Your experience here will be entirely based on your expectation. This is a NATURE trail and there is a LOT of nature. By this I mean you are walking a short forested loop and a little bit river side. It is a dirt path, single track, often with fallen trees to climb over or under, and depending on the season, deep grass to walk through. My wife and I were wearing shorts, and it gave us a lot of tick-anxiety. Lots of insects—spiders, really big ants, ticks, etc. Probably a good idea to wear tall socks and pants if doing this in a green season. We got to see some cool lizards, deer, prairie dogs, and this huge bird that I couldn’t identify with a 6ft+ wingspan. The riverside parts are really majestic. I would definitely do this again with pants; or if I was wearing shorts, walk it backwards along the river, opposite the trailhead. Cool place that I wouldn’t have found without the app.