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12 hours ago

I only rode the Blue Trail which is about 3.1 miles. Decent place to ride but nothing to write home about. I wouldn't go there to ride this trail, I just happened to be in the area.

Plenty of ups and downs to get your heart rate up, but nothing technical at all on this trail.
All wooded, so no scenery or views to take I'm either. According to other reviews here, the Yellow Trail (about 12 miles) has more views.

Reasonably well marked, but not the best I've ridden.

I would not recommend this trail for a beginner, but one of my favorites.

13 hours ago

Great place to take dog, plenty of creek crossings and shaded areas to enjoy area. Downside is that the secret is out and can get pretty crowded.

13 hours ago

Good for running and/or walking.

This was an enjoyable hike. Some of the views are breathtaking.
If I were to do it again, I will just do the red trail to the fire tower and back, as thats where the best views are. The yellow trail was long and did not offer much in terms of scenery.

mountain biking
14 hours ago

Super dope, would highly recommend to anyone trying to go outdoors and especially for beginners MTB. Has a variety of tracks to go on.

My favorite place to do my long runs! Friendly people. Lots of bicyclists. Well mannered users. There is a port-a-potty at the start and at mile 6. Not sure beyond that. Lots of benches to stop along the way. Love this place!

Beautiful view and the hike up rocks was fun

15 hours ago

Great hike. Our dogs loved crossing the water many times.

Steady incline for most of the trail, with a couple of nice spots that you can sit and rest, so it's not overly strenuous, but could be if that's what you want. The view from the Continental Divide overlook is stunning. A great trail, even for those who are afraid of heights as the majority of the trail does not have steep drop-offs. We had volunteers on the trail today, 7/20/18 warning of rattlesnakes, and spoke with other hikers who had seen one, so one needs to be cautious. Can be done in under 2 hours.

it's got some distance to it don't forget to take a bottle of water or two, easy to moderate with some elevation included

Totally amazing trail! This was our first hike in about 5 years and we are not in the best shape (getting back into hiking is part of our get back into shape plan). This hike is perfect if you want to push it pretty hard but don’t want something crazy hard.

The loop posted as-is is definitely not 22 miles. I think it would come in around 10/11 miles, so not sure what happened there. However, it goes through some beautiful and less trafficked areas and there a plenty of options to extend the loop. I will explore more portions on this area!

great trail for beginners.

Just literally missed stepping on a rattlesnake by 1 step within the first 20ft of the trailhead. Be aware!!

A great hike for the kids. A very easy and well marked trail. Plenty of cover, and some nice views. It is all smooth single track, with very little elevation gain. There are maps at the parking lot.

Great loop for a trail run. Not a ton of views but a good amount of sun/shade and change in terrain.

19 hours ago

Beautiful trail, but part of it is closed for repair and there's no warning signs until you get to it, there's a walking path that takes you up the hill and around it but not biking.

A lot of fun, lots of views and landscape points throughout. There are dirt bikers and lots of people in the afternoon. Morning is the best time to go. Very quiet and cool, also before all of the bugs come out. But this has been my favorite trail in the area so far.

Excellent trip! On a few of the side trails there are plenty of blackberries to be picked during the summer months. Easy trail.

Need a pass in advance. Fun little trail. cool to say you did it but it's very short.

We arrived at the hot springs by 8 am Friday morning and only two other cars in parking lot. Very few people came and went before 10 am. It was getting crowded after 10 so we left. We enjoyed this fairly easy hike and loved the hot springs. The most enjoyable hot springs I've ever been to. Don't pass this hike up. Follow advice to arrive early, be respectful of others enjoying the pools, please take out your own trash, watch out for rattlesnakes and other wildlife, most importantly take your time and enjoy this wonderful place.

on Orange Hills Trail

20 hours ago

Excellent place to relax and enjoy after a long day of work. Many wild animals to see at dawn or dusk. Trails go uphill majority of the way with Spectacular Scenery once you reach the top.

20 hours ago

Very fun family friendly trail! There were so many great views from each of the pill boxes. The trail isn't too hard, it's a little steep at first but it evens itself out and the views are worth it. It was nice to see the bunkers the soldiers worked in. There was also old parts of buildings that lay up there. All in all very great views of sunset beach and a nice short workout!

did this all the way thru before the spine trail was closed off, but I do believe it's all back open now anyway. start on the McKenzie highway/126/main St parking lot, go all the way thru the spine trail, follow the gravel path and trail and eventually you pop out to bob straub parkway. there's some pretty interesting rocks that could be fun to scramble in the middle after you finish the spine trail and see the sign for the actual natural area section of it. not sure if those were placed there for that or what exactly is going on with those. cool none the less. there's not really any spectacular views but it is kinda cool that you see some hills towards the south you don't normally see unless you get through that side. it's very easy unless it's muddy, I definitely ruined my shoes. it's a fun one but if you want views I'd say Spencer or maybe pisgah are better.

21 hours ago

The whole 12.8 was open today and was an enjoyable hike. It’s a lot sandier than I expected so it’s a good idea to wear ankle socks or even gaiters if you’re intense! The trail is mostly flat but there are some small, exciting elevation changes within 2 miles of battleground. Bathroom and water stops accessible along the way.

I love this trail. It's great exercise and it's beautiful! It's hard, don't believe moderate!!! But so worth it!

has a little bit of everything, including an alternate rustic path up to the summit. great views of the Palouse landscape. the bedrock is quartzite--metamorphosed sandstone....sand from an ancient shoreline. pine trees and prairie flora. would recommend!

mountain biking
21 hours ago

Great single track that is well maintained. The full loop is a bit more than 20 miles not 13.8. There are some challenging rock gardens near the end by the Boy Scout camp. It may not seem like much, but with nearly 2000 feet of climbing already in, your legs are begging for mercy by the time you get to the roots and rocks of the last bit of trail. The high points are, crossing the dam in which you must put your bike on your shoulder and make your way across ankle to knee high water. Then, nearing the end you’ll run up against a challenging rock garden with massive boulders. You’ll ride from one boulder to the next to get to the finish. The trail will come out from the woods and ends at the highway. So you’ll ride down from there to the entrance of the park. I’d like to see better signs and indicators for the trails, other than that I loved it.

This hike had everything! Challenging parts, easy parts, a high view of the mountains and the city, and even a creek with a small waterfall. Completed the hike in 2 hours however I did run down the mountain since it was very easy decline. I’m exhausted but feel very accomplished.

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