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This is one of the most memorable hikes by far!!! It starts in the parking lot your amazed by the view of the trail head “seriously breathtaking!!” Trail is clear and easy to navigate....until! Haha we ran into snow the trail disappeared luckily my wife noticed one other persons “footprints” going in. The snow was hard packed but at least 3 ft deep in some areas. I am 200 lbs my wife is 105 and got a kick out of me kept falling into holes up to my knees! We went about another mile in total of 2.5 at this time my wife had an encounter with a cow moose she spooked it ran to me and it ran up the hill after coming towards her. Lots of fallen cedars to take cover at this time we jumped on one and waited 10 minutes after we went back on trail at this time roughly 2.7 miles in the trail is washed out from the creeks over run from snow. We got to the final creek crossing and couldn’t cross due to the time we had and how high the water was. We returned back easy to back track with our foot marks in the snow. We got back. Will deff do this hike again. Highly recommend if you want to do all that you wait until at least end of may to middle of June. 5 stars for the views!

Nice easy hike

Great with the kids!

2 months ago

Short great with family and when the waters low you can get pretty close to the falls. When we went people were swimming even.

2 months ago

good with family the path is a little rough and narrow sometimes but it's pretty

This is not a hike that one should go out of the way to do, but it is a nice diversion, if one happens to be passing by. The river and falls are remarkable.

Short but sweet hike along the river...

Easy trail till the swinging bridge. If you don't do well with Heights look straight ahead walk carefully and breath, but don't run . Respect other people on the bridge and wait for parties to clear the bridge before steeping onto it. it was worth crossing over the bridge for the views, the video my family took might beg to differ with the expressions on my face.

Nice easy family hike. waterfalls were nice, water was low so we were able to go out on the river across the rocks

9 months ago

Access trail can be easy to miss both by car and on foot. The washed out creek on the forest road is inaccessible to most non modified SUVS, cars, and Vans. A large truck could cross, but thankfully the trailhead is not too far from this point. The trailhead itself starts on the uphill side of a dis-used forest service road, so if you have crossed the creek on a vehicle wide bridge, you have gone too far. The trail itself is long and has some rocky sections, but is partially shaded and the overall incline/ascent is significant but gradual. You will run into lots of overgrown bushes, some of which have thorns, but various berries are widely available trail side depending on season. The creek that you follow flows out of spar lake itself, so it serves as a valuable navigation point should you become lost. The biggest hazards in warm weather are slipping risk and exposed roots and hidden rocks. Tread carefully, but the Lake Itself is more than worth it. Spar lake has a couple of excellent tent camping spots, and is mostly Alpine with little evidence of swampy shoreline. You will be rewarded with amazing views of the mountains surrounding the lake, and of the valley upon your return trip. Highly recommended for prepared hikers/backpackers. *Bear danger is high due to berry abundance. Take caution*


After the washed out bridge and the initial trailhead, the path had ferns and wide-leaved thorny plants that when wet soaked our pants and cut our legs.

After crossing the river, the path climbs and become dry and has a shadowy canopy. Clear and quiet. Large ancient pines.

We crossed a few dry waterfalls, then found ourself on a ridge above the creek. Berry bushes line the last 2 miles of the path all the way to the lake.

The lake was undisturbed, sparsely improved, and unlittered except for heavy wear on the tree bark.

Many campsites spread throughout the lakeside.

The climb back down was even more beautiful. Hope you enjoy this trail as much as we did.

9 months ago

Definite stop to cool off for a short hike, enjoy the falls and grab a snack or drink at the seasonal snack shop. Toilets are available.

Quick stop on Hwy 2 near Troy, MT at the Kootenai River Historical Marker. The trail will require you to climb stairs over a railway. The bridge can only support a few people as it is narrow, but it is very beautiful and worth the stop to cool off. Snacks and drinks were available at the food stand. Toilets are also available. Swimming is available on the trail that leads over to Kootenai Falls which is connected to the trail to the bridge.

The cedars are enormous and beautiful. We didn't hike very much of the area, maybe 3 or 4 miles total since we started late in the day, but I want to come bike and hike the whole thing! This is an easy walk. And the creek is gorgeous!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Breathtaking. You feel small walking among those trees.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

This place is unforgettable, when hiking in and around the giant cedars you'll think you stepped back in time. Very easy to hike, sometimes it can become busy but most of the times your alone in the cedars.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Extreme.... Good luck!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This hike goes through an old growth cedar ecosystem. It is a easy 2.8 miles to the first main creek crossing from the Ross Creek Cedars parking lot. After crossing the creek it is a short distance to the junction of trail 321 and 142.. Trail 321 heads up the south fork to the water fall. The last section is pretty steep and the tread reworked this summer. You go through a section that burned in 2015. The crew did a lot of work and a great job. I would rate the waterfall a 6 of 10. It is probably more spectacular earlier in the season. I had 4 miles on my gps to the water fall from the parking lot.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

It was great!! The first part is really easy. The last mile pretty is rough. The trail crew was out working on it. The waterfall was nice but I would rate it a 6 out of 10.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Spectacular!! Water was cold of course.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wandered all over back when I lived in Troy...Little Spar is in the Scotchman Peak area and I took the trail in a couple of times back in the early 80s.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wonderful hike to a beautiful lake. The first bit of the hike wasn't all that impressive to us and I was worried that it wouldn't get better but boy, was I wrong. This wound up being one of our favorite hikes during our trip.

The first mile or so, the brush is overgrown on either side of the path- I was happy to have pants and a lightweight long sleeve. Once you hit the creek, the trail appears to end. Head left up the rocky creek and look for the cairns & hand-drawn blue arrows on the rocks. You'll find that the trail continues on the other side of the creek. After that, the trail continues through forest and then opens up into a beautiful area that runs along the creek. Wildflowers, huckleberries, raspberries.

Amazing lake rewards you at the end. Saw a couple of spots where you could camp right at the end of the trail. We went on a Sunday and didn't see a single person while we were there.

We didn't find the trail to be too strenuous but definitely not for those who prefer a well-trodden trail since it can be narrow, rocky, and overgrown at times. We went at a leisurely pace, took a long break for lunch at the top, and paused to pick berries here and there- took us about 5.5 hours total.

No bear sightings but bring your bear spray- there was a sighting in August near the established campground before the trailhead where we stayed. Nice, big, open spots by a lake with vault toilets and firewood (water was turned off when we went).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nice Day Hike...Up and back can be done in about 5 hours. It's about 6.5 miles RT from the parking lot. About 2 miles from the South Fork Trail head. There is a pretty steep section about 2/3 of the trail in but the first part of the trail is easy. 2 water crossings: one over a huge tree about 10 ft over the water--added a nice touch of adventure. Moderate rating for the hike overall as it's not an easy stroll --although it's a pretty mellow hike for the first half, the steep portion about 2/3 of the way in was not short! This trail follows Ross Creek the entire way. The trail begins about 2 miles along the Nature Trail through the Scenic Area. Begin this hike by fording Ross Creek. Trail 321 is overgrown and somewhat difficult to find, but once located, the trail is easy to follow to a waterfall and potential campsite. The side slope is eroded in a few places and should be hiked with caution.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I first went to Troy in 1973 to work for the Forest Service and called it home until I relocated to the Carson City/Lake Tahoe area in 1989. If it's an outdoor activity, you can do it here.

10 months ago

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016