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Very hard excruciating, not just difficult. very steep and rocky but the river was gorgeous with early spring run off. you follow the river the whole way. Snow was dangerous. some places 3 feet on the steep trail.

the high elevation made it a slow hike. great views

scenic driving
2 months ago

We went up to Upper Lehman Creek as the road past this point was closed. Unfortunately, my recording stopped for the actual road this is for, but I took photos and wanted to share them along the track to get the GPS points. It is nice to see in the winter, but as the road to the top is closed, it will be good to go back in the summer.

on Alpine Lakes Trail

6 months ago

This is a relatively easy hike at the top of Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive within Great Basin National Park. I thought it was kind of blah, but maybe I am spoiled by some of the other lake hikes available in the Utah region. At this time of year, the lakes are pretty low as well, and they might be more impressive in the spring. I actually did the loop after starting off trying to climb Mt. Wheeler, but only made it 3 miles due to cold, thin air, and wimpiness. This hike is at a pretty high elevation, so plan accordingly if you are not used to the altitude.

26 October 2017. Summit in about 2.5 hrs. Descent in about 1.5 hrs. First 2.5 miles in about 1 hr. Last 1.5 miles in an hour. Last half mile plus definitely more difficult but ALL worth it!!! Beautiful weather, cold, 32 at summit with 20-25 mph north wind. Amazing views. Will do again!!

The trail to the lake is garnished by aspens and vegetation along the creek. The creek in many areas is pleasant to see and hear. The backdrop of the mountains surrounding the lake are awe inspiring but I felt the lake was small and it was in fact a long walk but worth the reward.

This trail starts out mellow with a side skirt to a lake. The aspens on the trail are spectacular. The lake is a Good resting spot. As you ascend the difficulty increases and about 1/2 mile from the top there was icy snow on the trail and quite slick.
I suggest gloves and a windbreaker.
The wind chill was so cold my fingers were numb and I had to grip the pen at the registers in a fist.
Views were amazing and the descent is fast.
Morning provides better light for photos in the glacial drainage.

A superb drive up and down Wheeler Peak to an elevation of approximately 10,000 feet. The Peak itself is at 13,000. Hiking opportunities from Wheeler Peak Campground and its parking lot lead to a number of Great Basin NP’s sweetest trails, including Bristlecone.

on Baker Lake Trail

6 months ago

Five stars because this is a wonderfully constructed and maintained trail that leads to a beautiful lake. It starts at the Baker Creek trailhead, which is 3.6 miles up a gravel road off the road to the Lehman Cave Visitor Center. There are two trails, with the one on the right signed as the way to Baker Lake and the one on the left signed for the way to Johnson Lake. But they both connect up, so you could take either side to Baker Lake. You can get a good map from the Great Basin NP visitor center. The one on the right is probably the better choice, as it is less steep and does not require climbing over a ridge that just adds to the effort. As others have said, the trail is long, but the elevation gain is gradual enough that you don't feel stressed. There is a trail at the top that connects to Johnson Lake. It is marked by cairns and red tags on the trees and seems easy to follow, but I turned back after .5 miles due to fierce winds. So I came down the way I went up. There was some snow here and there, but none on the trail. The hike is almost entirely through the trees, so there aren't many breathtaking vistas, and today, at least, it was pretty cold.

scenic driving
7 months ago

Beautiful drive with a few turnouts for great photo opps. Ends near a campground with a few trails that lead out of it. There is a short half-mile trail if you don't have too much time that is very easy to do; has some information boards.

Didn't make it all the way to the top (made it 3ish miles), but the views were still amazing. Was not planning to do this hike so I was not travelling prepared; definitely bring a jacket and gloves in the fall. There was ice on the trail that made some spots slippery and ended up walking on the side of the trail for more traction. Would love to try again, with the right gear.

Did this hike September 3rd. Weather was perfect. Highly recommend taking a trekking pole. We spent the night at Wheeler Peak Campground and hiked about 6 miles the day before which helped with the altitude. I hike regularly but once you get above 11,000 ft you really slow down. Take your time, the last half mile is the hardest but views are totally worth it!! Will definitely do this one again.

