Fish Springs

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Directions here are horrible. Either start out at juniper road or the other side of the public lands. I'll put more information below. A SUV can drive most of this but would be slow going. If you come in from the other side, much better road. Lots of trails to explore, only did the main one. There are nice views but not a specific one as the goal of the trip. This road connects you to other roads.

Entry 1

Juniper road, cross of Juniper road, near Barker court. Down the street from Carlson Drive and Windmill. Google maps had me go through someone's property but there wasn't a no trespassing sign, just house numbers. Instead, stay on Jacobson from Fish Springs, turn left on Windmill, then left on Juniper. Juniper turns into dirt. Stay on the dirt road. In a couple minutes, you'll see an area on the left to park, or you can keep going, stay right, to a multiple trail intersection and park there.

It looks like there are multiple entry points in the area to the public land in the area.

Entry 2

Haven't gone this way yet. E. valley road intersects with Stockyard Rd. Stockyard road seems to be the main road that is Sunrise Pass.