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Very good canyon hike, for the most part there isn't really a trail. Still a nice hike up a beautiful canyon none the less, well worth the effort. Saw a lot of horses as well.

Excellent hike in the snow. Road was a bit muddy to the trailhead but definitely worth it

Running short on time, but wasn't ready to head off to work. This trail is great that it's so easy to access, not a whole lot of people, good distance from housing and has a good incline that you can get into. Nice view from the top.

trail running
5 days ago

I always enjoy running on this trail when I come to town. It is well maintained and mostly used by bikers.

This trail surprised me. Even though this time of year, all the fauna is brown. I had a really good time seeing all of the birds. a bunch of Wood ducks, a couple of Mallards, a Heron, a Red Tailed Hawk and a few Black Birds. There were prints from several Deer on the trail. I was thankful for the strong breeze that Washoe Valley is known for. Without it the bugs could have been bad even at this time of year.

Great walk with amazing views. I wouldn’t call it a hike. It’s a circular gravel path. My dog loved it. Only gave it 4 stars because you can’t really escape the street noise and a lot of the views are industrial.

A little slick at the trailhead, but pretty dry from there. A nice hike with some excellent juniper.

This is a cool little hike through a high desert canyon. I went after it snowed so it was very hard to follow any actual trail there might have been. I only made it about half way through before I decided to turn back since it was just tiring trudging through the snow. It's a cool canyon though and I'll be going back for sure to check it out when there is no snow on the ground. It was nice and peaceful and I had the entire place to myself

17 days ago

I took Option 2, the 200. The climb was pretty easy and the view was fantastic. Got a bit confused on the way back. There was a side route without any markings, but looked very used. I thought the petroglyphs were down that way. After a while I gave up and headed back down the 100. That’s when I found them! They are neat. Climbing down the waterfall is a bit tricky. I don’t suggest taking children or dogs. Biking is a definite no-go.
Really fantastic, except for the bit of confusion and the climb down the waterfall.

Great option to get away from the normal Las Vegas crowds

awesome pics

We had a great experience today, our 8 year old crushed the trail! Not an issue following trial, fairly easy finding markers and staying on course! Great hike! Petroglyphs were exciting to see!

1 month ago

Petroglyphs were awesome, waterfalls were fun to scramble up. Fun trail all around. Great staff at the ranger station.

wonderful Trail to amazing petroglyphs! Trail was easy to follow. Not sure why the person before had such trouble. There is one dry waterfall to climb up right before the petroglyphs but easy to do. Highly recommended.

The trail is very poorly marked. For those planning to do the whole loop study the map carefully and pay close attention to the 100/200/300 sign posts. I’m an experienced hiker and went off trail both times I hiked here. Today I went 10.5 miles on a supposed 3.8 mike hike. I take some responsibility for not bringing a map but I’m shocked at how poorly marked it is, considering they do have a ranger station. Not sure if I dare to try this again, unless I have someone waiting to pick me up in Jean!

kind of rough road to get there, lots of loose rocks, and very uneven footing. not a whole lot of parking and there's no definitive trail head. however, despite all that, it was a pretty good hike, our first hike in a long while that was more than a paved sidewalk. I'm looking forward to more hikes around the reno area. it'll be a while we think before we go back to this trail, but that has more to do with doing more trails than it does with anything wrong with this trail.

Short touristy walk across the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Good photo op for Hoover Dam pics.

It was beautiful!

1 month ago

I hiked the 100 trail here, but could definitely see it being good for trail running as well. Most of the hike is on loose sand/gravel so wear footwear with some lateral support. There is no shade, bring plenty of water and sunscreen! The second half of the 100 trail is very cool, as you walk through the canyon and find petroglyphs on the rocks. It's pretty easy hiking, there are a few dry waterfalls that you have to climb up, but nothing too difficult. I wish I had had more time to do the other trails!

Nice get away from the city, trail a little rocky but worth it!

1 month ago

It was a fairly easy hike with some rock scrambling. The petroglyphs were amazing! There were quite a few to look at.

Quick fun easy trail. Great views

A nice afternoon hike. Not too much of an elevation change. Great if you are a bit out of shape. It’s fun taking the tour of the old ranch house too!!

Nice trail. Cool to see petroglyphs so close to the city.

1 month ago

Will definitely be doing it again. only ran into 3 people for the 3 hours I was on the trail. The petroglyphs were really interesting to see considering they've been dated 12000 years old.

This is a great little walkabout. The state has provided a visitor center/museum that is very informative and interesting regarding the ruins. It is best appreciated at dusk, because the desert sunsets are amazing. Caution to keep your pets leashed and kids nearby in reptile seasons due to a heavy rattlesnake population.

I frequently visit the old ruins here and as a photographer it has yielded some great photos. They are currently updating the power lines that run past the site and it has provided easier access. However this is privately owned and exploring it is technically trespassing. There are amazing desert landscapes here that are best appreciated at dusk.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail, kid and dog friendly. great for all ages, younger children may need a little help in areas. You do cross a stream in the middle and there is also a halfway mark if You only want to do a 1mile instead of 2miles. The old houses, barns and cows are fun to look at towards the end of the trail.

really rough road to get there

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