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You can start on the Potosi Mountain BSA camp side or the Cottonwood Canyon side which has some challenging offshoot trails. Join this trail to Pioneer saloon. There’s only one steep spot but it’s nothing any 4wd can’t handle.

11 days ago

Super easy, family friendly. Not much to look at but worth a stop at least once.

Nice hike. I think we took about 90 minutes. We went up 100 and down 200 which I think was the good way to go. There are dry waterfalls on the 100 side to go up, but nothing very difficult.

This trail should not be rated as easy. sure, I attempted it on my 36" unicycle rather than a regular bicycle, but still. It's very long with a lot of steep climbs. Should be a great trail on a road bike. I made it over 20 miles on the unicycle before it got dark and I had to call an uber to get back to my car.

19 days ago

10-05-18. Short and easy. Pretty canyon. Not much shade, could get hot quickly depending on time of day or time of year you go. Neat petroglyphs.

Did this hike solo on Oct. 20. Not technically challenging but a rough go with no real trail. Easy to follow and the rock art is amazing. As to being private property it isn’t posted so I wouldn’t worry about it. The bulls were on the trail but they ran the other way when I startled them. Definitely a concern though. I wouldn’t wear any bright colors!

off road driving
25 days ago

Amazing route to pioneer saloon !

Went to hike this trail oct 21, 2018. Went up gravel/dirt road to trailhead. Metal gate locked w “US Government No Trespassing”.

We totally messed up on this one... First of all, we've lived in Sparks for over 21 years and had no idea this historical landmark existed 12 miles from our house!

Trailhead was easy to find using Waze. Just pull off by the side of the road where the bend us. We were the only ones hiking this afternoon.

OK, now for our first mistake: I thought we had to hike all the way to the end to see the petroglyphs! Wrong-o, Buffalo... I'll get to that in a minute. Second mistake: Took no water because we saw the hike was rated "Easy." (Corollary: Suzanne had just her canvas tennis shoes. WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS!). It was not "Easy". The trail should have been rated at least moderate, due to the amount of rocks in the riverbed and along the trail. Expect a fair amount of climbing on the rocks! Third mistake: We took Robbie, our little 11 year old dog. It was too rough for him and we had to carry him most of the way. Fourth and final mistake: We started around 1:00pm and it was a warm October day. A little late for this exploration, as it became hot.

When you start out, you'll go down into the canyon from the pull-over parking at the bend in the road. We hiked all the way to the end of the trail (about 1 mile) before we started looking for the petroglyphs. As it turns out, we passed them right and left on the way to the end of the trail! I've taken a lot of pictures and will check the waypoints to help out.

When we got to the end, I found what we later determined to be "fake" petroglyphs, as they looked "too modern" (kids?). Just beyond the endpoint on the AllTrails Pro map, you will find some petroglyphs on the left side. We did not go too far beyond the "end of the trail" on the map; however, the trail does go on. The next time we may go farther and explore.

On the way back, after seeing a couple petroglyphs and knowing what to look for, we saw them EVERYWHERE on the right and the left! So cool!

In summary, you'll run into the first group of them when you pass the first tree along the trail from where you parked.

Looking forward to returning next time and exploring more in depth. Enjoy!

1 month ago

I wasn’t too impressed until I got to where the loop begins. Like everyone said, pretty much all gravel on the 100 side and not too much to look at. Once you get to the loop and start to see the Petroglyphs, the hike definitely gets better. Loved coming down the 200 side and seeing the city view. Pretty easy, but enjoyable hike!

Easy stroll but the rocks can shift. My kiddos and elderly pup did just fine. No officially trail head or parking area. Just pull over and head north-ish.

Gorgeous rock formations and the petroglyphs are a joy to look at.

Will definitely go again.

Do not do this hike alone!

This is a very isolated, dry, and rough canyon trail. The only water on the trail is a few miles in. This is also open range land, so there are territorial bulls throughout the area. ZERO cell service. Hike smart.

The footing here is bad. Very easy to fall and hurt yourself. Be sure someone knows where you are going.

Parked in the pull off at the opening to the canyon. The first 1/4 mile has a sandy trail. But after that you are mostly just following the dry creek bed.

When you reach the water, it’s not always easy to tell what is water and what is solid land. Highly recommend some poles to test the ground with.

Canyon will get cold over night. Did this hike in early August and the night temp was down to the 30’s

This canyon is obviously used by gunman. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings and don’t be surprised at the number of shell casings at the beginning of the canyon.

Saw several nerds of mustangs. Even got within ten feet of one. Tons and tons of wildlife. You won’t be disappointed.

a great quick Work out

beautiful area.

