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Great trip! We started out on the Baker Lake Creek Trail. This is a well-maintained trail with gradual inclines. Shady. Lots of water. We were really impressed with it. We camped at Baker Lake and then made our way up to the saddle the next morning. There were cairns to guide our way up. There was snow on the right-hand side, but it was dry on the other. This wasn't too hard, and was easier than we thought it would be. At the top of the saddle we dropped our packs and hiked up to Pyramid Peak. Again, this was not as difficult as we though it would be. Only the strong winds and elevation made it strenuous. Came back down and made our way down the saddle's other side. This was a little sketchy, as there was snow. We made our way around the snow and picked our way down. There was lots of loose dirt and rocks the first 1/4 of the way down. Slid a few times. The trail became clear after that and was much less steep. Not sure if there's a better way than the way we went. Made our way down to Johnson Lake and then down the rest of Baker Lake Creek Trail that hooks up with South Fork Baker Creek and Timber Creek. We took the way that connects to Timber Creek Trail and met up with the trailhead at the end.

Very hard excruciating, not just difficult. very steep and rocky but the river was gorgeous with early spring run off. you follow the river the whole way. Snow was dangerous. some places 3 feet on the steep trail.

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4 months ago

We went up to Upper Lehman Creek as the road past this point was closed. Unfortunately, my recording stopped for the actual road this is for, but I took photos and wanted to share them along the track to get the GPS points. It is nice to see in the winter, but as the road to the top is closed, it will be good to go back in the summer.

A superb drive up and down Wheeler Peak to an elevation of approximately 10,000 feet. The Peak itself is at 13,000. Hiking opportunities from Wheeler Peak Campground and its parking lot lead to a number of Great Basin NP’s sweetest trails, including Bristlecone.

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9 months ago

Beautiful drive with a few turnouts for great photo opps. Ends near a campground with a few trails that lead out of it. There is a short half-mile trail if you don't have too much time that is very easy to do; has some information boards.

Beautiful drive. Awe struck views! ❤️

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Beautiful drive and road completely open on July 1. Gorgeous views of the Basin, the peaks, high mountain meadows...the entire area!

Steep drive, 8% grade for 8 miles reaching above 10000' elevation. Use the overlooks to enjoy the views, don't do it while driving here.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pole Canyon Trail begins off of the Grey Cliff Campground road, a gravel road easily accessible to passenger vehicles. The trailhead has a picnic area and pit toilet, and enough parking for a small number of vehicles. The trail ascends gradually along a creek through riparian forest and passing rocky cliffs before opening into meadows within a wide mountain valley. If completing the loop, the trail ascends to more mountainous trails along Baker Creek, but this portion of the trail is in reality the Baker Creek trail system. The Pole Canyon portion of the trail can also be a very easy out and back without completing the loop. The trail is quite scenic and beautiful and traverses many habitat types. It is also considerably easier than many of the much steeper trails in Great Basin National Park.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snow stop us.

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

From the Great Basin Visitor Center, drive into Baker (watch the speed limit) and take a right onto Hwy 488. This road will take you directly to the Lehman Caves Visitor Center, but just before you get there, take a right onto the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, which takes you to the Bristlecone-Alpine Lakes Trailhead and Wheeler Peak Campground at 10,000 feet. Along the way up the 12 mile one-way drive, stop at Mather Overlook for a picnic spot, and Peak Overlook for spectacular views of Wheeler Peak on the right and Jefferson Davis Peak on the left. The road gains nearly 4000 ft. from sagebrush flats in the valley to aspen and conifer forests just below tree line. In good condition and quite twisty, the road winds up along the flanks of the Snake Range. Expect a wide range of weather due to the elevation change. Views along drive are outstanding – the north face of Wheeler Peak drops 1800 ft to the Wheeler Cirque, a glacier hollowed valley enclosed by sheer cliffs. This glacier is the southern- most glacier in the United States. You can reach the cirque via the 4.5 mile RT Bristlecone / Glacier Trail. Another great hike from the top of the road is the Alpine Lake Loop Trail which goes past Stella and Teresa Lakes – 2.7 miles RT to an alpine setting next to the barren sawtooth ridge. Wheeler Peak Summit Trail to top of 13,063 ft Wheeler Peak begins at the Summit Trail parking area, which is located at about 1 mile from end of road. The trail follows the ridgelines to the top of Wheeler Peak - 8.6 miles RT with gain of 2,900 ft. Start your hike early in day because of afternoon storms. One of the surprise National Parks as it's not as well-known and a bit more remote, Great Basin and Wheeler Peak is a trip well worth your time.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

