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One of my all time favourite drives next to Icefields Parkway in Banff. Good memories here with my boyfriend. I'll forever cherish this drive.

1 day ago

I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone who wants to see great views of Glacier! Wake up early and park at Logan’s pass and start hiking on the Highline Trail. We Started around 7:30 and the trail was very busy already with groups of people. My fiancé and I just took our time and took a lot of pictures on our way. Just about 2-3 hours later the rush of hikers calmed down as they all got ahead of us. The trail was more enjoyable once they all passed. I would definitely recommend hiking up to Grinnell Glacier Overlook. It is very difficult as you gain 1000 feet of elevation in .6 miles, but the views are jaw dropping! Make sure to go all the way to the top in order to see everything. After that we hiked to the chalet for a bathroom break and down to the loop. From the loop we got a shuttle back to Logan’s Pass. Besides the overlook, the trail is relatively easy and mostly downhill, unless distance is an issue for you.

Fantastic hike! Gets a little difficult towards the end due to steeper elevation gain from the switch backs. However, the views at the top are totally worth it. Pack a lunch to relax at the top and enjoy the panoramic views before your hike down. From the top you can see Bowman Lake, Akokala Lake, and Long Bow Lake. Make sure to pack bear spray and make noise on the trail. A bear was sighted the day before we hiked this trail.

Also this is a great hike if you want to get away from the busy crowds. Didn’t see much people on the trail.

Uphill moat of way. lake was the least impressive and not really accessible like others for wading/swimming. . DO NOT hike the rest of the way around the lake on a trail that joins the lincoln lake trail. Very unused trail and was a times hard to find. Went through 2 patches of stinging nettle and mostly burnt out forest. Saw plenty of bear scat but no bears.

The hike itself was okay. All forest. The lake at the end was more pond like and no views of the mountains. Kind of disappointing for how far it was.

At some points the path was so over grown you couldn't see the path. For moderately hiked I saw no other people for 6 miles so I made sure to make some noise. The lake was okay, I wanted to go further to the upper lake but felt like I was being watched so I turned around at the lower lake. Saw some bear fur and poop but didn't see any wildlife except for a deer that thought it would be funny to scare the shit out of me. Going up Sperry Trail was the hardest part, the rest was relatively easy. It was a decent hike.

The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. My favorite trip was at sunrise.

Hard hike, but spectacular views at the summit!

Of all the places I have the opportunity to drive this has to be on the top of my list. The views are unbelievable from the top. I’ve had the chance to not only drive this road but I’ve been able bike and snowshoe this road in the winter.
Pro: unbelievable experience with both scenic and wildlife experience.
Con: large crowds during summertime, very steep, limited parking.
Best time to visit: First two weeks of October just before they close it for the winter.

There is no better road in America. Don’t believe me... try it.

6 days ago

All I have to say is wow! Steep ascent with gusty winds at times make this not just challenging but extremely rewarding. I would not attempt this without being in great shape. This trail is only .6 miles long itself but shares the trail with high line making it the distance listed on this app. The view of Grinnell Glacier is unreal but make sure you go all the way to he top for the best views. Mid July and we experienced hard hail at our ascent. Be prepared!

Excellent hike to Nina ridge lookout with the start being at bowman lake. There were two negatives for me personally and that was 1) the mosquitos (crazy) and 2) a lengthy dirt road to get to the trail. However that also allows you to go to Polebridge which is an exceptionally cool little town (if you can even call it that) with baked good that are to die for.

Biking this road before the season opens for vehicle traffic was the best decision we made while visiting Glacier. June 2018. We parked at Avalanche Lake and biked to Logan’s Pass, one of the most amazing things we have ever done! I have walked the Cliffs of Moher, climbed the Sydney Bridge etc etc BUT this trek was THE best!

This trail was good for doing with our children but overall I felt it was like a trail you could do in any forested area (but maybe I was just spoiled by some of the breath-taking from hikes earlier in the week)

8 days ago

Very nice trail condition. Beautiful cirque around the lake. Quite a few brown pine trees around lake and surrounding area, maybe 30%. Beetle kill? Or, residual damage from the fire that swept through the valley years ago? Not sure. From hikers coming down, we were told there was a mama grizzly and her 3 cubs walking casually on the trail toward the lake. Most hikers turned back. We forged ahead, but carefully! Bummed we missed (from a distance) the bears but we took all precautions to ensure we were heard and that we would not surprise them. On a Saturday, we were surprised by the number of available parking spots at the McDonald Lake hotel. After your hike grab dinner in the hotel (lodge). It was really good, the lamb shank was great!