It was nice.
The road was ok for my 2WD dodge.
I would recommend your hike boots water bladder and a light snack to rest at the “glyphs” The rocks do slip a little the petroglyphs are light but along the trail In about 0.5miles
Elk bounce around :)
It was beautiful out 9/2018

The trail was a little hard to find, when we did it was hard to keep to it for a little bit, but if you follow the dry creek bed you'll find the petroglyphs. All in all it was a good hike. We went past the petroglyphs along the creek bed for a good distance and it still kept going. We had a good time but I definitely would be careful as the rocks slide around a bit.

Very cool ruins, the views are grand and expansive. We went I early September and it was a bit warm, there's very little shade on the trail itself. Dogs are ok on leash

2 months ago

Great hike that’s easy enough for beginners but still a nice path for experienced hikers.

First day I hiked it took me 1hr 45min. I took my time and was more interested in sight seeing than a workout.

The second time I went (the route you see here) it took me 1hr 8min but I ran back for the final mile.

I’d say that at a comfortable pace it should take you 90-110min.

There is a lot of loose gravel and most of the route is flat. You’ll climb about 500ft of elevation over the hike.

Around the 3 mile mark the elevation decreases and it’s a nice downhill walk. Be careful at this point since the rocks can move and you can roll an ankle.

There are 4 spots where you have to climb a small boulder. The tallest one is about 10ft high.

Other than that, be sure to bring 24oz of water, at a minimum. That’s all I had but I tend to consume less water than the average person.


2 months ago

***warning*** we were about halfway to the petroglyphs and ran into a herd of cattle with four bulls, one huge one. They split the big bull came at us we climbed up a steep shale runoff in retreat. We were pinned down for about ten minutes. When we were able to move again we skirted the edge staying about fifty feet up out of the creek bed. Til we saw the other part of the herd heading up the other side of the valley. Very nerve racking was not prepared for that. Will try again after I learn how to deal with that situation I wanna see the petroglyphs. As for the trail its pretty hard to follow, only good thing is you're always heading in a positive direction. A lot of litter at entrance.

Great trail. Barkley and I had a blast.

Great trail easy to follow. Met caretakers along the way - incredible people. Hot and open trail.

Great trail - met caretakers along they way. Incredible people!! Very hot and open.

quick and easy walk. not for the faint of heart. perfect for kids and a quick stop.

Interesting walk, watch out for the rattlesnakes!

4 months ago

Awesome views! Well worth the time and effort.

Pretty short. I was really only about 1/2 a mile to the petroglyphs. We continued on another half of a mile, but there was not really a trail. Nice short easy hike. My 9 year old made it without issues.

not really a defined trail. had a few wild horses block part of the path and there were lots of birds around but overall wasn't what I expected from reviews here :/ meh

4 months ago

Our group chose this trail with the intention to hike, but the trail was easy enough that we were able to walk leisurely in a short amount of time. We found benches placed strategically in different areas, perhaps as resting spots for older hikers and to enjoy the surrounding views. Light traffic, inner city trail. Short enough to squeeze in as a daily work out schedule after work hours especially, if you don't want to deal with rush hour traffic. There's also a small park at bottom of the trail with clean public restrooms. No trees for shade so summer walks, jogging and running can be very hot in summer time.

This is my becoming my new favorite. If you're in for adventure and solitude, this trail is for you. Much of the trail winds back and forth across an active creek (probably seasonal) with you choosing your own route and frequently crossing the creek. It took until my way back on my first trip to effectively navigate the canyon grounds without getting bogged down in the muddy waters and thick branches of the creek. And even then, it wasn't until my second trip that I got more proficient and began to find a trail more often (hint: pay attention to the canyon walls and the creek side trees). There were lots of wild critters, and on both trips I saw a wild horse. This trail links up with a four-wheel trial just before the petroglyph site (which is incredible in its own right). Throughout this hike, you are constantly walking on difficult terrain. From rock to rock, up dry creek beds, it's few and far between when you can just comfortably let your foot fall in front of you without planning each step. On top of that, the consequences for failing to cross at the right time can entail jumping from muddy platforms and crawling beneath branches until you clear the muck. For these reasons I would classify this trail as hard. It may not be too tough later in the summer if the creek disappears. I'm excited to return every season to see how this area changes.

5 months ago

This is a very hot and unshaded hike, though not overly strenuous in other aspects. Pay careful attention to the few trail markers as to not wind up off course. The section with petroglyphs is rather short, but fascinating. The ranger at the trail head was very helpful.

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