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I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

Really fun trail! Doesn't take too long before the sounds of the freeway are drowned out by the wind through the pine needles, sounds of the creek and the birds singing. Yes, there is a pretty good grade to climb, but you are going from Washoe Valley into the mountains. I didn't make it all the way too the lake, the snow covering the trail was knee high in a few spots and I was uncertain on which way the path went. Had a great time!

Beautiful views and more on the easier side.

Long but worth everything

I haven't done this hike, but can you camp on the trail?

Right now (feb 19th) snow shoes are needed from spooner summit down to the lake. Wind blown snow drifts present. Beautiful regardless.

1 month ago

This was a very tough hike. Very long distances so make sure you are in shape if you want to do this hike. Also , wear the right clothes and make sure to pack alot of food and water! The scene is gorgeous and makes it worth it !

1 month ago

A buddy of mine and I drove all through the night to get here and admittedly in the pitch dark I was worried that this trip was going to be a bust. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This place is unbelievably beautiful. We embarked on this journey in mid November. We both had good water proof shoes so we were prepared. We anticipated lots of snow and at some sections of the trail it got up to our shins ! It was 100% worth it. The view are to die for. Don’t forget water !

Great physical climb in the forest and perfect for a quick tough workout getaway and peaceful rest at the top. It took about 4.5 hours pushing through without breaking all the way up, which was tough, and relaxing an hour at the lake. It’s just hard to stack up with Galena, Rose, and the TRT so close by. Limited scenic views and a small lake, although they were nice. There was still snow on the trail and the lake was frozen when I went in early February so I’ll have to do it again in summer to see if it would be better. Be prepared to walk through 20 yards of calf deep creek water or thick brush right before the lake; at least this time of year. All in all it was a really nice hike and good alternative day hike to mix things up if you are a regular local day hiker.

beautiful! went a few days ago and once you get passed Spooner lake the snow can get deep. I still wore hiking boots and did fine. snowshoes would've been helpful

2 months ago

Great hike! Pretty steady incline on the way out but great downhill on the way back. Wonderful for dogs. Amazing views of Lake Tahoe! Some icy bits in the middle and we couldn’t get all the way down because the snow was to our news but it was great nonetheless. About 3 hours for 6 Miles

I put this trail together because I needed something a little more difficult than any one trail in Red Rock could offer. I do recommend going counter clockwise when leaving the visitors center that way you can knock out Turtlehead Peak early on.

On the easy side of moderate. Trail was in great shape. Easy to traverse. Elevation gains were not taxing. Did it clockwise. I think scenery would be better counterclockwise.

Lots of people, always. Beautiful scenery makes up for it. Much of the trail is poorly marked in places so you can get a little turned around.

2 months ago

First time out with snow shoes. Didn't make it to the top as trail was cut into steep ravine and snowed over completely. Still had a blast and was pretty.

2 months ago

great hike

Take the upper Trail to the top. Lower Trail is a dirt road.

3.5-4 hr

We parked at the reservoir and took the trail to the left off the dirt road for a nicer hike then just following the dirt road had to offer. It was very cold down in the canyon as we followed the creek for the first mile. We only passed one mountain biker as we went midweek. Very scenic views and we had the perfect day for high visibility. The terrain was nice as we went from a canyon creek, mountain views, and tree lines. We decided to make this trail a loop instead of an out and back. At the end of the trail we followed the washed out road down to Canyon Creek Road and got a ride back to the water tower. Overall total today was 10.2 miles.

It was still a bit snowy and slippery when I went in mid July so be prepared

I LOVE this hike. Although it's 10+ miles, it does not feel terrible. The ground is not nearly as rough as some other peaks (Mt. Tallac, for example), and the vegetation reaches higher up in elevation as well.

4 months ago

Great hike during the week but too many hikers on the weekend. Fairly easy until the final hike up Mt Rose proper. Take a jacket-the top can get chilly. Great hike and views if the fog is off the top and no smoke is in the area. My pedometer said 10.7 round trip two times in a row.

4 months ago

Great hike, gets pretty cold in the shade and especially at the summit with all the wind. Recommend something to cover face towards the summit.

Lots of nice views along the way (plenty that are about as good as the views from the summit IMO). Definitely a must do if you are into suffering... first time I've hiked more than 4-5 miles in a day in probably 7-8 years... 9hr 30min from car to car including the detour to Griffith Peak and breaks - linked to the north loop trail on the way down and connected via the road at the base. Worth doing at least once. I'll have to forget about how my knees feel today before I do something like this again...

With every step you take on this trail you are lead to heaven ! A little over 10 miles and 6.5 hours . One foot in front of the other ! Trail is clear with little to no snow. Till next year Rose....

Very nice to have a trail which is easy to follow. Be prepared for very little net elevation gain during the first 2.5 miles.

My 10-year-old daughter and I conquered this hike today. It was beautiful. The snow is not bad, you just have to go a bit slow in a few places.

A good workout, along with amazing views.

4 months ago

Snow the entire way, on the way back was starting to become muddy slush from all the people who had started up after us and rising temperatures. Unable to see anything at summit due to fog/ clouds. Very cold and windy and much more challenging in the snow. . Took us 7 hours to complete. Apple watch (with gps) said 10.72 miles.

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