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Great, love the view, ready to go again.

trail running
10 hours ago

run, boulder, stroll. it's a playground.

I loved hiking this trail this morning! The parking is just where you can fit on the side of the road and the entrance is not labeled with a sign, but still obvious as a blocked off road.
The beginning is a significant incline but with plenty of space and shade to hide in for breaks as needed. Every once in a while there was a large enough break in the trees for a great view of the lake.
Once most of the way up we found a smaller paved trail off to the left and took that for a marvelous loop around with great views and interpretive signs. We ended up right back where we had originally left the road, but we also passed up probably ten side trails that could have been explored.
I went with my parents who are in their 70's but still very active and they said this hike was perfect for them, just took it slow on the way down for their knees.

Execellent trail design, steep start gets the heart rate going followed by some long easy switchbacks. Terrific views of Lake Tahoe and surrounding snow capped mountains. First time for this trail. Plan to do it again and continue on to Snow Snow Peak and finish at Spooner Summit which should be about 3000' from Chimney to Snow Peak. Get out there and enjoy!

18 hours ago

18 hours ago

21 hours ago

This hike is famous for a reason and it is well worth it. Some call it a moderate hike but it more of a moderate/strenuous hike. You ascend about 900 feet in just under 2 miles (short but steep) The good thing about this trail is that it is clearly marked and while the parking lot might get filled up, there is movement so you can find a car or two leaving frequently.

Mary Jane Trail is cooler during the summer months compared to other Las Vegas area hikes so it was crowded. I don’t care for crowds but that is the price of admission for this easy to access trail.

Views are amazing and its natural beauty is somewhat blemished by the crowds, dogs and kids: this adds up to distraction and possible injuries for the uninitiated: I saw two injured people (elderly and young) along the trail. The good thing about crowds is that you have people to talk to along the way (if that is your thing), hard to get lost and help if you need it.

If you are not in good shape, take frequent breaks along the way and stay on the trail: with the crowds come people who do not appreciate the impact on the environment when you go off trail.

The trail starts off with a long, gradual incline inside a valley then turns into the mountain side and has several switch backs up the side before coming to another relatively straight incline to the falls.

The area has Pines and other “temperate forest” foliage with snow on the mountain tops when I visited. There is indeed “falls” at the end of the trail that shower down cool water. There is a cave or two that requires some rock scrambling to get to as well.

400 feet further from the trail there is another cave that I might check out later.