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Great view and fun for the whole family!

This is part of the River Mountains Trail system. I decided to stay along the asphalt cycling trail and got bored pretty quickly. I turned around once I could see Lake Mead and the highway.

I've done this on foot and on bikes with my family... great trail, we were even able to pull our youngest in a bike trailer. Loved that we could lock our bikes up and go down to check out Hoover dam.

We did only a small section of this trail. We walked .2 miles to a view point that looked into the gorge where there was a waterfall below. We did not go further into the trail as it was midday and there is not one tree on this trail. It's just flat, treeless terrain. Though at the trailhead it says the trail is not maintained, at least the section we walked seemed well maintained, rock lined paths. Not sure how the rest of the loop is.

Really easy walking trail

Love this trail! The cool crisp Colorado river waiting for you at the bottom is such a perfect reward!!!

Fun, family friendly, scenic, long! Haha

I'm so glad I decided to check out this review and find out it is now closed before driving out there.

Amazing hike. I had never rock climbed before, so it was challenging for me and I only got through 3/6 ropes. But no matter how much you do it's beautiful all throughout. I would even go back to complete it if I had the chance.

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22 days ago

The view was amazing. We saw Mountain Goats and the dogs had a wonderful time. The railway tunnels are facinating and are sure to keep train-enthusiasts and history buffs entertained throughout the hike.

24 days ago

The trail is amazeballs! It will kick your buttox, bring water and/or Powerade -Ricky Bobby oh! Trail is closed!!! Just tried it today! Its all due to HWY construction, eat me!

26 days ago

This hike is a lot of fun; a bit of scrambling, light climbing and beautiful views. The way down is relatively easy, however the way back up can be a bit more challenging based on your experience level. It requires a bit of climbing, and you will need to go up and around a couple spots where the trail seems to be at a dead end. I actually did this hike twice in a week, as I lost a silver chained dog tag that my wife gave me, and was hoping to find it, with no luck. If someone happens to find it, please get in touch.

27 days ago

This trail kicked out butts!! But it was so worth it! We went a few years ago in October. It was warm and sunny. Def need to come back and give it another climb!

Bummer, the trail is closed. We tried on 4/22/18, all access is closed.

A great view of Lake Mead. Enjoyed the hike with a friend. The tunnels are neat.

Love this hike. Good elevation changes and bouldering down lower. Love to sit in the Springs. Definitely worth your while.

How do you get to the trailhead with the construction going on?

One of our favorites! Our boys (8 & 10 yrs old) loved the challenges with the ropes and never shy away from some good bouldering. They are very experienced hikers though. Make sure your children are up for a challenge and that you can assist down and up the ropes if you plan to bring them. One rope in particular is hanging over water and was not possible for them to traverse but it was only a 6ft drop that we were able to lower them down. Be smart, bring lots of water! Canyon temps run about 15deg higher then Vegas temps. There is an awesome fill station with supplies (salt, sugar, potassium) and instructions about 25 mins into the hike to make a "sports drink". All around amazing hike!

Visiting the Vegas area and this hike ranks top three as the best we’ve ever done. This *did* kick our a$$es (and scraped/bruised elbows, knees, shins, etc). We brought just enough water and snacks in small bags, and were thankful for gloves. Other hikers on the trail were courteous and friendly, and helpful to others who needed help up/down a climb. The views were amazing throughout, and the hot pools were fun to explore. Colorado River was a great mid-hike cool down- take advantage of it before starting back. We will definitely do this one again next time we’re in the area!

1 month ago

It’s always awesome. I’m so disappointed with people because I have see someone leave dog poop bags inside Tunnel. Please be respect wildlife keep clean. Please hold your dog poops bag until you see there trash can be safe for animals.

Hardly any climbs, nice views .. safe to bring even babies

Very scenic and easy

We absolutely loved this hike!! Right from the start it was awesome! The flowers are blooming everywhere and its gorgeous against the dark canyon walls. It’s not to far until you reach the first hot spring but they are spread out throughout the hike. We had so much fun using the ropes. Another Bonus is the trail leads to the Colorado River! Have fun, bring lots of water.

One of our favorites! Our kids (8 & 10) are experienced hikers and handled it well. Definitely a challenge but well worth it.

I've done this hike over a dozen times it's a very nice workout hike. I do recommend for those that are not familiar with the hike to bring a small backpack water snacks and definitely some gloves and do come early. be prepared and be safe so you can enjoy other bikes from there on.

This trail kicked my ass! But I made it all the way to the Colorado River. The water was amazing and the views were great. Make sure you give yourself enough time that you don’t get stuck out here in the dark like I did. Also bring plenty of water.

Hard hike! Would only suggest bringing your dogs if they are in shape and you can carry them or lift them. There are repels, and i would highly suggest wearing good shoes (but also shoes that could get wet) would also bring water shoes if you make it to the hotsprings and river. Feels like your in a movie with stunning views !

1 month ago

Easy 6 mile hike (3 out and 3 back) from the Visitor Center lower parking lot trailhead through all 5 tunnels. 6 more miles (3 out and 3 back) takes you to Hoover Dam, but we only wanted a quick 2 to 3 hour hike with the kids today. The grade is very easy because the trail used to be a railroad bed.

1 month ago

A great getaway from the busy hiking locations near Lake Mead! This trail features quite a few pour overs/dry water falls that require some minor scrambling/bouldering/climbing to overcome. Each pour over has an easy side path in case your party is not a fan of climbing or bouldering though!

Once you are past the saddle, you can continue on to the Cholla Forest before returning to the trailhead.

This trail is definitely "off-trail" and is in full-sun with minimal shade. Definitely pack water and sunscreen before heading out!

Fantastic hike. As of today, the ropes are still available to assist in scrambling and scaling some of the larger rock formations down to the river. Very manageable. Will 100% do again soon!

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