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Gem. Most of the trail is shaded. Almost reminds us of Washington and Colorado. Restrooms at the park.

Our family enjoyed this trail. Paved, with some seating areas along the way that provide some shade. That was nice considering there are no trees on this portion of the plains and the day we did this hike it was 105 degrees. The fossil hill is very interesting to see. Never crowded, and the views of the rolling plains are beautiful. Away from the trail, make sure you go into the visitors center to view the Vault of Native American artifacts that were handed down to people who settled the land. It's an incredible collection

9 days ago

About 15 miles off the main highway in this area. 10-15 miles on a gravel road to get to it but well marked so you won't get lost. No visitors center, just a trail head and great rock formations. Sod house near the trail head to see. I think the fee was $3 and it's just a drop box with a sort form. Trail is very well marked and kept. Black posts to guide you along the way. Our five year old was with us and he absolutely loved this trail. We were in the area so it made sense for us to stop. We don't mind gravel roads in western Nebraska to find a good trail. About 20 miles from Fort Robinson, this would be your nearest area of convenience. If you are in the area it's worth the stop.

This trail came up in a hiking search and I’m not sure why. I personally like hiking spots to be a little more secluded, and this park is literally right in the middle of a neighborhood. The lake was pretty and the path is flat and well maintained. Maybe a better spot for riding or just for a leisurely walk. Would be a nice spot to walk with a date or friend.

Great place to take a walk! Easy paved path with scenic views of the lake and surrounding forest. Also seems like a great place to ride your bike if you like that since the path is very smooth and flat. Not sure why it’s labeled moderate, it was easy. But some of the curves may be more difficult on a bike. Will have to do the full loop around the lake sometime.

Very much enjoyed hiking here. The little waterfalls are beautiful and easy to find. There’s a cool scenic overlook as well. I thought the hike was easy, but I stayed on the west side of the park and didn’t go over to the east side. However, planning on returning as there’s supposed to be another scenic overlook on that side of the park. It wasn’t clear on the map how to get over there, but they were able to explain how in the office. Overall enjoyable and scenic hike, seems like it’d be a good place for kids, too! Not too busy if you go on a weekday.

Will definitely do it again

12 days ago

I really enjoyed hiking here. That said, it is really a bike trail. It can be challenging for pedestrians at times because the dirt trail is narrow and it is hard to see bikers coming. I would not recommend this for dogs or toddlers due to the need to react quickly when a biker comes along. I hiked late morning on a Friday and didn’t see anyone else in the trail. Be forewarned- if hiking in the middle of the day, there will be very little shade. Late afternoon is a better time as there is more shade. One more thing, the trails can be very confusing because there are so many of them and I imagine they change occasionally. This was a fun and challenging hike!

Great well maintained trail paved the whole way. Go early, say 6:30 in morning when cool. Take a light jacket

mountain biking
16 days ago

A family favorite for nice paved trails with a few small “nature trails” that provide variation. One section of trail is currently closed for renovations, however there are some connection options that still provide an opportunity to complete the loop.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Decent trail and nice for a quick ride near our home. On the downside there are tons of people which today included several groups
Of teenagers smoking marijuana and an Asian outdoor party that was playing karaoke loud enough it could be hard across the lake.

17 days ago

Pretty annoyed that I drove all the way out here just to see a “no pets allowed on property”. Turned around and left without getting out of the car

trail running
17 days ago

Great trail! Peaceful. Mostly shaded. Parked across from soccer field. First 1 1/2 is road and goes through the fairgrounds then crosses over onto crushed gravel and gravel. I have used the trail twice this year and will continue to use it even though it’s a 20 minute trip from my home in Omaha.

horseback riding
21 days ago

Pretty suburban park. Up there and back. Be sure and lock up truck and trailer.

trail running
22 days ago

This is my favorite trail to run, make sure you wear bug spray, LOTS of mosquitos and ticks(if you beer off trail) When I've brought my dog home he's had a couple ticks even with advantix, so if I go to this trail I usually don't bring my dog. It's a good loop trail about 2.2 miles and you can switch directions and change it up.

These trails were partially formed when Platte River State Park was Camp Harriet Harding for 80 yrs before 1980 when the state joined two parks to make this state park. I camped here in the 1970's and ran the trails for hours on end. These trails are the essence of Nebraska. A true riparian forest, caught between the river and the prairie. Fun trails to hike along. Nice little side trails to explore. Sometimes you will see turkeys in the trees, deer, rabbits, coons, lots of insects.

Not always marked well but lots of wildlife.

The history of the area is nicely displayed. It is a nice paved path so I wouldn't call it a hike.

This is a walk through campgrounds.

I really enjoyed this trail with my dogs. I do wish it was marked a little bit better. Obviously it isn’t hard to follow, but a few more signs out there would be nice. We keep coming back! Love it!

Good views, not very busy, and we saw lots of deer!

picked a cold day to ride and somehow missed the south end of the trail. not well marked at south end or I was just too tired to see it! beautiful trail. didn't see a human for over 2 hours

I wouldn’t label this as a great walking trail. This trail is meant for bikers. I walked it, got lost but wasn’t to bad. I love the nature feel and lots of birds to listen to! The trails are very narrow so make sure you jump out of the way for bikers.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Road part of this trail for the first time today as a newbie cycler. It was a lot of fun and had some small hills, sharp turns, tree roots, etc that made it an excellent adventure. I can’t wait to get back but first my noodle legs need to recuperate..

2 months ago

Walked trail 9, 10, 11 it was absolutely breathtaking with some pretty steep inclines which I loved, if your looking for an absolutely amazing day and a good workout with some breathtaking views I recommend this place, i drove 2 1/2 hours to go hiking here with my dog and the entry fee was $8 but that little bit of money for the parking ticket is worth every last cent

2 months ago

I think we picked a bad time to go as everything has recently been burned so the scenery was black and uneventful. The Indian Cave trail says “Dogs on Leash” however once hiking through a bunch of bullllshit because the markers and directions are a little confusing you finally get to it and it says “No Pets”. When you put in the trail in AllTrails it takes you to Trailhead 9, I believe. You hiked a bunch of wooded area until you come to the top where there is a campground sight and field. We took trail 11 because that’s where everyone said the cave started at. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, when I read all the stuff that Trail 11 was a “death trap” I scoffed it off. It is a very steep, very small and not well maintained trail down a cliff side. At some points if you were to fall it would be close to deathly. We hiked after a rain so add this trail plus mud with some grip for your feet is was miserable. At one point we were on our asses scooting down. You get to the end of it and the cave is nowhere to be found. Let alone no signs. However it says it starts at trailhead 11. Low and behold you have to walk down the road along the river about a football field and there it is, the big beautiful red staircase which said “No Pets”. All in all, was not worth the 4 hour drive. If it was closer it definitely is worth it. The park is giant and when everything turns green it will be beautiful. Plus, you can’t beat spending 5 hours outdoors and not seeing a single soul. Just you, the dogs and nature.

Neat views, if you look towards Chimney Rock National Monument you can see it on a clear day.

Well taken care of trail, many birds and small lizards. Watch for rattle snakes!! As you get to the hill areas look for fosils on the ground and in the mounds.

A fun way to spend an sunny afternoon. Quite a view and easy casual walk.

I really liked this trail! I wish it was longer. Nice and easy for all ages, My dog was with me and she love it.

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