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Nice easy trail with a mix of water views and going through the woods.

This waterfall is nice, but it will be crowded and there isn't a whole lot of room at the top. The trail does continue past the falls for a less crowded walk in the woods. Don't give this trail less than 4 stars because it's crowded....it's stated in 90% of the reviews.

The trail disappears about a mile or so in, the over growth is rough to overcome, but it can be done. I recommend carrying a stick and using it to clear spider webs out of your way, there are a lot of spiders out there. I found the hot spring just about where it is marked on the map, it's just across the river. Crossing the river is fairly sketchy, I had to cross over some fallen trees and then jump across some of the water. The spring is really warm, I wouldn't say hot. I left the orange bucket in a more obvious place than where it was so you should be able to see it from across the river. Good luck and stay safe!

Love this hike! Have done this hike almost every day for the last 8 years. I start and end in a slightly different spot. During the winter months, it can get very muddy and hard to hike but it is still an amazing hike. Great cardio workout.

Super quick and easy jaunt. The big lake is stunning .. like glass!

3 hours ago

Such a beautiful hike. I live close by, so I did it in a few sections first. Took my sisters with me once. Then took my husband and we did the full loop last Sunday. He had not been there before. He loved it too! Lots of people later in the day, but most are very friendly.

I read others' reviews before visiting Buffalo Mountain- I've always lived close by, but never visited. It was truly an amazing view at the top and I really liked that the trail was short. It was a workout mostly because swarms of bees were all over me the entire trip up so I was going pretty fast. LOL. My sister and I were the only people on the trail both ways... it was a weekday. On the hike down we encountered a very large snake and some pretty scary growls from a fairly close animal we didn't stay to see. It was a very interesting experience with the wildlife but the views are better than McAfee's hands down.

Nice little hike,plan on going back.Like to get to know the area better and combine the trails to get a longer hike.

Needs cleaned up and better lighting

3 hours ago

Intense hiking over rocks with great views of Lake Tahoe and many other lakes. The 360 view from the top was amazingly spectacular and totally worth the effort!
Took my boyfriend and I 8 hours, and we are in very good shape. There were some people hiking faster than us, so I bet most people take ~7-9 hours to do this hike.

Having never been here before, I expected more than I got. However, I did take the fire trail instead of the actual terrain trail so I walked on sand or gravel the entire time! The view at the top was a little crowded with many people there, but it was really relaxing nonetheless. Would go back.

My husband and I selected this hike as our first backpacking trip as a couple. We have minimal backpacking experience so this one sounded like a good fit for us. We hiked out 6.15 miles (pretty much to the end of where this trail is marked) and turned around when it was getting time to find a place to spend the night. We hiked back about a mile to a water source with a wooden sign about 5 miles in from the trail head. We camped there for the night and really enjoyed the spot. It had a large flat spot under a few trees and a small flat spot down by the water. We saw only three other hikers in two days. We really enjoyed the fall foliage! This section of the PCT is relatively flat but we did enjoy having our poles for the few ups and downs. The lava rocks for the first 2 miles or so were really neat! We are glad we tried this hike, despite it not having a description. There is a privy by the start of the trail and parking area.

Went yesterday & today. I camped at Lost Lake last night. About 2 miles in from where you park. Woke up this morning to about 22 degrees. And it had rained just a bit last night. Ran into a bunch of people on the trail as I was heading to set up camp who saw moose.

So I went clockwise. This was the right choice for me as the climb is more gradual (and I just got off a plane from Florida yesterday :)

Was gonna camp one more night (tonight) at Jasper Lake but....it was gonna be 20. And was only 5.3 miles to the car at that point. So I humped all 15 today w my 25lb pack.

And - I’m sitting at the noodle restaurant now haha. Yes, delicious.

3 hours ago

great hike

trail running
3 hours ago

Wow I ran this trail along with Bobcat.
It was tough for me a flatlander.

Beautiful scenery along the river and through stretches of woodlands.

Take water.

I ran the orange or "playground" trail there's only a small section that is close to the playground most of it is in a tunnel of trees and green plants. It was fun but since it's September and last weekend's weather was pretty rainy, mud build up on my running shoes and there are areas that are wet so I had to stop running and carefully pass through. My recording is both on soil and asphalt but the park itself has a picture in various areas of all the trails they have and what to expect in each one. I suggest to thoroughly put on bug spray so you won't have mosquito bites after like I did. Although there is a possibility of snakes I am lucky to not encounter one since I mostly run on trail or grass by the side of the asphalt, just be cognizant of that. The deers make the run especially enjoyable they don't bother unless they feel like you are taking notice of them.

