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Montana Map

Started up the M trail and continued to the summit via Hellgate Ridge. Fairly easy hike with some steep portions and beautiful views of downtown. Took me about 2.5 hours round trip as I'm not in the greatest shape. You'll definitely need spikes as all of the M is ice, hellgate ridge was a mix of blown snow and ice didn't find anything deeper than 6 inches. Overall a very nice hike.

Got to hike this in the snow, it was an epic experience. Lots of slipping and sliding, but tons of fun. One of my favorite hikes ever.

5 days ago

Nice colors on the trail this morning. Despite it being very chilly, was a pleasant experience!

Two options: go to the LEFT and walk a loop along the rim with a view of the river or go to the RIGHT and go down to the river. Both are great options. One just makes you work more.

My go to when I need to work some energy off my dog but get some activity in for myself.

5 days ago

Beautiful! Creek was mostly frozen and Trail was icy. Worth the trek to see the ice crystals formed on all the vegetation.

6 days ago

Came to Glacier at end of the June. Most trails we wanted to do were still closed due to ice/snow. Ranger recommended this one. It ended up being our favorite trail in the park. Panoramic view at top was stunning. Saw a herd of 9ish bighorn sheeps on our way down. It was super windy on the day of our hike. We estimate around 60 mph wind speed. We had to crawl at times. It was still worth the time and effort.

6 days ago

Did this trail the Saturday after Going-To-The-Sun road opened this year. Came here in the afternoon, found parking easily The trail was still mostly covered in snow. Many people came with their sleds and skis - apparently a yearly ritual for some locals. Hidden Lake was still frozen. The views were dramatic and stunning at the overlook and throughout the hike. I just wish there were less people.

Decent views on the trail and at the lake. Water took on an amazing shade of aquamarine. It was the most underwhelming hike in Glacier NP for us. Way too crowded. Very little change in elevation, views weren't as dramatic as I hoped.

I did this hike solo mid to late October, a really good hike and pretty challenging. Some blind switch backs so be cautious around corners, during my hike a ran into a lady who saw a sow with cubs. Be educated. but the views at the top are incredible. And can’t wait to do it again

mountain biking
8 days ago

Great MTB trail still pretty snowy in 2nd week of June 2018

Nice and easy! There is a short climb at first but that’s just to get to the top of the plateau. It provides a great view of the western edge of Billings. However, for first time hikers, use the app to stay on the trail. I got lost for a few minutes trying to track down the section of the trail to make it a loop because the site for the old house is hidden ( in the backside of some rocks). Definitely a place to return to!

Great day hike! Scenery varied including hiking on the plains, along the Rimrock, in the trees, and down a small canyon! However, two strange parts: tons of split offs and there a section that you hike near housing. Like i mentioned there are plenty of split offs to get lost on which is like a double edge sword. Good because it’s fun to explore but bad because you never know where to go or how long it’ll take. In order to keep me on track, I used the map on the app which worked out great. Also, as mentioned there is a section towards the middle of the trail where you are hiking along housing. At one point, you are walking along the edge of someone’s backyard. It not a very long section but it’s still a little strange. I will still be going back though!

Hiked this trail with my grandson. The views are beyond spectacular

11 days ago

Road is very rocky but cars with AWD/4WD should be able to handle this easily. Aside from a couple of steep switchbacks this was a relatively easy hike. Just keep in mind to not stop when you hit the first lake. There is no marked trail to the second lake so I would recommend finding the stream that connects the two. Also don't expect to catch any fish in these lakes due to winter kill a while back.

Solid hike for a workout. Did it with little snow at the beginning, and once up a 1000 feet, there was 2 feet of snow. Completed in 4 1/2 hours. The lake is surrounded by cool rock faces and decent mountains .

Excellent trail that give you a very good experience of the diversity of Glacier on the west side of the park.
Doesn’t get to difficult until the last couple of miles.
Make plenty of noise saw plenty of clues bears were in the area but thankfully we did not see any.

Our whole family ages 7-47 lived this hike. The view at the lake was amazing!

15 days ago

This is not a hike at all. It is a business establishment that looks nothing like the pictures. Those pictures were from a hot spring in Idaho. Please remove this listing as it is 100% misleading.

17 days ago

We did not catch any fish here but we saw a lot of buffalo, deer and an antelope! The river is so beautiful.

17 days ago

We didn’t go too far but the river is beautiful! We did not catch any fish here but did see several big ones :)

Fun spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Super wild

My dog and I walk/run the Going-to-the-Sun Road once it's the off-season and it's perfect. It's beautiful and quiet and very few cars go by. Once the roads are closed to traffic dogs are not allowed on them though. When it's completely covered in snow it's a great place to Snowshoe or cross-country ski.

19 days ago

Highly recommended! Gently rolling, well-marked trail right alongside this spectacularly beautiful lake--fantastic views on all parts of the trail. A bit of an uphill and rocky the last 1/3-1/2 mile as you make your way up to the Falls, but so worth it once you get up there. I went just after Labor Day and did not have issues with the mosquitoes as some have mentioned. You're in bear country, of course, so be smart and carry bear spray, make noise as you go and preferably, unlike me, do not hike alone--I saw no bears (or bear scat on the trail) on my hike. Would be a beautiful lake to kayak or canoe, also--pristine, clear and beautiful waters, gorgeous coves. Easy hike for just about everyone I would think (although steep toward the falls). I'll be taking this hike again!

21 days ago

Great hike, the trail is still in great condition

21 days ago

Beautiful hike with beautiful views! Bring lots of water and enjoy lunch at the lake.

21 days ago

Hiked in August 2018 from the parking area. Our trip lasted 6 hours total, 3 hours up, 1 hour for lunch near the glaciers, and 2 hours down. Beautiful views of lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Saw a few mountain goats and bighorn sheet. Very congested with hikers at midday. I highly recommend starting early in the morning. We wore long sleeves and long pants at 7am, but quickly stripped into short sleeves and shorts by 8am. Bring lots of water and stop to enjoy the views!

trail running
21 days ago

Not ideal for trail running as of August 18th, 2018.
- It’s really overgrown with prickly brush about 3 miles in, so wear pants, or just hike and take it slow.
- Keep your eyes down for rattlesnakes— they can blend in with the dirt/boot tracks!

21 days ago

What a great ski lots of climb but the views reward the work and good turns abound.

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