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This hike was amazing!!! It’s a very quick and easy hike up to heart lake (I am not a super frequent backpacker and weigh around 200lb so REALLY it’s an easy hike) the beginning is pretty much 2.5 miles of flat with about a 1/2 mile of elevation gain and then maybe another 1/2 mile to the lake. there are plenty of camping sights, we stayed at one at the very end that was fantastic. There are lots of mountain goats so pee far away from camp unless you want big, white, huffing visitors in the night. Great spot for first time backpackers or for a day hike. 10/10 planning to go back soon.

P.S. the map that this site gives you through google is kind of crazy. I would recommend just googling the hike, every other site recommends I-90 exit 47 for superior onto diamond match road and then you follow that 30miles to the hike, much easier!

8/7-8/9/18. Easy hike, 30 pound pack made it more moderate. Beautiful trail that is well maintained. Stayed at Heart lake for 2 nights, lots of great campsites. Day hiked to Pearl, its not as pretty as Heart. The Mt. Goats were awesome!! Had 7 of them come into our campsite, not aggressive, just hung out for a little bit. Lots of little furry creatures, my dog finally caught her chipmunk. Not too busy during the week. Bugs weren't too bad with spray. The hike to Pearl is easy to miss it goes straight up from the trail, if you hit the marshy section you've gone to far. It was only about .5 mile from Heart. 2 fitbits logged 4 miles to the site we camped. Only 1.5 miles to hit Pearl and back. 9ish miles total for both lakes.

Beautiful hike, well maintained trail

A beautiful & scenic hike to Heart Lake! This makes a great day hike to Heart, or a fun backpacking weekend...several places to camp around Heart Lake, then day hike to Pearl & Dalton Lakes, or do an all-day hike on the ridge overlooking the lakes. Lots of mountain goats, wildflowers, & fishing!

Nice hike with the kids and dogs. The road in will make your butt pucker if your afraid of heights. Narrow with drop offs. Go slow.

Mostly gentle sloping trail that climbs through lush forest, with a few small creek crossings, and passing by a cascading falls. Steep parts of the trail were very short. We found a secluded, shaded spot to camp for the night, and saw a mountain goat in the morning! Will have to come back and hike to Pearl Lake next time.

1 month ago

Beautiful overnight trip with my granddaughter to Revett Lake. The creek crossings were all easy. The waterfalls and trail were exciting for a child age eight (and a child age 67)! I was saddened by trash left from previous campers....

Lake Revett is a tresasure!

Road in is pretty good (adventure Prius did fine) and the lake is beautiful.

1 month ago

Great hike, family friendly!

Not quite sure how this got an easy rating. The first half is light for sure but when I got halfway towards the viewpoint of Heart the snow made footing tricky. Not to mention several streams and a small river you need to cross. I couldn’t make it to Pearl with my dog because after Heart it gets into serious switchbacks. I’m not all that experienced, but I’ve done much easier trails that have “moderate” rating. Great hike though.

Love this hike, Right now there is still lots of snow once you pass Diamond lake. We missed the bridge and had to cross the creek through the water. Hahah. Still a favorite.

Mountain Goats!

9 months ago

My go-to spot for an easy adventure. The short hike to cliff lake is beautiful any time of year.

It’s not really an “Easy” hike, but fun! Beautiful and great for dogs!

Hiked this trail Oct 12th, snowing all the way in & about a foot at the lake but it was open. So fun to hike in snow again. I agree with other reviewers....this should be rated moderate. Will come back in the summer!

10 months ago

Very nice hike. I did it late in the day so the sun was preventing dramatic pictures of the mountains behind the lake. I would suggest doing this earlier in the day. I might increase the rating to 'moderate' though. It wasn't hard but was definitely more challenging than the Bear Creek Overlook trail which is rated 'moderate' on here.

Super mellow hike, get there in the morning for reflection pictures off the water!

The smoke from the forest fires is starting to clear up, so I drove over to Montana to check out this trail. It is a bit of a drive off of paved road, to get here - about 10 miles of gravel road, albeit well-maintained gravel road.

You get two lakes for the price of one, with this hike! The trailhead starts at Diamond Lake, which is a beautiful mountain lake. The trail to Cliff Lake has an upward incline all of the way, but nothing that should dissuade the average hiker. A sign on the trail said that the distance to Cliff lake is only one mile. My pedometer clocked closer to 1.5.

Cliff Lake is worth the visit, even without Diamond Lake as frosting on the cake. Make sure to hike around to the opposite end of the lake, to the foot of the cliff. The alpine meadows on that side, are lovely!

I did this in August and while a lot of the trail was just so-so, Cliff Lake made it all worth it. Make sure you take the trail all the way to the wetland meadow at the far end.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Very steep and narrow at parts but worth the hike. Beautiful lake, lots of fish. Worst part was losing my companions on the trail because they kept stopping to eat huckleberries!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fun hike, very scenic. I had to go with a 3 solely due to the accessibility of Cliff Lake for fishing purposes. If you're after a short hike it's great. Only 1 campsite, maybe 2. Steep and no flat spots. Which again, all good for just a fun hike or a day at the lake to swim. Float tube would be a good idea for fishing.
Make sure to download the map because there's no road signs to the lake and a couple turns could mess you up.

Great place to check out, great for little kids as well. Road to the trailhead is a bit confusing, but at the first y intersection, stay to the left. Trail head also had facilities.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The snow is 100% gone, so get up there and enjoy a quick awesome hike.
FYI, you don't hike at all to get to diamond. It sits against the parking lot.
I was able to make it easily in my mazda sedan.
Bring your bathing suit and pool toys.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Backpacked to Heart Lake 7/7/17. it was my 6th trip or so. Hike is moderate & soooo well worth it in every way. The lake & surrounding mountains are breathtaking but you won't see the mountains or meadow unless you hike to the far end of the lake. New bridges are in & we had no issues with the trail whatsoever. Set up camp & explored a bit then hiked up to Pearl Lake. At Heart Lake we had a herd of 9 mountain goats that were nearly too close for comfort at times.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Went on 6/19/17 and trail still intermittently muddy. I would say this isn't an easy hike for backpackers, rather moderate. I also believe in some maps it is 2 miles in, but my guess is over 3. We weren't able to make it to the lakes at this time, due to snow pack and fallen bridges. We did cross two streams and had to take shoes off. When we came to the third, we decided we weren't prepared to hike in snow and continue to cross rapid streams. However, it was absolutely gorgeous! We didn't see any big wild life or humans. I highly recommend this hike, but be prepared for the season or late season.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Did the trail yesterday, Friday 6 23 17. Trail was great. One bridge just down from the lake was out. Bring water shoes to cross it or remove your boots and go barefoot. Lots of water and snow still on trail but completely navigable. Huckleberries already green on the bushes. Snow pack on top of the mountain at the end of the lake appears to be around 10 feet. Pritseen and beautiful and great day to hike. Note the wood stock the mules brought in to rebuild several of the bridges.


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

As of June 2nd the road is covered in snow fields about 5 miles away from the trailhead. Still some awesome views. Hopefully the trailhead is accessible by July.

Monday, June 05, 2017

As of 6.5.17 there is still a massive amount of snow... had to camp a mile up the trail, cant even get to the lake right now. Also, the directions on this are horrible. It will take you on a back road for 20 miles. Get off on exit 47 instead of 55.
Overall, I would recommend hiking or backpacking this trail for at least another month!

Monday, September 26, 2016

beautiful hike on a fall day!!#

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