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5 days ago

At the end of Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive is a parking area that takes you to many trails including the Bristlecone Pine and Glacier Trail, and the Alpine Lakes trail which takes you to Stella Lake and Teresa Lake. Stella is the bigger and more impressive of the two, as Teresa is more of a pond. Some great scenery along the way, including walking through a grove of aspens, through a dense plush mountain stream area and across open space which gives you a great view of Wheeler Peak and the glacier. Take a picnic lunch.

5 days ago

From the parking area at the end of Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive are several trailheads including the Bristlecone Pine and Glacier Trail, and the Alpine Lakes trail which takes you to Stella Lake and Teresa Lake. Teresa is more of a pond, and the trail does not have as much variety as the trail to Stella Lake, although you see different wildflowers than at Teresa. Teresa Lake is the closest lake to the Bristlecone Pine trail.

Amazing and very challenging hike! Made it to the summit on 5 August, just start early, it will be a lot cooler and try to avoid the thunderstorms by going early. It is colder on top, pack layers. Wear a hat and lots of sunscreen, also trekking poles help. It is a very hard hike but if you take your time, you can complete it. The trail is very rocky, go slow. It is very windy up there. You can see the trail all the way to the summit if you look closely.

Loved the Bristlecone Pines at the end! On the way back hiked out to Theresa Lake a short side trail halfway down.

Did this yesterday 7/30/18 Teresa lake was very low. Stella lake was pretty but we were a little disappointed that it wasn't great to swim in. I still went in but it was only 2.5 feet deep at it's deepest and very very very soft bottom. I basically floated around trying not to touch the bottom! Still very refreshing. Highly recommend combining this loop with the Bristlecone/Rock glacier trail for a nice 7 mile hike.

Very unique hike. Loved walking through the Bristlecone Grove. We continued up to the end of the trail that goes to the rock glacier and then did the Alpine lakes trail on the way back.

Amazing trail, well worth the effort. Watch out for afternoon storms.

Great hike. The lakes are clear and cold. The hike up to rock glacier is nice and the bristlecone trees are amazing.

on Lehman Creek Trail

18 days ago

The directions link (as of 7/30/2018) on here takes you to the Lower Lehman campground. You can start from there, but you can also start from the Upper Lehman campground which will save you nearly a mile in each direction. The "real" trail starts from Upper Lehman campground. Some people do it in the opposite direction and descend from Wheeler Peak Campground and than go back up (or maybe hitch a ride back? - cheaters!).

I gave this two stars because the first 2/3 are really boring (for me anyway). The trail is ok and the scenery is ok. It was very disappointing because you can hear the creek but the trail only takes you right beside the creek for about 200 yards! Seriously, that's it. Aside from that short stretch, you can hear it for awhile and then you can't even hear it anymore as you go higher. The top 1/3 of the trail gets much better from the point you hit the meadow which has very nice views of Wheeler Peak. The forest scenery is nicer after that too up to Wheeler Peak Campground. We saw some deer and wild turkeys.

For the experienced hiker, it's a moderate hike. For the casual/beginner hiker, it's a hard hike as it's an unrelenting climb until the meadow. There are very few flat spots before that point. It's a good workout but there are nicer trails.

Planning on Hiking this starting early August 13/2018 if anyone would like to join! Email: kelssmith@upei.ca

Fantastic but last mile is really challenging! I almost made it to summit. Got unnerved when the climb started to go vertical on very unstable rocks. The trail becomes faint. Wish I could have completed it! Made it as far as the circle on pic. That’s when it tests you!

Absolutely spectacular! The Bristlecone pines are amazing!! Thousands of years old. Walking among them feels like a chapter out of Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Fantastic hike. Hiked up the Baker Creek trail and spent the first night at Baker Lake. There was plenty of water along the way in the streams and springs. It had rained the night before so everything was cool and wet. The trail is very lush and green most of the way with water everywhere. You can definitely get by with only carrying a liter of water if you have a filter to make more. One small group joined us at Baker Lake and camped the night there. There was cloud cover that night so it did not get too cold. Probably around 40F. It rained a little.

Day two we went pyramid pass with the intent of climbing to the peak and spending the night somewhere around Johnson Lake. The hike up the pass is very steep and there is not really a trail. The way is marked well with caryns. At the top of the pass, we ditched our packs. The weather was way too sketchy (rain clouds and a little thunder) to get the peak so we hiked to the pass just west of pyramid pass and got a great view of the valley to the west. We headed down the pass and ate lunch at Johnson Lake. Johnson Lake is fed by a spring and the water is crystal clear. There are no fish in it. Plenty of historic cabins and buildings to see in the area. We continued down and made a left at the Timber Creek trail. This sucked. It was steep and hot in full exposure. After Snake Creek Divide, it was downhill again through a nice large meadow where we made a left on the South Fork Baker Creek trail. We camped just past the confluence of some springs and the south fork of Baker Creek. It rained a little again that night and then the cloud cover went away. It got cold. I would say just above freezing.

Day three we hiked out the last few miles along side the south fork of Baker Creek through a beautiful meadow. Great hike and we only saw one other group of people the first night.

