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We hiked up from Warm Creek. Steep hike for 1.5 miles but then you’re in beautiful pebble creek meadow. Trail was snow covered and at higher elevation about ankle deep. We saw a ton of fresh tracks including mountain lion and moose. The first open area at rock slide is great place to sit and have a snack.

Beautiful trail with beautiful wild flowers.

4 months ago

This is a pretty waterfall. To bad there is no trail head marking it. There now a cabin where the trail head started. once you get around her place it's easy to find the trail. A local gal had to show us where to go.

private property
5 months ago

Fun to see the waterfall but more of a walk than a hike. Also, it was hard to know where to park as there is a lot of private property surround this area

This is a magnificent drive, but can be intimidating to some as it steeply climbs to almost 11,000 feet. Plenty of scenic vistas, and a few opportunities for short little hikes. The summit is an impressive view, and the Rock Creek Overlook is not to be missed. The forest service campgrounds a few miles east of Cooke City and Silvergate a wonderful for dispersed, self contained camping (less than $5 a night for us senior pass holders), like the Colter Campground, and opportunities to hike a bit; it's steep terrain & Grizzly habitat, so be prepared.

Absolutely the most scenic drive in all of America. You must drive it both directions ... then hike the trails.

A buddy and I started at the Warm Creek trailhead and hiked in to 3P5 campsite 30 Aug 2018. The first 1-2 miles was a difficult ascent. The hike then opened into a beautiful meadow with several easy creek fords. The specific campsite was right along Pebble Creek and simply as good as it gets for backcountry camping. After setting up camp, we hiked another mile or two through the meadow toward Bliss Pass and then back to our site. We hiked back to the car the following morning. I wish we could have through hiked to Pebble Creek campground because it was no doubt a gorgeous hike.

We started from Pebble Creek and headed northeast staying at P1 night 1, P2 x 2 nights and P5 the final night. On our 3rd day we hiked up Bliss Pass. When going North you have a steady, rolling up hill gain except the first day of around 900 feet. That leaves a short 200 foot gain over about a half mile on the last day followed by a steady drop to the Northeast parking lot. Bliss Pass was beautiful and took about 3 hours to hike we stopped often and didn’t rush it. We had glorious views from the top and had a leisurely stay of 2 hours before heading back down which we did in 2 hours. All 3 camp sites were nice and allowed us to hike in, set up and then explore the area. P5 however is the best of the best! Truly enjoyed this hike!

This was our family’s first backpacking trip (kids ages 6, 10, 11). We hiked the first half from the Warm Creek Trailhead to the back country campsite 3P2. We spent 2 nights at the campsite and then hiked the other half out to the Pebble Creek campground area. It was a beautiful hike - meadows of wildflowers, mountaintop views, and several fords across Pebble Creek. It was not crowded at all - in 3 days I think we saw about 5 other groups. The first 1.2 Miles on day 1 were brutal!

This is definitely a 5 star drive. Another one of the many incredibly scenic drives this country has to offer. It has been a long time since I have been on this road, but remember it well even though I was barely a teenager. Starting in Cooke City, we drove from there to Red Lodge in late June. There was still a ton of snow at Beartooth pass, which sits at 10,947'. Lots of switchbacks going up, and then down the other side. We stayed in Red Lodge that night and were told the next morning that it had snowed at the pass the previous night!! The views are what you would expect when climbing that high. So the drive starts in Montana from either direction, crosses into Wyoming and then back into Montana. Coming from Red Lodge, this would be the NE entrance to Yellowstone. This drive is just outside the park. It's known as the Beartooth Scenic Byway. Put it on the list if you haven't been to this part of the country!!

Two year ago my friends and I rode motorcycles up through Yellowstone then up over the Beartooth Highway. I had a black bear run against the road in front of me. Pretty exciting time. I look forward to the end of August when I'll be doing it again, but in a car this time. Sharing this beautiful scenery with my wife.

Quite possibly the most beautiful drive in America. Breathtaking views, lots of wildlife. There are multiple camp sites and trails along the way. Most of the drive is in bear country, so make sure you come prepared if you decide to go off on foot.

This is a dramatic and breathtaking route but don't carry on in to Yellowstone. Instead take the beautiful Chief Joseph highway to Cody to complete a perfect day's driving

Drove opening day on Memorial day Weekend. Did skiing in top

the most beautiful drive in North America

We did Warm Creek to Pebble Creek Camp ground 9/9/16. We had a group of 7. The scenery was excellent. We did not see any animals, but we were clapping and making noise for bear safety. The creek crossings were easy. There was always a way to cross so you could avoid wet feet if you are agile. One person in our group did not feel like doing a 12 mile hike so he drove around checking out the park and picked us up at the Pebble Creek campground. The hike took 6 hours. We stopped for about a 15 min lunch and several time to take pictures. The trail was not crowded like other parts of the park we only saw 4 other people on the 12 mile trail. If you cant do the shuttle thing I would park at Warm Creek and hike up to that first meadow and then hike through the meadow to the first creek crossing this was the best scenery. The trail is very clearly marked and maintained we never had confusion about where to go. I highly recommend this hike.

