up.

5 star hike, perfect hike to go with your family or amateurs hikers. Nice views at the end of the trail.

One of the best trails in Calico, highly recommended.

Crappy trail. We enjoyed the hike but I'm not convinced you can follow this trail. We were three experienced hikers who got off this trail a few times and ended up off the trail before turning around and returning. The only highlight was coming off the trail and diverting down along the edge of the canyon on the way back.

Also, really ticked that the visitors center is behind a paid entrance.

5 days ago

This was an excellent hike for all levels. It’s starts out with a gradual upgrade as you walk through the forest. Gorgeous views starting out. The trail does a switch back that heads off to the right that quickly became quite a bit steeper. The switchbacks made it doable. Our 10 year old daughter wasn’t thrilled about how long it was taking. She did get tired. We gave the option to turn around. Other hikers let us know we were about 15 minutes from the waterfall and cave. She then got determined to make it to the falls. We finally made it and the views were spectacular. The waterfall is trickling off of the mountain right now. Our daughter was super proud of herself for making it to the top. She climbed up a level and enjoyed sitting under the water. It was a great hike for exercise and ended with really gorgeous views. It’s always nice to be able to hike to water. We would definitely do it again. Without kids, you would get a killer workout in if that’s what you’re going for. Make sure to layer your clothing this time of year. When we left Vegas it was about 10-12 degrees warmer. It was cool up at the waterfall as the wind picked up a bit. The Temperature felt amazing as long as you could add or take off a layer. For those that may not be as stable on their feet, walking sticks would be nice. Not necessary, but helpful.

Lots of people. Trail not greatly marked. Doesn’t really have an “end” to the trail. Saw rock climbers which was fun. Would recommend.

This was really fun with a diverse trail and surroundings. I like others, recommend going counter-clockwise and up the wash. There is a few spots to scramble going up and some beautiful rocks and views along the way!!

Hike took 4 hours with a half hour stop at the summit. Beautiful views of canyon and strip. We went on a Sunday without much foot traffic once you past the first mile bring plenty of water and a snack

It was a pretty hike, but very crowded. The switchbacks are in pretty bad shape from erosion from people taking “short cuts”. We witnessed many people trying to be “adventurous” bypassing the switchbacks. Not only was it kicking rocks down on people, but also tearing up the earth. Show some respect. STAY ON THE TRAIL!

7 days ago

Not hard and accessible. Amazing views and perfect weather !

Beware of cacti! I stopped to sit on a rock to tie my shoe halfway through & limped the rest of the way back due to pricks in my behind! That’s on me though. Besides the cacti, we saw lots of snakes, birds, & squirrels! Pretty views, easy hike.

Super easy, family friendly. Not much to look at but worth a stop at least once.

Amazingly beautiful hike. two trails to choose from. red for easy, black dash trail for a slightly more technical route. lots of ticks this time of year, so be aware of your surroundings. great for dogs, and kids.

Fun out and back with small boulder scramble

Beautiful, scenic trail. Took me about 2 hours to hike there and back including resting and picture taking.

Great short hike my myself and my 7 year old. It was a terrible idea to bring my 2 year old and no hiking backpack! Some of it is slippery and steep. Had to carry the 2 yr old the whole way up and then she held my hand walking down.

Nice hike took my wife and I 1 hour to get to top. Great views of Vegas. My 50th birthday hike. Life is GREAT!

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