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3 days ago

Fragrant! The wild flowers on the trail are in bloom and smells amazing! Take the hikers only track to the right when facing the sign. It's the trail that would lead directly to the waterfalls. Then, it gets more arduous from there because of the elevation! If you're not worried about the altitude, then by all means...."Charge" the mountain!

4 days ago

Starts off nice and easy stroll for about 3 miles then you hit the awesome waterfall! After that is all up hill from there. me and my wife are just getting into hiking and it was by far the most challenging hike we have done so far but well worth it for the view of Truckee, Reno, Sparks, Carson City and of course Lake Tahoe. It took us about 5 hours at a decent walking pace. We stopped at the waterfall for about 10 mins and 30 mins at the summit. Lots of flowers along the way, a few creeks to skip across and even ran into a hungry marmot and chipmunks that greeted up at the summit. Weather was about 75 all day and only a little windy towards the summit. Defiantly bring lots of water, hiking shoes and a stick or poles if you have them. Enjoy!

The views are breathtaking (as is the elevation gain). As mentioned before, it's heavily used by mountain bikers.
On the way back, we decided to take the Tahoe Rim Trail to BP (Diamond Peak - 8,540 feet) and then the Incline Flume Trail (it will add an extra 9 miles to the hike, but it's totally worthwhile, with unique views of Washoe Lake.

7 days ago

A beautiful early morning start from the Mt Rose Summit parking lot. A mild walk to the Galena Falls. The water was running pretty fast and the wild flower were in full bloom. Looks like the corn silk still have a while. The last mile seems to be the longest mile. It’s windy, dusty, and 10,000 feet. The views all the way up are breathtaking.

8 days ago

I hiked to the summit and as a new hiker, this was challenging for me. The view was absolutely gorgeous at the top but if you are new to hiking, you are in for an extremely rewarding but challenging hike.

10 days ago

Walked the 2.5 miles from the trail head to the waterfall and meadow. Wildflowers were in bloom and there is a lovely meadow area above the falls to have a picnic lunch. A very nice hike. We will do the additional 3 mile hike to the Mt. Rose summit on another day. One complaint: On (arguably) the busiest day of the year, the restroom at the trail head was closed without explanation, and no porta-potties were provided.

14 days ago

I've been wanting to make it to the top of this summit for quiet some time. During the winter months a slope before the saddle seemed avalanche prone and I was unable to cross with snowshoes. I'm so glad that I went at this time of year. There are so many small wildflowers from the start of the trail to the very top. Very worthwhile!

I am giving this trail four stars for the views alone. (Before I get into the review, let’s talk about the rating system for a moment. This trail is designated as “moderate”; however, if you’re slightly out of shape you will quickly learn that it should have been labeled as “most likely to send you into cardiac arrest.” It’s steep.) This trail has a TON of mountain bikers and many of them come barreling down the trail without warning. This gets annoying pretty quickly. Now, to be fair, some of them seem to be well versed in trail etiquette, but not all.

Great Trail with amazing views! Dog friendly!

Trail is well maintained and well marked. Snow cover today was minimal. Windy at the summit, bring layers. Scenic, moderate hike with great views for most of the hike. Wildflowers were in bloom, too. Did in 4.5 hrs total with family. Would definitely do this hike again!!

Great trail, awesome reward with a great view of Lake Tahoe at the top.

As being one of the local trail builders on the Incline Flume project, I have helped complete stream crossings and rerouted the blocked sections of trail. As of June 2018 most of the hard work is completed, still much to do with signage and finish work. The trail is a real gem that all ability’s can enjoy, one of the only family rated Trails in the Tahoe basin. Many thanks to all the agency’s, the Forest Service, and groups,The Tahoe Fund and Friends of Incline Trails that made it all possible.

Hiked this on 6/23/2018 with my kiddo in the hiking pack. The views of Lake Tahoe are just beautiful. We parked along Route 28, just across from the cafe.

It is U P H I L L all the way up with no real flat sections. Lots of mountain bikers who were very courteous; just be mindful of them coming around the corners. There was some shade on the trail but it was mostly exposed. We turned around at 2 miles instead of continuing up to the Flume Trail connection because we wanted to see the monkey/gorilla rock. That was really neat and worth the slight side trip.

As you’re headed back down the trail, you’ll come to an intersection with a signpost that says “trail” and has arrows pointing left and right. Take the upper right trail and after a couple hundred yards you’ll come to some boulders on a hill, you can see the monkey rock just down the hill to the right of the boulders as you’re facing the lake.

Bathrooms at trailhead: Yes, but for cafe customers only. My toddler loved the strawberry smoothie :)
Stroller-friendly: Technically yes, in that the trail is pretty smooth and wide, but I’d recommend a carrier.

21 days ago

Great hike with breathtaking views!

22 days ago

Great hike with an excellent view of both Reno and Tahoe.

So beautiful

29 days ago

Yesterday was my first hike of the year at this altitude. Just wanted to let everyone know that I completed the Galena Falls loop. While there is still snow fields to cross it is passable. No post holing. I strongly suggest taking trekking poles for safety and make sure you have deep lugs on your shoes. Enjoy!

30 days ago

Started off at sunrise which was perfect since there is still a ton of snow on the trail. Early morning kept the snow packed and easy to walk on. Unfortunately, as it got warmer, the snow started to melt and it was a slushy, muddy mess on the way back. High winds at the top of the summit, but incredible views throughout the entire hike. Breathtaking views from the top of the summit made the tough hike back worth it. Will do again, preferably with less snow on the trail maybe August/September.

is not hard if you hike often..

Just a wonderful, super scenic hike. You can make it any length you need.
Great sandwiches at the Cafe at the bottom. We took them to go and had lunch at Sand Harbor. Perfect!

1 month ago

Hiked from the top of Mt. Rose pass parking lot at 9am. I am very familiar with the area and know the trail at this time is hard to follow as it’s all snow after about 1 mile in. So I decided to pack my skis and follow the trail up Mt. Tamarack and ski down the hourglass bowl to the waterfall and resume the trail to the summit. This hike is much more difficult in the melting snow. The trail often disappears. Postholing was over my knees at times. Made it to the summit and didn’t see one other person out there the entire day. Then skied back down Mt. Rose and postholed following the original trail all the way back to the lot. Helps to take some hiking poles, boots and some knee high gators. Be prepared for a good workout.

1 month ago

Rated moderate only for the incline. Easily walked up while in a sling 3 weeks after rotator cuff surgery. Views are awesome. The stop and turn around is really not a destination. You just turn around at 2.4 or anywhere you choose.
There is no parking behind the cafe as of now. You have to park in side of hwy then begin your walk up and past the cafe. The trail won’t start for about a quarter of a mile or a little more.

Great hike, it’s been a while since I have hiked so it took me a bit, but loved the spots to stop and take pictures, then great food at the end.

Amazing views! And this is the perfect weather to do the hike!

Absolutely beautiful!

Really lovely hike, especially if you’re looking for something not too far from Reno. The views are beautiful and the hike isn’t too hard. Really stunning rocks to climb and scramble on and also get a great view.

Tez z

Mistake. Didn’t do this hike (first-time AllTrails app user...).
We did go to the trailhead but the parking lot was closed and there was too much snow. So turned around and did the Tahoe Rim, Tunnel Creek Road trail which was fantastic!

Great views!!! Upper half of the hike was beautiful but stopped in an uneventful way. Had to hike off trail a bit to get to see the highest view of the lake!

Great hike, gorgeous views. Fairly trafficked

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