1 month ago

I took my 7 year old son here for his first backpacking trip! We went in mid June and there were lots of creeks , so we stopped frequently to dip our heads in to cool off. Tons of flowers and green aspen at this time of year. There were some snow drifts near the top and trees that had blown down across the trail, but we didn't have any problems with that. I tracked the trail with my GPS and it said we went 7.3 miles one way! I have backpacked a lot, and I thought that this was a much longer trail than 5.2 miles one way. So just a heads up on expecting a few miles longer. With my son it took 5 and a half hours to get there and 4 hrs to get back. He was a trooper and we made it. Once we got to the lake we set up camp to the left. We weren't able to go to the far side of the lake as there were others already camped there. Our spot was beautiful. But the ground is rocky, so be prepared with a nice sleeping pad!! Finding a good flat spot where we were was a little challenging. The temperature got down to mid 30's but we weren't cold as we dressed accordingly. The stars are amazing!!! The cliffs are very unstable that surround the lake, don't attempt to climb them!! So about every half hour big boulders were falling and rolling down the cliffs. One boulder was so loud that it woke us up in the middle of the night, which frightened my son. We were sleeping well away from the cliffs, but just a heads up! All in all it was worth the trip and I was very proud of my son for making the trek!! I highly recommend this lake!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike to Stella Lake and Teresa Lake. we did it in the late afternoon and didn't see one person the whole hike. I recommend following the creek above Teresa Lake to check out the natural spring!

1 month ago

Amazing loop, especially on the Stella Lake side.

1 month ago

The National Park features this arch but yet it has very poor accessibility. After about 11 miles of dirt road you hit the washed out remains of a road. Even with 4WD we had to park and walk 1 mile up the wash to the trail head. The area has recently been burned out so you are exposed on trail. A moderate switch back trail, nice wildflowers, zero people! There are many other nice hikes in GB; if time is limited, do something else.

Challenging hike in October due to high wind and early snow. We hadn't planned on going to the top and weren't dressed properly (no gloves) so we had to take shelter near the top behind a rock wall and decided to turn back after watching the people ahead of us continually slip and fall in the icy snow. Next time!

Have lots of water the last mile is the hardest beautiful view. Wear comfy shoes lots of loose gravil so be very careful

Fantastic trail with a big payoff at the end... sitting with the bristlecones was a memorable experience for my son (eight) and I. Elevation makes the trail more moderate than it otherwise would be, but we still beat the minimum recommended trail time of two hours round trip even with a reasonable amount of time spent amongst the trees.

Great way to walk through the forest with several sightings of at massive Wheeler Peak. High pay off rewards of this trail were the two beautiful Sub-Alpine lakes. Stella Lake is beautiful with Wheeler Peak looming atop. There's a fair amount of distance between the two lakes which makes the trail interesting. We enjoyed seeing a few families with children getting out on this trail to enjoy this beautiful National Park.

Spectacular day. Trail is fairly moderate with good amounts of loose stone fill in some areas. Trees are majestic in their own way. Seeing living things this old is humbling.

Great hike, deceivingly difficult. The elevation, wind, and, rocky terrain made the last 2 miles a struggle. The view was worth it though.

Great trip! We started out on the Baker Lake Creek Trail. This is a well-maintained trail with gradual inclines. Shady. Lots of water. We were really impressed with it. We camped at Baker Lake and then made our way up to the saddle the next morning. There were cairns to guide our way up. There was snow on the right-hand side, but it was dry on the other. This wasn't too hard, and was easier than we thought it would be. At the top of the saddle we dropped our packs and hiked up to Pyramid Peak. Again, this was not as difficult as we though it would be. Only the strong winds and elevation made it strenuous. Came back down and made our way down the saddle's other side. This was a little sketchy, as there was snow. We made our way around the snow and picked our way down. There was lots of loose dirt and rocks the first 1/4 of the way down. Slid a few times. The trail became clear after that and was much less steep. Not sure if there's a better way than the way we went. Made our way down to Johnson Lake and then down the rest of Baker Lake Creek Trail that hooks up with South Fork Baker Creek and Timber Creek. We took the way that connects to Timber Creek Trail and met up with the trailhead at the end.

Part of the trail is closed due to the strawberry fire. We went a bit past the trail closure sign, ended up doing 4 mi round trip. Great views! Cool to learn about the history of the trail.

Very hard excruciating, not just difficult. very steep and rocky but the river was gorgeous with early spring run off. you follow the river the whole way. Snow was dangerous. some places 3 feet on the steep trail.

3 months ago

I loved the creek running alongside the trail. At the top you have great views of wheeler peak. I did it without snowshoes and I was fine!

the high elevation made it a slow hike. great views

Ah!!! This trail was awesome! The hike itself is not very difficult except for some snow/ ice patches (October), but the trees were phenomenal! You get right up in the patches of Bristlecone Pines and there's educational signs for those of us in the nerd community. Loved it!

scenic driving
5 months ago

We went up to Upper Lehman Creek as the road past this point was closed. Unfortunately, my recording stopped for the actual road this is for, but I took photos and wanted to share them along the track to get the GPS points. It is nice to see in the winter, but as the road to the top is closed, it will be good to go back in the summer.

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