4 hours ago

Firstly, it’s not easy in and out. The first .5 mile or so from trail head is easy but as you approach the hill/mountain you’ll be surprised at how the description says, “easy in and out.” There are switch backs both up and down the mountain and a pass between the two peaks/hilltops. Heavy stone and root systems everywhere which was a bit interesting when it was wet. The way down the other side was pretty steep so expect a substantial climb back out. Once you crest the hill and make your way down you’ll see a set of train tracks. There is a blaze and a path directly across the tracks but please just make the right and follow the tracks about another .5-.75 miles to a small little train stopping area. You’ll continue to see blazes down the tracks. The train stop area is the falls. If you are making a few days of this expect a lot of visitor traffic. There is a scenic train system that regularly stops for site seeing. Not many camping areas tbh. If you are looking for wood for camp fires, expect laurel and it didn’t burn well either, and everything is picked clean. Very pretty falls and great rapids which make for some good white noise camping. Don’t bring a horse. It is not safe for that. I don’t know who put that.

trail running
4 hours ago

Great trail. Diverse scenery. Easy running paths. Take some lights with you in morning or evening run as there is a decent amount of traffic on portion by road.

Go to the end, see a nice pier in the bay.

Mosquito spray of course. Bring water.

I would rate this as easy to moderate, but I love riding my mountain bike here.
Most any bike can use it thou.

Great hike with amazing weather today. This trail is a new favorite of mine on Mt. Rainier. Totally worth the extra effort to go to Third Burroughs.

Super fun trail. It’s longer than 3.5 miles though. GPS said 2.6 to the top. All the same it’s worth every step. Hot springs at the top are excellent. We went on a Tuesday morning and there was only one other couple up top. Definitely worth the time.

Amazing views all around. We aren’t in great shape so it took us a little longer than others. There were a lot of people on the trail; views getting there and back were just as beautiful as the Hidden Lake. Mostly wooden planks and then there are gravel trails. Some snow on the boardwalks but dries out around noon.

4 hours ago

My daughter and I hiked this trail yesterday plus we added on the Paradise Glacier Trail, which adds another 1.5 miles. I am a 67 year old active woman, and though I went down slowly, I had no problems. We went clockwise, doing the steepest paved section first, and I am very glad we did to make it easier on my knees. We had perfect weather. The 7+ miles took us about 5 hours, with lots of photo stops, snack stop and lunch stop. If you can walk, you can do this trail, just take your time and enjoy the beauty!

4 hours ago

The Hogsback Trail is a 1.16 mile long loop trail that you can access from the Overlook Trail near the meeting center.
The trail is pretty rugged but an easy feat. It has fences along the edge to keep you from getting too close to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Missouri River. Therefore, views during the summer months aren’t too great here unless you’re willing to risk the $1,000 fine and duck through the fence real quick. I took the trail looking for scenic views so not having any very clear shots, I turned back at the switchback down the hill. The Overlook Trail is where I recommend going in this park if you want to see some scenic views!

Great trail. Rocky at first then it eventually evens out more. Great views of the mountains. I only went about two miles, or so and turned around because we started late. No water sources that I came across. No snow. No bugs. Saw a few chipmunks. Great sunset views. Nice hike.

Did this hike today (after Ptarmigan lake and tunnel). The views are spectacular and the lake is amazing. Saw a momma bear and her cubs near the lake. An easy hike all the way.

4 hours ago

Did this hike today (including the tunnel). The views are spectacular all the way up. Not very challenging to the lake, some easy switchbacks take you up to the tunnel (to be closed in 2 days!). Saw some deer, mountain goats and big horn sheep. Amazing scenery makes this hike one of my favourites!!

4 hours ago

People who are worried about getting to trailhead with a non 4x4 vehicle, don’t! I got there with my Toyota Sienna minivan and was fine if I drove slowly.

I lucked out and got a walk in permit the first time trying ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! Got last # that was called out!

I started early (I stayed at the Stateline campground the night before so would have a quick drive) since I can’t handle high heat very well. It was nice and cool. Trail isn’t very well marked so follow the pictures in your booklet that the ranger gives you when you get your permit! I found a couple who got lost not doing that.

Most of hike is just exposed rock and sand. Saw some random wildflowers when I went through. The Wave portion itself (and if you go just a tad further will see similar formations some call the 2nd wave) is incredible.

I got out before noon since, by then, the heat was getting to me. Worth the hike!

Great trail worth the long drive with spectacular views.

This trail is all it promises to be. The only concern is that it is heavy with Poison Oak, so come prepared with full coverage and open eyes

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