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It's a beautiful scenery that people don't expect in Nebraska. This was a very enjoyable hike for us. It isn't difficult. The view at the top was incredible.

1 month ago

Loma to Branard to Loma.

off trail
1 month ago

nice trail that goes by some large shallow waterways. full of birds with some small wooden buildings for viewing.

one of my favorite hikes in nebraska. decent elevation gains when trying to prepare for harder hikes abroad. lots of mosquitos in the summer months. i made a video hiking this trail a few years ago to preview it. check it out here https://youtu.be/cWs-EiGKvys

2 months ago

Went for a ruck with Team RWB Omaha!
A great network of paved paths and nature trails. Plenty wide for opposing bike/jogger traffic. Lots of trees, but still sunny. Views overlook the Chalco Reservoir. Lots of parking throughout... restrooms just off the paths in the parking lots. Everybody on the trail was very friendly. A little bit of funky air as we passed the nearby sewage lagoon... but not too bad. If you take advantage of both the paved paths and nature trails, you could go forever! Oh, and check out the Natural Resource Center in the park.

Headed out for a chilly jog with Team RWB Omaha!
A nice paved path, plenty wide for opposing traffic. About 3.3 miles around. Very little elevation. The views are pleasant - overlooking Walnut Creek Lake, waterfowl resting en route to a warmer, more southern home. The southern reservoir was frozen and locals were ice fishing... waving as we jogged past. The recreation is in a low-lying area between suburban neighborhoods, with paths connecting it to Papillion-LaVista South High School, and SumTur Amphitheater. Plenty of parking!

This trail is actually The Bellevue Loop Trail, and is part of the Omaha metro area's "Paths of Discovery!"

I rucked an out-and-back (13.1 miles round-trip), south from Haworth Park. I absolutely love that the metro area invested in a path/trail network, but this stretch is deliriously boring. Painfully F.L.A.T. (27 feet of elevation), no benches, nearly zero trees and shade. That said, the views are... pleasant... corn fields, mostly. And you're within an easy line of sight to the Offutt AFB pattern. Bring a friend, music, or audio book!

Great trail, definitely the first 4 miles through the woods.

2 months ago

Hello twins ; )

Hiked the loop with my 5 and 3 year old. Great views!

cost $11 per adult and no running
not a place for trail running.

good trail for running with dogs

good trail for running with dogs

I'm always challenged here be it in fall, winter, summer and spring.

New trail, very nice paved trail all the way around the lake, good for walking, jogging, running, bicycling. You can fish there, small boats, kyake, great for family. Only problem is some people don't pick up after their dogs, but you have that everywhere. Building houses around it.

First hike this morning. Invigorating feeling!

My favorite trail at the Monument. Been hiking it for over 50 years. Their has been a lot of changes during that time. In my youth we ran/jogged up and back. Now I choose to walk one way or the other but not both ways the same day.

3 months ago

Nice trail to stretch your legs and get rid of some energy that toddlers all seem to have an abundance of. On hot summer days be sure to drink plenty of water.

Good hike. Nice wide trail. Sign at trailhead says no pets.

Two track trail around the side of the lake with a fenced farm field on the other side. A nice place to take a walk. No signs indicated dog must be on the leash. We were there in November and it was isolated so doggy had fun off leash.

Great running trail!

Nice trail!

trail running
4 months ago

Love the sign at the entrance that says “Bikes Only.” I’ve been running on this trail long before any mountain biker thought about biking there. Got to admit the trails were improved by the bikers but don’t know why they feel the need to exclude pedestrians. Off the soapbox. This is a great place to get out of the wind and traffic. Can get close to 5 miles out of this route if you follow the signs. Good workout with lots of up and down but hills not so steep but tough enough to make you feel like you’re working. Lots of tree roots so watch your step.

bird watching
4 months ago

Beautiful trail. Can be hard to tell one trail from another. Had 20 species in 4 miles.

bird watching
4 months ago

A very nice and well kept paved path. 3 miles around the whole thing. Birding wise it's good for field birds and sparrows in the fall/winter. Some migrants through the spring. I've had over 150 species there.

Very nice

Very nice and well kept up. We’ll come back again.

In the fall, the terrain was fairly technical, as there were a lot of fallen branches and the roots were covered by leaves. I ran this loop clockwise then counter clockwise. There are a couple very steep hills. The two loops took me about an hour at a 12 min/mile pace and I totalled about 1000 ft of elevation gain. Wasn't buggy at all in October. Will definitely be back!

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