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A little rough in parts from being flooded out but all in all a great ride and worth the ride due to some unexpected scenery..

Easy flat trail! Turkey white tail etc...good to get out of Omaha. !!!!

Really not very well maintained from locust street to the platte river. Grass up to waist high in some areas. This area of the trail is supposed to be crushed rock. The rest of it is great.

This is my preferred spot to take a short, leisurely hike. It's almost 3 miles from my car back to my car and it's an easy trail. It's well-marked and beautiful in any season. Stay after to see the fish hatch ponds, feed the geese, let the kids play on the revamped play area, climb the natural rock wall, grill or picnic, and visit the old stone stairs. If it's the weekend, you can even get inside the museum. Conveniently located across from the Platte River!

I disagree about the trail being easy as well. There are a lot more trails in here than the 2.7 mile loop mentioned. I've been hiking Neale Woods for over a decade and it remains one of my favorite spots. It's quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. There are numerous trails ranging from easy to difficult. You can get a trail map (of which there have been changes over the past year) by following this link: http://fontenelle.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/NWTrailMap.pdf

Great trail for road running training! I love to go around the back side of the museum but the parks and views in town are fun as well!

I’ve been on this trail 3 times so far. It circles the lake and is very peaceful. It’s pretty well maintained throughout all seasons. There was a bit of ice last year in winter months. I love that it is a perfect 5k loop. This is my go to trail this far.

Nice trail. There isn’t any stops directly on the trail so look up places to stop if you need to. Some spots wash out the pea gravel, which they’ve filled certain areas with some bigger rock.

Walked with my hubby this morning, beautiful trail
I would suggest signs for distance and side trails.

1 month ago

Tried it for the first time today. Very nice with just the right amount of ups and downs for beginners. We will do this again!

1 month ago

If you are in the area Smith Falls is an absolute must see. On a road trip through the area? Stretch your legs and spend some time here. In recent years this area has become a destination for those who like lazy river activities and beautiful lush green camping. And for good reason. This is a gem of a find in a very unexpected location. That being said, the waterfall by itself is not something to drive across Nebraska for.

Easy, accessible, and the tallest waterfall in Nebraska! Good job Game and Parks!

A great trail. All concrete. Great for bicycling and other activities. Not much traffic. It goes both in town and out of town. We visited the Stuhr pioneer prairie museum on the way.

My husband and I appreciate that portions of this trail look and exist as the land would have been a hundred plus years ago. The authenticity achieved by preserving nature and keeping all native plants makes it kind of a unique experience. We enjoyed seeing some wild flowers and going through some forestland..We also liked feeling the early pioneer spirit and seeing what they would have when they first got to Nebraska/the Mid-West. It helped that we visited the museum and watched the patriotic and informative video first. I'd recommend this trail!

Narrow and somewhat rutted paths... I tried to stay on them for fear of rattlesnakes in the taller grass outside the normal path area and instead I just about sprained my ankles a half dozen times.

A fun trail that is well maintained and easy enough for anyone to use. The views along the way are great and very picturesque!

2 months ago

It's quaint has a nice lake. No tree or ground fluctuations, the path is paved. Nicely place trash and dog waste containers throughout. Dogs are allowed on leashes! Clean up after your pet so they don't ban them! VERY clean park and trail.

Boring and short. Views of the city.

2 months ago

Easy, accessible, cool fossilized burrows.

road biking
2 months ago

I hiked the full loop of around the lake. (7.2 miles)
West side poses more of a challenge due to talker grass. East side of the lake is more geared toward day campers, trails more maintained. Over all Great Lake views and a good day hike .

Nebraska high point! Google Maps got us right there from the south. At turn off there's a sign with some information and a envelope/drop box for your $3.

From the turnoff you drive a dirt road about a mile to the highpoint. You're not allowed to walk the road from turnoff due to the fact that it's a working bison ranch (High Point Bison).

Once to the top there's a simple monument, bench, and metal desk with register.

Pretty great views of Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska plains.

One request: please don't leave loose paper or even trinkets in the drawers. I spent 5-10 minutes picking up trash that had blown/fallen out of the drawer.

2 months ago

Excellent, well-maintained trail in a scenic environment. There is a lot of variety here, with ups and downs, lots of trees and vegetation, plenty of open spaces and of course, the beautiful lake. This is a long walk that may be difficult for toddlers and I know my small dogs would never be able to make it the whole way around. The path is large enough that it is definitely wheelchair accessible. I went on a Friday morning at 10:30 am, so I did not experience a lot of traffic on the path. The bicyclists I encountered did a great job of announcing themselves. I will definitely do this again. It feels so secluded despite the fact that it is so close to the city.

Can’t really expect more from a drive-up highest point :).

NOTE - $3.00 per person. Don’t drive all the way out there without your funds

We walk here all the time. It’s the best park in Omaha for a long walk. You will however see a lot of people here, so if you are looking for a secluded area you might want to go to a park outside of city limits. That being said we enjoy this park! You see deer, birds, turkeys, hear owls in the evening and there are also tons of mulberry trees in the summer months.

2 months ago

Quiet place. There is no Richardson Nebraska. It is East of Dwight, Nebraska. A small village in the Bohemian Alps, Butler county in Nebraska.

We walk here 4-5 times a week and seen Turkeys, geese, turtles, deer.....

I have been walking this trail for many years. It is a concrete trail that is very well maintained. It is beautiful in the evenings and is often quite busy. There is not a lot of shade but the trees and vegetation have grown in nicely over the years. Water fowl is frequently seen here and I saw a mink the other day. There are two parking lots for access. This is a family-friendly lake, accommodating strollers and wheelchairs. It is a long walk around for a small child but it’s an easy walk with only slight elevation changes. One of the best things about this lake is that except for a handful of houses, housing is not close to the water. This is a very safe location and moonlight walks are highly encouraged!

Views yes, but very ordinary. No markers or info. Did see buffalo herd.

3 months ago

This is a lovely walk on a well-kept, level trail. Trail is good for all age levels, accommodates strollers, and would be a great place for walking dogs. However, keep your dog on a leash and be on the lookout because it is heavily used by bikes. I walked on a Sunday morning at 11 am, and there were many cyclists and a few walkers. I didn’t see anyone running but I think it would be a good trail for that activity. My one complaint (hence three stars) is that when I crossed the bridge over the Platte going south, there were no trail continuation markers. This was very confusing because there are roads and railroad tracks that converge at this point. The trail could use better markings in general because I wasn’t sure if I was walking on private property in several places. I walked the part of the trail by Schramm State Park near Louisville. I will definitely try other parts of this scenic and tranquil trail!

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