This is one of the best driving routes in America. The views change throughout the drive. There's a waterfall, many many lakes, and you can drive to a higher elevation than you've ever driven before. We've driven the route many times over the summer to get to Yellowstone and it is hands down, the best entrance there is. there are many trails off the highway that you can do day hikes or camp. On one occasion we saw a young grizzly near the road.

We walked about 2 miles after the road closed. The views are amazing but the wind! Hold onto your hat! It was plowed so it was easy. We didn't see any wildlife or tracks. December 13, 2015. It's really nice that you can walk as far as you'd like and still not be at the end.

scenic driving
Mon Aug 03 2015

Unquestionably within the top 10 most beautiful drives in the country! Take my word! You will not be disappointed! August 27th in 2014 is when I did it, and it was snowing at the top! It made national news! Pretty incredible!

The most amazing scenic drives I ever experienced

This is one of my top scenic drives. Many places there were switchbacks so if you need it, take some motion sickness pills before you start. The road just kept going up and when you thought you were at the top it went up more. Fantastic views at several pull off points. Allow extra time to take it all in. @backpackerneil

Excellent scenic drive. Lots of switchbacks with recommended speeds of 25 MPH and sometimes less. Views hard to describe, just plain beautiful. Grand Canyon has been somewhat of a standard in my mind as to natural beautiful scenery... This drive is as close to the Grand Canyon as anything we have experienced in the U.S. The road is a 2 way paved road, climbing to almost 11,000 ft in about 65 miles. The road shoulder is narrow and sometimes non existent. Guard rails are located in places, however if your the driver you need to be alert to on coming traffic and driving while competing with the epic majestic scenery. Remember the oncoming traffic is doing the same thing you are doing... The road is limited to max length vehicles of 40 ft. This is a very scenic drive at the same time an adventure drive too. Lots of look out points to stop and gaze or snap a pic or two.

Un-Freaking Believably Gorgeous! Most beautiful winding, diverse, majestic, magnificent drive of my life.

Loved the variety of terrain. The winding roads hold a lot of pull-offs for viewing and photography. The views are stunning. Skiers were out today as well as families with toboggans. There were wildflowers throughout the lower sections, fabulous waterfalls to see as well as the frozen lakes up above.

Mon Mar 11 2013

This was a wonderful cross country skiing trail, with an easy to follow path. There were only a few little dips that were fussy, otherwise gradual hills and flat meadow sections. It follows Warm Creek for a little bit and there are some really beautiful frozen waterfalls along the early section of the trail near Silvergate.

This trail was wonderful and beautiful day hike. We planned 2 cars for a one way hike, starting at the trail head at the Warm Creek Picnic area close to the northeast park entrance and picking up at the pebble creek campground. The first mile or so is very steep uphill and the remainder is an easy downhill or meadow path. Good hiking boots with waterproofing worked wonders on the many creek crossings. Bear spray and being aware of your surroundings is a must, at the time I went on this trail they recommended at least 3 people and preferred groups of 5 for safety. If you are like me and tend to stop and take a lot of pictures make sure to bring lots of water and snacks to keep you going till the end!

Dont forget to pack your water shoes! There are stream crossings along the Pebble Creek Trail. The most scenic part is the upper meadows and after a good ascent, the closest access to this area is from the Warm Creek trailhead. However, where should your turn around point be? Provided that you have a vehicle parked at the other trailhead, the entire length is enjoyable. Additionally, most of the hikes I've done in Yellowstone were with only one other person. On the day I hiked Pebble Creek, I had the benefit of feeling quite safe in a group with several companions especially when a section of the trail cut though a dense stand of willows. In areas of low visibility, announce your presence to any bears that may be near by making some extra noise.

Starting at the NE Entrance to Cooke City, we decided to drive the Beartooth Hwy, the most beautiful highway in America per Charles Kuralt. We'd left the Snow Lodge and heard it had snowed up north... snow or no snow, we were going to try it at least as far as we could go. Cooke City was not much of a city, more like a trail stop (lots of character though). We also saw Pilot and Index Mountains, and Beartooth Butte and Lake. Our timing couldnt have been better, as at the Top of the World Store, the ranger was coming in (11AM) telling the shopkeeper that they had just finished clearing snow from the Beartooth. It was a beautiful drive all the way, even starting in the lower elevations, the road made you feel on top of the world with mountains all around. After the Top of the World on sort of a plateau, we turned the corner at Island Lake and saw ahead a winding switchback road through the snow (not scary at all). We passed several gates that are closed in the event snow blocks the hwy. At the top-most point or what is called the West Summit, at mile 44 and 10,947 ft (Wyoming), we came to a chairlift and ski slope (in summer!) with skiers going up and down the mountain. We also could look at Twin Lakes (frozen) 1,000 feet below. Mile 45 10,350 ft is the highest road elevation in Montana (state border). We went past the Wyoming/Montana border to Rock Creek Vista Point at mile 49 and 9,190 feet, which had a beautiful vista from an outcropping at the end of an easy path. We retraced our route back to the top of the Beartooth, where we threw snowballs, and got out and walked across the packed snow, which had drifted 8-10 feet in places just off the road. Im We saw Bears Tooth Peak and Granite Mountain, which at 12,799 ft., is the highest mountain in Montana. We missed the Clay Butte Lookout road due to closure and repairs, a 2 mi. spur with close-ups of Granite Peak and Pilot Index Overlook. Highly recommended!

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