Okay so if you're going to visit this place, come prepared because I didn't. I used my phone's GPS to direct me to the canyon- which led me to believe the canyon was off to the right side of the road and it took me to the wrong canyon. I started hiking in and got pretty deep into the back country before I thought it was probably time to turn around. It was difficult terrain and nothing like people had posted. I kept thinking I had to be getting close- circled all the way around to a jeep trail way in the back... Not fun.
While driving on my way out I found the correct canyon. It was almost sundown and I decided to check out what I could. I never did make it to the petroglyphs which is super disappointing.
DO NOT FOLLOW GPS TO THIS SITE BECAUSE IT WILL NOT TAKE YOU TO THE CORRECT PLACE. When coming in, once you pass the two stacked piles of stones, it is the canyon to your immediate left down below.
I'm going to give it another try and will update the review from there. I hate to give a bad review for my stupidity!