9 months ago

Trail head has a bathroom
Parking is hard dirt

Trail very well maintained
Lost of water crossing when we went.
Trail easily mark
Lots of places to collect water
At the lake we camp left but would of been better on right.
No open wood fires. Only gas operated.
Went fishing, cause a lot. “Catch and release”

Tent camp
You can hang hammocks
Used bathroom 200somthing ish feet away from water and trail.
It was cold and windy at night.

Osprey 65 atoms
MSR hubba hubba
ENO double nest
Lots of REI gear

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Beautiful drive. Awe struck views! ❤️

The view at the top is breath taking. one of the highest hikes I have done. The starting is fairly easy but after the first bottom summit is when things got very very tough. We took breaks every 10 mins because of the heat and the steepness of the climb. It was a challenge but I don't regret it for a second. I felt very accomplished after. If you have someone that only wants to hike to the first mini summit and hang out there for 2 hours while you go to the top of the mountain that is an options. The view at the top is stunning and we spent about 45 mins at top taking a nap and enjoying the sun.

Beautiful hike

Start hike early around 8 if you can in the summer. We started late unfortunately at 12(I was pushing my group for earlier start). First couple miles were easy. As soon as you start getting past the tree line is where it gets difficult. I was in a rush to get to top and stopped only once for regroup. Took me 2 hours to reach summit from parking lot and I was gassed! As soon as I hit the summit there was thunder. I heard electricity around the ground and there was popping especially with my pack. I was getting static shocked real bad, even with my shoes. I was scared because I saw a video of a guy talking about the same thing before he got zapped. I just ran down the top. I told the rest of the group to get out and not continue. Saw a large group and told them to turn around but some continued! Took me about a half hour-40 minutes to get below the tree line. It was hailing on the hill too when I started down. Cool views, wish I had more time to enjoy myself. The hike to the top was pretty tough but doable for a relatively fit person in a reasonable time. Saw some older people who where not in the best looking shape coming down but have no idea how long they were out there. Seriously thunderstorms need to be considered.

10 months ago

Beautiful scenery and views throughout! Just right for my three year old... we passed several other kids on this trail, too. The lakes are so picturesque, and the terrain is varying throughout.

Great peak hike. Currently free of snow. The majority of elevation gain is in the last 2 and a half miles of the approach to the peak. Great views of the cirque at the beginning, and great views of the mountains from the peak

This hike was incredible and worth the work. My wife and I took the the family (boys 12,15,17). Started on the trail around 8 a.m. and it was about a 5 hour round trip. Be sure to pack some wind or warmth layers. The work is strenuous and stopping after sweating cools you down quickly. A lightweight warmth layer and a beanie are good for the top. We did this hike in the first week of July and there were a couple of very small snow fields, but mostly easy trails right to the top. The last mile reveals the impact of higher altitudes. Just rest, drink, snack and take your time. You'll get there. Some days have very high winds so check a weather report before you go. You don't want to be stuck on the peak when storms and lightning come in later afternoon, so I suggest getting up there early in the day. Nothing technical at all, but it is steep and does take work. We saw about 20-25 people coming to and from the summit.

10 months ago

Great trail for a long day hike or overnight back pack trip. Trail is a steady climb to the lake with views of Baker creek, pine forest, open meadows and finally Baker Lake. This was July so temperatures at the TH were in the 90s with lows at the lake around 50. There was still many places that had snow pack around the lake. If camping at the lake suggest you turn right and traverse over the rocks and dead trees about 1/4 mile. Several sites and great views. I would rate the trail as moderate mainly because of the continuous elevation climb, the distance and the rocky trail conditions.

Excellent hike. The altitude definitely makes the last 1-1/2 miles a test of resolve. 5-1/4 hours roundtrip with a half hour on top. Tough but way worth it.

Great trail, WORTH IT, every foot is worth it, push yourself and you'll thank me later, keep your pack light, but plenty of water to stay hydrated!! Sunscreen a must and be prepared for nasty winds out of the higher crevasses!!! Other than that have fun!!!! Took me 8.5 hours whole trip, spent good hour atop!!!

Beautiful drive and road completely open on July 1. Gorgeous views of the Basin, the peaks, high mountain meadows...the entire area!

Steep drive, 8% grade for 8 miles reaching above 10000' elevation. Use the overlooks to enjoy the views, don't do it while driving here.

I did this trail June 11th. It was fairly easy except I kept losing the trail due to all the remaining snow! The lakes were a gorgeous blue and well worth the work (and loss of direction) to get there.

