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I loved everything a about this hike, the view, the scramble the way I felt. so beautiful! I plan to go to again.

23 hours ago

Animals I saw on this trail: deer, wild horses, magpies, and an eagle.

The only hike worth doing over and over again, so many new ways to hike it, especially if you’re a climber.

One of the best in the area. stay in the wash past the arch, the hike gets harder but us awesome.

hiked this trail a bunch. like it a lot. not too hard. tried to go up during a good snow event but they closed it.

This is great if your on a lunch break and need a lite hike. It’s not the most challenging trail that I’ve been on, but there are a lot of bunnies so that’s a plus.

Couldn’t make it the whole way due to heavy rain. Saw quite a few waterfalls along the way.

great hike, loved the rain and the over cast. clean and quiet

this is a beautiful trail! friendly dogs and runners, great walk for our pups. we followed the trail to the campground and were given a wonderful lake and mountain view from the beach! would do again, maybe not in winter (we did this in January) as the windchill was incredible.

Very good hike with great views of Red Rock Canyon as well as the Strip. Really enjoyed this one.

freaking LOVED this trail! so beautiful and worth the entire hike!

Of all he trails we did today this was my favorite. Easy hike but really spectacular views from every direction & you can wander off in any direction really through the wash which my dog Annie loved

This was a great trail & lots of beautiful scenery.

Super easy...way too short but neat to see

Nice view from the top

Great trail. Great views. Challenging with dogs, do not bring dogs if they are not familiar with challenging hikes and big boulder scrambling! Lots of scrambling. Trail NOT well marked.

First time on this trail today!! New favorite!!!

4 days ago

Did this on Jan 4, 2019. Portions of the trail are not super well marked and you need to do some rock scrambling before seeing the next portion of the trail, so having the downloaded offline trail map was extremely helpful. Overall very scenic and interesting rocks and rock scrambling passages were fun.

One of my absolute favorites.

We love this hike. We’re locals and my son works at the park so this is a regular for us. It’s a very popular trail so parking is difficult. Certain times of day changes how the colors look in the rocks. The colors are the most vibrant early in the morning or late afternoon. High noon washes them out.

off road driving
4 days ago

An easy trail with one way traffic only. Driving with relax.

This was a great trail! My boyfriend and I took our dog and she loved it! There was a lot of people around the entrance and everywhere in general but you still felt away from the busy city.

4 days ago

I went Jan 12 @ 11:30am. It was a bit cloudy, no rain though. I'm not an experienced hiker and went solo.

Plenty of parking when I went, but I can see it being packed pretty quickly. I don't know if I fell off the trail, but I was following it and eventually went up some boulders and got lost. I remember reading it's supposed to be 2-3 hours, took me 4 1/2 to get back to my car. I never found the waterfall, but got some great pictures. There were two people scaling the mountain which I thought was crazy, but you can see that they had the proper equipment and were experienced but really great to see. A bit of poop, nothing crazy though. Definitely has cactus everywhere. Not much wildlife, found a creek though. Ill try again to find this waterfall and maybe not get lost. It was very easy to navigate back to your car though because of the landscape.

4 days ago

What a magical day!! Went up to see if we could find those sweet little chickadees and we were not disappointed! 5 minutes into the trail the little guys were all over the trail eating seed out of all of our hands! We were there around 11:30, came back a short time later and they were all gone. Snow was packed enough to hike... did sink in a few times, but it was just fine! Snowshoes not necessary if you’re looking for adventure!

Park at Quarry and begin your route. It is not the best marked but when you start stay along the riverbed and turn toward the red rock. Lots of people to follow and nice hike.
Do not be fooled there are lots of rocks and other items to scamper over and at the top you will have to scamper to the end. The view is cool. Worth the time.

5 days ago

My 4 & 6 year did this trail. This was our first time using the app. We had great fun.

5 days ago

Nice Hike! Lots a boulders different sizes, different ways up and down the trail, you can hear the water fall as your approach the end. Lots of shrubs and tall trees through to help support along with huge boulders to climb.

Great views... should probably be classified as hard since it’s mostly rock climbing.

interesting hike that took me back in time. there are petroglyphs carved into the rocks all along the path and the trail is fairly easy to walk and allows for some exploration as long as one watches out for the local wildlife (snakes!).

5 days ago

absolutely gorgeous hike. we saw lots of interesting flora and the absolute quiet in the canyon was so astounding. the trail was so fun to scramble thru up and around. there was a great little water fall at the end of the trail, but the trail itself was more scenic than the endpoint. I would definetly recommend to people who are up for the scramble. I wouldn't recommend for those with young children

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