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Nebraska Map
10 hours ago

Kinda an mix of sparce forest and prairie. Chadron is a nice park with a lot of amenities.

Narrow and somewhat rutted paths... I tried to stay on them for fear of rattlesnakes in the taller grass outside the normal path area and instead I just about sprained my ankles a half dozen times.

Narrow and somewhat rutted paths... I tried to stay on them for fear of rattlesnakes in the taller grass outside the normal path area and instead I just about sprained my ankles a half dozen times.

10 hours ago

Amazing... like you're on another planet when you're there! Bring some shoes that you don't mind getting dirty and that have good traction so you can climb all the cool hills and rocks!

BRING BUG SPRAY! We used 40% Deet and did pretty well against the mosquitos. Anything less that that you might as well just run back to the car!

Beautiful scenery and just a really nicely maintained trail that almost anyone could walk.

Once we got to the top, the views of the surrounding valleys were amazing!

A fun trail that is well maintained and easy enough for anyone to use. The views along the way are great and very picturesque!

19 hours ago

It's quaint has a nice lake. No tree or ground fluctuations, the path is paved. Nicely place trash and dog waste containers throughout. Dogs are allowed on leashes! Clean up after your pet so they don't ban them! VERY clean park and trail.

trail running
23 hours ago

All paved, but there's an actual dirt trail path in the Eastern tree line between Woolworth and Martha, separated by Center. It's the closest you'll get to a trail in midtown.

Boring and short. Views of the city.

Poorly marked, lots of overgrown parts of the trail. Nice views of the Platte. I picked up a grocery bag full of litter. This trail could definitely use some attention. If it rained heavily it would be too muddy to navigate certain parts. Enjoyable enough if you’re there. Wouldn’t drive out of my way to hike this trail.

Very nice ride

trail running
2 days ago

Brand new lake with concrete path all the way around. There are no trees along the path. Summer sun would make things uncomfortable due to the lack of shade. An overcast day made for a pleasant 5.25 mi. run.

4 days ago

Really cool area, lots of fossils if you are paying attention.

4 days ago

Pretty trail with great views,lots of elevation changes, wildflowers.

Easy, accessible, cool fossilized burrows.

Nice paved trail, very accessible, easy. The visitor center is also very nice.

road biking
6 days ago

We walk this trail at least three times a week. We have seen deer, turkey, turtles etc beautiful place to walk.

I hiked the full loop of around the lake. (7.2 miles)
West side poses more of a challenge due to talker grass. East side of the lake is more geared toward day campers, trails more maintained. Over all Great Lake views and a good day hike .

Nebraska high point! Google Maps got us right there from the south. At turn off there's a sign with some information and a envelope/drop box for your $3.

From the turnoff you drive a dirt road about a mile to the highpoint. You're not allowed to walk the road from turnoff due to the fact that it's a working bison ranch (High Point Bison).

Once to the top there's a simple monument, bench, and metal desk with register.

Pretty great views of Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska plains.

One request: please don't leave loose paper or even trinkets in the drawers. I spent 5-10 minutes picking up trash that had blown/fallen out of the drawer.

on Field Club Trail

12 days ago

Nice area for an easy walk.

on Tranquility Trail

12 days ago

Definitely more of a biking trail than a hiking trail, but not bad for a walk.

14 days ago

Excellent, well-maintained trail in a scenic environment. There is a lot of variety here, with ups and downs, lots of trees and vegetation, plenty of open spaces and of course, the beautiful lake. This is a long walk that may be difficult for toddlers and I know my small dogs would never be able to make it the whole way around. The path is large enough that it is definitely wheelchair accessible. I went on a Friday morning at 10:30 am, so I did not experience a lot of traffic on the path. The bicyclists I encountered did a great job of announcing themselves. I will definitely do this again. It feels so secluded despite the fact that it is so close to the city.

trail running
14 days ago

Trail has a few length options, shorter loop route is good for hiking, biking and trail running. The longer route has a few steeper sections. If you go past the camp offices, you can find the trail and go off into the woods with many quick ups and downs. Once you get past the flatter river section you end with some switchbacks that take you back up the bluff to the camp. Short but good for trail running training..

Can’t really expect more from a drive-up highest point :).

NOTE - $3.00 per person. Don’t drive all the way out there without your funds

I didn’t exactly follow this map, but I really enjoy this park. Not too difficult but you can get a lot of miles! We wandered into the section of the park that I think is mostly used by bikers. Really beautiful in that section but we did end up getting lost because there are a lot of forks and no signs.

With the addition of Flanagan Lake Park this multipurpose trail is tops in Omaha; especially with the hopes for more tree plantings for shade around the lake

We walk here all the time. It’s the best park in Omaha for a long walk. You will however see a lot of people here, so if you are looking for a secluded area you might want to go to a park outside of city limits. That being said we enjoy this park! You see deer, birds, turkeys, hear owls in the evening and there are also tons of mulberry trees in the summer months.

19 days ago

Quiet place. There is no Richardson Nebraska. It is East of Dwight, Nebraska. A small village in the Bohemian Alps, Butler county in Nebraska.

21 days ago

We camp here annually for a family reunion and wander this trek. Lots of variety of birds, saw some deer while we were out this year. Yes it does go through some camp grounds but if your already here, why not walk around?

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