Spring route itinerary (see photo for approx trail),
nicer option is to park at Lehman Creek.
Really good for feeling alone at the middle of nowhere!
Note: Consult current conditions with a ranger grba_interpretation@nps.gov

The 1h warmup was a gentle road closed due to snow.

Then I’ve tried to follow the trail and failed. But that’s ok, as everything was covered in snow anyway. Before going sharply up, I’ve reached a lake with a stream and filtered some water. While enjoying the calm meadow, I've realized my big mistake. Looking from the parking lot, my theory was to climb the mountain on the exposed rocks instead of the snow - so I left my crampons, ice-axe and snow shoes in the car.
In practice, climbing the loose rock would be strenuous, so I’ve decided to walk up a big snow patch in a slab. Luckily wasn't too steep, snow was melted and stiff just right to make safe steps. Still, I made sure I can stop from sliding down too excitingly either by braking or hitting a rock pitch. In conclusion, it was a mistake and should’ve brought my gear.

So I was steadily climbing up, 10,000ft, 11,000ft … and the elevation hit me at this point. It resulted in a considerable slowdown - was able to make maybe 20 steps after a 30sec+ pause. But I was committed, persisted and slowly, I've reached the ridge.
Half of ridge-to-peak was super ok, big rocks, even exposed trail. The other half, steeper hike just before the peak felt a little dangerous, as falling to the right would result into a 500m slide (maybe stoppable, but wouldn't risk), while falling on left might be ok, but after ~20m, there was a big cliff.
In this moment your brain autoplays all similar experiences and what went wrong. For example when you were climbing Triglav and slipped, when your friend slid and died or the movie "80m below the peak", where they decided to turn back after days of climbing just below the dreaded K2 (that was a good decision).
Caring this in my mind and confirming that sticking to the big rocks is safe, I’ve decided it will be fine up. Had a snack, looked down, said "oh shit" and started climbing carefully down. Thanked God when reached the lower ridge.
After the surface evened out, it was a pretty fun down. I just slid the whole snowy slab in ~15 minutes (going up took me well over 2h).

As my time was fine, I've decided to take the adventurous route back, i.e. go straight back. While walking on snow, it was fast. Crossed the official trail and decided not to take it. But then I reached some nasty bushes and even if following trails of wildlife, I just couldn't fit through the dense grow. So I had to back up a lot, go around, found some nice patches and then seeing the parking lot, I’ve thought: “How the hell will I get up?”
Decided on a way I thought is doable, and halfway up I've reached an unofficial human trail.

Great for kids! Been coming here for 45 years, bring my own kids now. Don't miss this gem or the caves down at the upper visitor center.

11 months ago

I am so confused by the mileage noted here and the mileage noted on Park newspaper. You note it's 4.7 miles, park map says 2.7 out and back. Our GPS more closely resembles the park mileage. We did combine with Bristlecone trail and totaled about 4.2 miles total. Anyway, we loved this hike. We did run into snow from Stella Lake to Teresa Lake so it was a little difficult to navigate our way and also snow in Bristlecone that did get a bit slippery but was well worth it!!!

This was definitely one the most interesting mountains I've summitted. From the bristlecone forests in the first two miles of the hike to the last rocky mile, there was always something to be amazed by on this trail.

The wind as you cross into the rocky last section of the trail is brutal, and you will want at least 3 layers to protect yourself from wind chill. Currently, there is a bit of snow approaching the summit, but the trail is still fairly clear. Keep this in mind when preparing for this hike, though - added with the wind, I wished that I had brought gloves and a hat.

At about 1 mile into the hike, the trail splits off - one way towards the summit, the other towards Stella Lake (only .1 miles away). If you have a few minutes to spare, check it out, it's gorgeous. I went around 7:30 and the lake was partially frozen over. As the trail to the summit climbs, you can actually see Stella Lake from above, and from the summit you can see all 3 alpine lakes.

There and back, the hike took me about 7 hours (that's including the Stella Lake detour, lunch at the summit, and plenty of picture taking time). Very worth it, and a must do in Great Basin.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Really rewarding hike. It would be smart to bring a jacket because after the first mile or so it gets really windy. Trailhead starts at an elevation around 10,000 ft and climbs to over 13,000. The Altitude is definitely what makes this hike so challenging

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