10 days ago

easy and beautiful hike. very relaxing walk through the old growth cedars

15 days ago

Still very beautiful in the burned woods. First 1.5 miles were a bit hard on the lungs with the switchbacks but it eventually evens out. Wear sunscreen and a hat and bring lots of water!

16 days ago

A nice walk through a red cedar forest. It is quite a busy place even after 6pm!! If you are after solitude, this is not a place for it. Still a nice walk and nice scenery to boot

Hiked 7/2. Tough but very rewarding hike. Hiked with wife and 14yr old son up from McDonald Lodge in about 2:45. Due to fire lot of open views of area throughout hike. Saw few goats at the top. Was very windy and cold so only few minutes up top. Total hike time little over 5hrs as descent was tough especially near bottom. Highly recommend!!!

16 days ago

We hiked on 7/5/2018. This is the greatest hike for day hikers in the park!
1. Route: I started from the Logan pass, took the garden trail/ highline trail, detoured at the 7 mile to Grinnell glacier overlook (out & back), passed by the Granite Park Chalet, and ended up at the trail head of the loop. (I did not take highline trail back to Logan pass. )
2.Great view: you will pass snow, bushes, water falls, pine forest, meadows and creeks.
3. Location of the detour to Grinnell Glacier overlook: The overlook is 7 miles from Logan pass down and 4 miles with 2k elevation gain from the trail head of the loop. The trail to the overlook is 0.6 mile one-way with elevation gain of 1000ft, very strenuous.
4. Gears: We did not use hiking poles but it is recommended if you want to go to the overlook. The road up to the overlook is steep and narrow.
5. Road conditions: some part of the trail was covered by snow and water.
6. Wear: most people end up short sleeves w/ long sleeves carried w them.
7. Water: bring at least 2L water per person.
8. Commute: if you take the shuttle from Apgar Village, you have to get off the shuttle at Avalanche Creek Shuttle Stop to transfer to small size shuttle to get to Logan pass. It took us TWO hours to commute by shuttle bus from Apgar village to Logan pass. The large shuttle takes about 23-24 people (leave 4 seats for people from other stops) and small shuttle takes 14-15 persons from Avalanche. I had to wait for the second shuttle for both locations.

17 days ago

Easy trail but very relaxing with great views. It was so nice just to sit along the stream.

18 days ago

The first couple miles you follow the ridge above The creek and have some nice vistas. Then, you enter a very boggy, muddy area ( it probably had more muddy spots than usual due to previous rains - we couldn’t have done this without pants, ankle boots and bug spray) with tall growth . We missed scratched in arrow to picnic area on sign and ended up at. Camp ground. Lake is beautiful and we heard elk bugling. Didn’t see one person until heading back. Definite ID of a fresh huge pile of bear shit had us a bit nervous and bear spray in hand! Total trip to was more than 5 Miles for sure. We had 12 Miles rdtrip but had to sidestep mud a lot!

good hike with kids. relatively flat and easy. gorgeous scenary which includes a forest and large lake.

Beautiful hike along a creek the whole way. Steep at first but then just a gradual climb. Burned areas coming back nicely. Snyder lake and waterfall well worth the climb. Encountered a young black bear on the return about 7:30 in the evening.

For such an easy trail, this one was so beautiful! Get there early to beat the crowds. Pretty early on in the trail, we had an encounter with a beautiful black bear that came to the creek for some water. He was within 20 yards and casually walked on, then ran across the trail. We also saw a deer in the distance. This truly is a beautiful little stroll through a lush ecosystem.

This trail is long and has a steady incline until about 1.5 miles til the end, and then it gets very steep. GORGEOUS views at the top! Hiked on 6/5/18, lots of down trees and is pretty overgrown in some areas. Took about 3.5 hours to get to the top, and 2 hours to come down.

It was worth going once, but I wouldn't go again. Be cautious if you have a fear of heights.

24 days ago

Lots to learn and great for a quick jaunt. We were expecting something less paved and more nature-y, which is the reason for the 3 stars. Good for elderly, children, and those who are less athletic!

Great hike!!

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