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Easy walk. A bit of rocky rubble, but worthwhile. Views are incredible all throughout. Lots of wildlife to espy.

4 days ago

More of a Nice easy walk more than a hike. I am new to hiking and this was effortless for me. Great way to enjoy nature without needing to put in a lot of physical strength.

Good place to go just hangout and get into the water at. It’s even more fun when you bring alcohol and a few friends. But remember PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES. This place is owned to a man who is kind enough to let everyone come onto his property for this hot spring. We wouldn’t want a few to ruin it for everyone.

A little slick at the trailhead, but pretty dry from there. A nice hike with some excellent juniper.

Fun hike that's close to town. Lots of people out on a warm Sunday afternoon. Trail was pretty soupy in 5-6 spots from the rain and snow melt. Lots of footprints churning up the mud. Once in the tree line trail was very slick on the inclines. Waterfall was very pretty, as was the rest of the hike. Trail head is far enough from major roads that there was no sounds of town, only rushing water from the creek the whole way. Interesting to see where one of the recent fires affected and stopped.

Beautiful views and more on the easier side.

Absolutely delightful trail with beautiful scenery. Some challenging terrain, but nothing a stock vehicle with high enough clearance can't handle. Nice areas for camping along the trail, hiking, and photography.

March, 07, 2018

Depending on what time of year you choose to take this loop will determine where to begin. I personally start at Upper and work my way up through to the peak and then descend into Lower so the end of my hike is a casual walk among nature. If you decide to start at Lower and ascend to Upper be careful toward the middle and end of March (like right now as I am writing this review). The sun only hits certain portions of the trail so if you’re going middle to end of March when the temperatures are still frosty (23 degree when I got there this morning at 0700) but gradually warm up there is A LOT of freezing and thawing out along the trail so be careful of the snow turned ice along the trail especially when you enter a decline. If you do not have the greatest grip or balance I recommend starting from Upper during the end of winter and proceeding to Lower. It is a lot easier to loose balance and brace yourself forward then loose your balance and brace yourself falling backwards especially on an decline descending from Lower to Upper. Any other time of the year either portal is fine. It just becomes personal preference at that point. Lower is 100% a fire access road until the bend that takes you to Upper or Bonanza. From that point from Lower it is another 1/2 mike or so of fire access road and then it gradually starts to incline into Upper and twists and turns up and down. Should you choose to get all the “work” out of the way in the beginning and start from Upper then the first 1 mile or so is pretty easy. Just a steady incline and mixed with elevation change and depending on what shape you’re in, you’re lungs will notice. I’m athletically fit but with a 50lbs backpack on and full gear (during winter) I am huffing and puffing, but don’t worry; I’m not going to blow any houses down. Once you make it inward there is a major switch back incline that is going to be the beginning of the constant incline that is Upper Bristlecone. Be mindful as during the Spring and Summer months there are wild horses who roam this trail in this area. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Mother horse is a stickler for aggressive behavior like any mother would be. Watch your footing. It can get rocky and uneven at times. Be aware of large roots growing out of the ground too. Wouldn’t want Groot to grab you and cause a stumble. I’ve mountain biked this loop as well so be mindful of that as there may be MTBers. It takes me roughly 1.5 hours to mountain bike this loop and it takes me 2.5-3 to hike it at a casual pace with a quick stop here or there for photos for my blog. Other than that be sure to hydrate and apply sunblock and enjoy yourself.

NOTICE: December through March there is a pay station below the parking road. It is $5 but I have personally never paid since I am not using the ski lodge and I am there for the trail. Mention that and they might let you on through. Cannot speak for every tenant who works it.

Great trail till the 75% thru trail washed need serious off-road to finish had to turn around

10 days ago

Beautiful views of the lake! Very easy trail - even in 2 ft. of snow. Recommend for all ages and abilities.

Fine, if you like pure desert hikes. Spends a little too much time along the highway , and is mainly a mountain biking trail.

12 days ago

Like stated by Gary. Many ways to approach this one. My daughter and I went off he beaten path and scaled upwards. Great exercise and nice and close. Beautiful view.

fantastic trail for anyone in Reno. I love the sound of the creek as you hike.

nature trips
12 days ago

The idea is nice. There are grass and picnic tables. Bring a covering for the picnic table and watch where you step. There is goose poop EVERYWHERE! I read that they hose off the walkways, but when we visited a year ago, we literally had to hop around the poop. It doesn’t smell good. The peacocks and bunnies are cool though. There are a couple of ponds, but they are greenish and smelly. There is a little area for memorial for people who were murdered. It sounds weird, but that was actually a peaceful place and surprisingly not as much goose poop.