They built a road to the top of Wheeler peak. Thanks guys. The drive is closed in the winter, and they open up sections in the spring as the snow melts. Currently the road is open up to the Mather scenic viewpoint, but you can cover several additional miles on foot, further with snowshoes. Beautiful views of the peak as you approach and of the valley below. This is the way to access the high country, which is a big part of what this park has to offer.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Be very careful of any hike you take in this park. I would say that your best bet it to stick to the main roads and skip hikes because there is very little signage and hardly anyone else here. There are 2 Pole Canyons, the trail and then the mining road. The mining road is the only effective way to the Bristle Cone trees near Washington and Jefferson peaks. It can only be done with a beefy 4x4 truck with good tires. You MUST have backcountry experience. Mistakes can be fatal here. I spent 3 days in this park and saw 1 other person.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scenic Wheeler Peak Drive through Great Basin National Park. Very pretty views of the surrounding valley, and of Wheeler Peak.

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Driving into Great Basin National Park from Baker, NV, we were greeted by a cattle drive across the road - reminding us of the movie City Slickers. We made a day of this great park, which is often overlooked as one of the top National Parks. After checking out the nice VC, we drove to the top of the 12-mile one-way Mt. Wheeler Scenic Byway, which at 10,000 feet was nice and cool for a summer when Death Valley was 129 degrees.
Wheeler Peak is the 2nd highest mountain in Nevada. The scenic road gains nearly 4000 ft, from sagebrush flats of the valley to aspen and conifer forests found just below the tree line. The road is in good condition, offering a very steady and relatively steep twisty vertical ascent as it winds its way along flanks of Snake Range. Due to drastic elevation change, and overall high-altitude, expect a wide range of weather. It’s common to have warm weather at beginning (in fact hot on our day), while clouds, wind and rain and cold temps can be found at the end of the drive (clouds roll in fast). Just before the road ends at 10,000 ft, the Summit Trail leads to the 13,063-ft summit (the trailhead is a small parking lot to your right on the way up 1 mile before the main parking area at the end of the road). Views along the drive are outstanding.
Suggested stops in park
– Mather Overlook is a short gravel pull-off to a nice picnic area and a bench to sit and admire the views (we stopped here after our hikes), also offers a stand of mountain mahogany, also make a quick stop at Peak Overlook for spectacular views of Wheeler Peak on right and Jeff Davis Peak on left – the north face of Wheeler Peak drops 1800 ft to the only glacier in Nevada (and the southern-most in the US), then go to the end of the road for the most popular hikes.
- Wheeler Peak Summit Trail follows ridgelines to impressive mountain summit - 8.6 miles RT with gain of 2,900 ft. Start hike early in day because of afternoon storms.
- Great Basin is a young park compared to Y/stone or Yosemite, but has some of world's oldest trees. Bristlecones are now surviving in scattered stands, some trees are 5,000 years old and were alive when Tutankhamen ruled Egypt. The Bristlecone/Glacier Trail leads into bristlecone forests and is located at the road's end. The trail winds through groves of the park's ancient trees, the trail to the interpretive side trail is 2.8 miles RT with gain of 600 ft.
- The Glacier Trail is a continuation of the Bristlecone Trail to the glacier nestled beneath Wheeler Peak. You can hike up through the rocky base as far as you want and walk through the snow. Be careful of getting too close to the walls, as rocks fall all the time.
- Wheelchair accessible 0.4 mi. Sky Islands Bristlecone Forest Loop has interpretive signs that provide information about the famous trees.
- The Alpine Lakes Loop Trail to Stella and Teresa Lakes is 2.7 mi RT.
- In the flank of the mountain, at an altitude of 6,800 ft, lies Lehman Caves with 1.5 miles of underground passages formed when higher water tables during the Ice Age made pockets in the limestone. $10 guided tour takes you past flowstone, stalactites, and delicate crystals.
- Lehman Caves - fee-based tours – 60 or 90 minutes … no bats.
We first took the Bristlecone/Glacier Trail to the Wheeler Cirque - a glacier hollowed valley enclosed by sheer cliffs. Lots of cool rocks. On the way back from the out and back, we took the Alpine Lake Loop Trail which goes past Stella and Teresa Lakes to great alpine views of a barren sawtooth ridge rising above the surface of a smooth lake. Picture opportunities galore! This park is highly recommended if you are looking for great hikes, elevation and less crowds. We loved it!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

There is a cave tour here if you like caves.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I loved it

on Pole Canyon Trail

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Sunday, January 01, 2012