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Lots of scrambling over boulders but most obstacles had a way around them. It was cold and windy wear layers. Beautiful area.

2 days ago

Some bouldering. Hard to follow at times. Beautiful country and spectacular view of Las Vegas at the end.

Great hike with some cool caves

The mountains besides the trail are so beautiful. I am sorry I didn't hike the whole trail.

Not much to see, but an enjoyable hike if you're looking to get some exercise.

3 days ago

This walking trail is really great for dogs. It’s flat and wide and no barbed wire fencing to be seen anywhere around it. It definitely gets you away from the sound of traffic and into nature. The trail is no longer flooded and is actually very dry despite the recent rain and snow. I only saw one other gentleman on the trail with his dogs. It does run next to a railroad with active trains for quite a ways. Really awesome walk!

4 days ago

Nice Easy Trail, not a hard hike at all. Just a brisk stroll. It is hard to follow though....catch back up the trail, you have to walk thru the camp ground area. Walk to the end of the camp ground and you will catch back up to the trail, and that's where it gets more off in to nature. Look for the posts that say Acastus Trail to know your going in the right direction. Happy Hiking~!

This trail surprised me. Even though this time of year, all the fauna is brown. I had a really good time seeing all of the birds. a bunch of Wood ducks, a couple of Mallards, a Heron, a Red Tailed Hawk and a few Black Birds. There were prints from several Deer on the trail. I was thankful for the strong breeze that Washoe Valley is known for. Without it the bugs could have been bad even at this time of year.

Really fun trail! Doesn't take too long before the sounds of the freeway are drowned out by the wind through the pine needles, sounds of the creek and the birds singing. Yes, there is a pretty good grade to climb, but you are going from Washoe Valley into the mountains. I didn't make it all the way too the lake, the snow covering the trail was knee high in a few spots and I was uncertain on which way the path went. Had a great time!

Really nice walking trails, conveniently located. Beautiful view at the top of the lookout and loved the smell of horses throughout. Not a hike!

Great walk with amazing views. I wouldn’t call it a hike. It’s a circular gravel path. My dog loved it. Only gave it 4 stars because you can’t really escape the street noise and a lot of the views are industrial.

6 days ago

There are many sandstones and red rocks with various shapes along the trail. You can see the whole Las Vegas at the top.

Nice trail but difficult to maintain. Several trails branch, sending you in the wrong direction

scenic driving
6 days ago

Beautiful drive!. We wanted to go hiking but it was raining all day. We decided to drive the scenic trail and then went into a few diff trails and snapped some pictures. We were all impressed and will visits red rock again!!.

Trail was hard to follow at times especially in the beginning at the top. Great views. We were the only person on the hiking trail but did see a few trail runners and mountain bikers on adjacent trails.

It’s definitely not 5 miles. To the end of the trail was maybe a mile and a half out if that. The sign even says 2.4 round trip. It’s pretty but March 10th we saw a trickle and a small pond.

Easy trail....love the view for a morning cup of coffee!

8 days ago

Very scenic. Some scrambling over big rocks. At times hard to determine where the trail is but you can’t really get lost. Great view of Vegas at the end. Wear good hiking shoes for gripping the rocks.

Just moved here from South Dakota and I’m loving all the nature and trails! You forget that you live in such a big city when you get out here. So beautiful and calm. Lots of wildlife too

scenic driving
11 days ago

We went up to Upper Lehman Creek as the road past this point was closed. Unfortunately, my recording stopped for the actual road this is for, but I took photos and wanted to share them along the track to get the GPS points. It is nice to see in the winter, but as the road to the top is closed, it will be good to go back in the summer.

I love this trail I hate this trail. It’s a 5 Star during this winter months and a 3 Star during the summer. It’s a wide flat trail until it meets up with the upper half. It’s partly shaded and with pretty Mountain View’s not at all challenging during spring, summer, and fall conditions. Now in the winter months when southern Nevada gets good snowfall this trail is a 5 Star the character of this trail becomes amazing. It’s wide trail is easy to follow and you can walk a snow path in a safely without fear of getting lost. I highly recommend this trail in the winter and the whole loop any time of year.

very beautiful, and beautiful sight seeing area and it is not hard at all

Fun hike! Ton of wildlife. Road runners, coyotes, many jack rabbits and many little critters. Beautiful views all around.

Easy. Not much to see

12 days ago


Great view and steep elevation change

Easiest little trail! Amazing with snow!

13 days ago

Wonderful. Very windy day but was well worth the view at the end of the LV strip.

want a quick hike, this is it...the view at the top is awesome!

Good ride, the whole park is fun and easily navigated. This is a great lap trail for after work with semi fast areas and moderate climbs.

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