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Amazing hike! Going all the way to the river it's too bad, you have to trust the ropes. Beautiful hot springs gorgeous views. I found it hard coming back up. but I did it! Super fun you will be happy that you complete something like that!

Good place to go just hangout and get into the water at. It’s even more fun when you bring alcohol and a few friends. But remember PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES. This place is owned to a man who is kind enough to let everyone come onto his property for this hot spring. We wouldn’t want a few to ruin it for everyone.

rock climbing
7 days ago

Super challenging but the destination is worth every rope climb!

Be ready w hiking boots.

rock climbing
13 days ago

A nice and scenic hike. Starts off with a little bit of bouldering and ends up at a 60’ rappel. So bring a rope. I️ used a 150’ of 11mm static rope and I️t worked out perfectly. After you descend you walk about 20 yards to another 15’ or so rappel to get to the hot springs. As we hiked we came across no other hikers and there was no trash or debris along the route. I️ highly recommend any beginner canyoneers or anyone looking to get their first step into the rope world try this hike out. You won’t be disappointed.

16 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Worth the challenge! Some rocks have been spray painted with arrows to indicate which direction to go. That was extremely helpful. There are six different spots with ropes to use for climbing down and back up. The springs were so hot - warmer than bath water and crystal clear. Rocks were smooth, so very hard to keep traction once your feet get wet. Take plenty of water and wear good shoes.

Definitely started to get challenging about halfway down. A really nice hike with some fun obstacles.

Great hike with lots of scrambling. The payoff at the end is well worth it!

It's like a jungle gym

It was as a good hike a lot of climbing , upper body work out for sure. On the way down and on the way up. You can take children that are into the adventure.

This trail was absolutely beautiful and challenging for me (I have no experience bouldering) I was able to hike the whole trail with a little help from fellow hikers when going up the ropes, so don’t let the rating scare you... it’s totally doable for anybody! The hot pools are a wonder... I’ll definitely be going back!

Awesomly beautiful trail, loved the rope climbing

Loved this trail. Thought it was more moderate than hard. Scrambling and sliding down the boulders was fun. The ropes were challenging but very doable. Coming up was much easier than going down. Views were beautiful!

Awesome hike! Has various challenges but sooooooooo much fun! The payoff is at the end!!

This hike is epic. It includes lots of technical bouldering and scaling drop offs with ropes that are provided. Don’t let the short mileage fool you—this is a very demanding hike!

One of the best trails near Las Vegas. My favorite so far. Fairly difficult but rewarding. I made a short video about this trail.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/GCxh09GPPg0

Awesome hike. A bit tough but hey, what’s a hike without a challenge? Was fun and would highly recommend it.

excellent challenging trail with beautiful views!

Several pools in the area that we were able to find by seeing the steam coming off the ground. Nobody around, just us and a rabbit. You will definitely need 4 wheel drive. There were varying degrees of warmth. Watch out for bubbling water!! That’s boiling water. We chose not to get in the water since it was 19 degrees outside.

Omg!!! What a challenging awesome hard trail!! Such great views walking thru the canyon. Lots of water and lots of springs (steaming water) some challenging areas going down holding on to a rope, going up was even harder. Ended up at the bottom of the canyon at the Colorado river looking onto the new Hoover damn bridge!!

This is my favorite hike in the Las Vegas area. It starts off pretty easy, but after a short while you have to climb down some ropes to continue on and it progressively gets harder. It is really a beautiful hike. The hot springs are really nice and relaxing, but there's a lot of traffic through here so you'll be lucky if you can get into one.

Don’t follow directions they suck! Never found it

This is a magical trail! Along the way down to Black Canyon you'll pass many canyon walls and formations, big horn sheep, boulders to climb over, and many hot springs including the "Venus Cave." My mother told me that the "Venus Cave" has been used for a spiritual rebirthing ritual. The cave entrance resembles the female genitalia (see pictures). You swim unclothed through a five foot underwater tunnel (vagina) which opens up into a dark cave called the "womb" where you float on your back in the 98 degree water and meditate. When you are ready to come out, you swim back through the the tunnel and you are reborn.

Awesome hike. Some fun scrambling if you want. Ropes to help you up and down. Not so much for kids, people tend to get naked in the hot springs.

very enjoyable hike! it starts off easy but by the end you are scaling down some surprisingly big rocks. be careful and be able to climb up some boulders with only some rope as help.

Great hike. hiked many times. ppl please pack it in pack it out. also be aware of the lack of daylight. allow yourself enough time to get in and out. novice hikers may take around 3-4 hours round-trip. more experienced hikers can do it in Two. always amazing views and ppl from around the world. Shout out Germany.
#oghike_lv....hot springs are great...

there is no longer access to the river. You get to within about a few hundred yards I imagine, and then you get to where a rope MIGHT have been, before an insane drop off (at least 30 ft). It looks like there may have been a rope here before, and even if there was, this is some expert-level stuff. The walk there is nice, but you don't get to even see the river at the end. Do not take this Trail. You will be disappointed. Not worth the required effort. Also, the hot springs have dried up.

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