This is such a great hike and I definitely recommend it! The east side of the trail (which is called Gateway Canyon) is the wash side with boulders that you have to climb over and has a gradual incline. The west side of the trail (called Kraft Mountain Tail) is a little steeper with no boulders and goes straight up into the mountain. We started on the trail heading east, so we went up the wash. Which I know sounds worse than going down it, but it was so much easier to climb up the boulders and rocks than trying to jump down them. This trail is dog friendly, but if you have a dog that is not good at climbing, a little scared or you cannot pick up I would not bring them. If you do have a dog I would recommend starting going east (up the wash) as it was easier to push/pull them over the rocks if they do get stuck. We had an 85lb boxer (a little out of shape) and even though we made it, I don’t think we would bring him next time (not a great hike for larger dogs). Took us a little under 3 hours, but had to stop 3-4 times to get the dog over the boulders.

Also, Kraft Mountain Loop and Gateway Canyon Loop Trail are the same trail. Happy Hiking! :)

12 days ago

I prefer the Hole in the Wall trail to this one. The difference of making a loop out of the trail doesn't add much scenery. It does add walking past fenced backyards and barking dogs. Trail was a mix of mud and snow after the last few days of snowfall. I would expect it to dry out quickly.

scenic driving
12 days ago

The road itself is pretty interesting, but there will be a lot of side trips OFF this road on BLM land that will be fantastic, as well. We drove on this road between the Utah/Nevada State Line to Ely. We visited Great Basin National Park and also took a side road to the Ward Charcoal Ovens. There is also a wind farm along the way. If we had more time to explore the BLM lands, that would be fun, too. Since we went to Ely for dinner and had to drive back to Baker for the hotel, there was a snow storm heading back. Keep in mind that there are a lack of road markings (certainly compared to what are used to seeing on the East Coast), so when it snows, it's hard to see where the road ends or the middle of the road is. The rumble strips to help you to hear it, though.

13 days ago

My Garmin had the distance a little shy of 6-miles,taking the north loop trail (as shown) up to the Raintree. Pretty solid 1,900-foot elevation change on the ascent from the parking lot at the north loop trail at 158. The elevation gets to just shy of 10,000 feet so will get to you on this steady climb. We hiked in early March so there was still some significant snow on the trail and micro-spikes and poles were needed. We had a great time and some of the views were tremendous.

I've been wanting to check this trail out for quite some time. I hiked it after several nights of snow, with melting during the day. Looked like all of the tracks from the 4X4's were headed down hill, the mud was quite slippery. They must have done some work to the road as there were no large rocks, no deep ruts. Very pretty area, minimal sounds from the highway. Hoped to see some mustangs, only saw tracks. Glad that I hiked it, I've been up rougher roads in rental cars!

My dog and I enjoyed the trail all to ourselves in the storm. Hiked to Churchs Pond and back.

Hiked with young kids, views were amazing.

on Cheyenne Mountain

13 days ago

Several ways to make approach. Note this is not located in lone mountain park

15 days ago

Nice hike!
Few runners and bikes but not overly packed with people.
Some snow and mud. Shoe chains helped in the few inches of snow on the ground.

beautiful. there are a lot of things to explore off trail. just be careful not to disturb the fragile ground.

loved it. lots of nice pictures to take.

Very nice views, easy walking.

trail running
17 days ago

Couple inches of snow once you get in the trees but mostly dirt and mud on the way up. The trail can be easily followed and navigated. Recommend good traction on your shoes since the mud and snow can get a little slick on the steeper slopes. Great run! Especially coming back down! Enjoy!

Great trail for a quick hike! Dog friendly and great trail to start your kiddos on before moving on to longer / more difficult hikes.

19 days ago

Pretty tough climb! The mountain progressively gets more challenging, but the view at the top is worth it. I wouldn’t do this on a day above 75° or any kind of rain. I’ve done some other “hard” trails on AllTrails, but this one was the toughest so far (mainly the ascent).

19 days ago

nice trail to hike with the family. there are many routes that will eventually get you to the same place! my 4 yr old and dog both enjoyed themselves!

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