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Well maintained trail system and beautiful views. We only went to the falls this trip but I have packed into Rainbow Lake in the past and found it and Elk Lake well worth the climb.

Breathtaking views from the beginning to the end ! It was so Beautiful, and We were very happy that our friend recommended this hike . The hike wasn’t very difficult, but bring a hat and sunscreen as there aren’t many shaded area till Elk lake. It became very hot at high 80’s (July 10th).

Did this with Ricky Mountain Women Outdoors.

11 days ago

Wow. Just got home from backpacking the Beaten Path (Cooke City to East Rosebud) and it was an adventure I’ll never forget.

7/6/18 Snow covered most of the trail from Russel to Fossil lake. We would have likely gotten lost if not for our map/compass. There were also two places we needed to cross fairly wide rivers to get to the trail (water was about knee/thigh deep, pretty fast, bring trekking poles and extra socks!!!!)

Once we made it past the Twin Outlet Lakes it was pretty smooth sailing. Absolutely spellbinding scenery and a clear trail to follow.

One last word of advice to anyone headed out early July, the mosquitoes were biblical. We were eaten alive from Cooke City pretty much until after Rainbow Lake. Bring high intensity insect repellant and apply liberally. We used spray but I’m still absolutely covered in bites from the last three days.

Despite all that, this really was a remarkable, one of a kind trail I’d highly recommend - just wait until later in the season when the snow has melted away from the trail and the mosquitoes aren’t as bad!

19 days ago

Been coming here the last 2 years. Due to never having a car on both sides I’ve always had to hike out the way I hike in. It’s always east rosebud to fossil lake or Clark’s fork to lake Dewey. Probably my favorite place in the world. Coming back on July 3 to hopefully hike into fossil to camp from the rosebud side if snow isn’t too deep. The stretch from twin outlets to fossil is just stunning

Hiked the trail once a couple years ago and going back in a couple weeks for round 2. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

I’m also looking for a car/key exchange July 4-7.


Looking for a key swap for July 6th-8th or July 14-16th. Please email Justin at jjeflar@gmail.com

I hiked the Beaten Path last July. I am not the most physically fit person who hikes daily, but with determination and endurance anyone can start and finish a 28 mile hike. At one point after starting from the Chief Joesph trail head I started to feel tired, my body ached. I wanted to give up. I told myself,, I would make Russell lake my final destination and head back to parking the next morning. The following day I woke up and asked myself what was I thinking? to give up on something I had planned on doing for a year. I knew my journey was just about to begin with every will power in my body and relentless mind set, I knew my destiny was to finish the Beaten Path. From the highest breath taking views of Fossil lake, to sitting by the most quiet coves by twin lakes I had no regrets. I was asked by what I believed to be the Crow sprits near the end of my 2 1/2 day hike if I would ever return to hike this trail again? with East Rosebud lake behind me, I looked back at the unforgivable wilderness and replied w a Yes. One thing I learned about this experience last year was to always embrace ones Beauty, Culture and History. Oh and one other thing "They Don't call it the Beaten Path for Nothing" Embrace

Awesome hike, loved the scenery all the way through. The lake is hard to find a private area to sit around, we wandered for a bit to find an awesome rock accessible to have lunch on. Pretty easy for all skill types!

1 month ago


Beautiful hike, the views are incredible. A lot of people were just hiking up to the falls which was impressive going to the lake is worth it though. Of the 10 or so dogs on the trail only ours and one other was leashed. Even the ranger that checked our fishing licenses had an unleashed dog, just something to be aware of.

Looking for a key exchange July 22nd-25th. Please email jess.l.lawrence@outlook.com


I am planning on hiking the trail the week of 4th of July. Any idea if there will be other hikers that week? Would be uncomfortable if we were the only hikers out on the trail. Wasn’t sure if that time of the year is still considered early. Comments please?

What a great hike with amazing views all around! We went May 8th and there was still some snow on the ground, but not too much to stop us. I was visiting from Philly and it was the most beautiful picturesque Montana day!

An easy going trail with incredible views, and we didn’t even make it to Elk lake! After fighting the snow for about a mile we decided to save it for another day when the snow had melted. Will definitely be back

Even though this one is rated easy, there were some spots that were tough for me. I will definitely try this one again being more physically fit, but it was worth every bit! Beautiful scenery and lake was breathtaking at the end!

4 months ago

Looking for a party to exchange keys with, leaving from East Rosebud Lake heading to Cooke City from July 31 thru Aug 5 of 2018. If interested please contact Jim @ jkidwell9@cox.net.

5 months ago

Looking for a party to exchange keys with at the trail heads of the Beaten Path in latter August of 2018. Contact Dennis @: dennisroach509@gmail.com

5 months ago

We left "The Dead Indian Creek Trail", and stayed overnight in Cooke City. We then started on the Cooke City side. Parking was plenty. There is zero parking cost, part they are not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle. There is a picnic area here, along with a toilet. Beautiful waterfall, and neat history if you just wanted to see a roadside stop. We backpacked to Rock Island lake. Our campground was gorgeous, along with the view. It was not a bad jaunt, if you are looking for a quick place for experience. We had a huge moose walk passed our hammocks at about 3:00 a.m. The stomps were amazing, on top of waking up scared as hell knowing there was that huge animal passing by. We woke up to see him still in the lake splashing. Simply Amazing. I would love to come back and actually do the trail itself. We were told we were making a mistake going this time of year because mosquitos just hatched. THEY WERE NOT LYING. Being from Minnesota, we thought we were used to them. They were unbelievable, although with the proper clothing, never really were bitten. We were also told we would hit a lot of snow....we had a few patches but nothing to really even walk on.

8 months ago

I would rate this hike as more difficult than moderate, which is due the path being very narrow in a lot of places and a heavy amount of rocks on the trail. However, the scenery more than made up for the difficulty level!

I wasn't able to get to Phantom Lake (1000yds short) due to deep snow.

Beyond gorgeous hike!! The views were amazing. There was a fair amount of snow today for the last 3/4 of a mile to the lake. With the seasons changing, hiking boots and warm socks are recommended. Sneakers might not cut it!

Such a great hike. Incredibly beautiful and a wonderful was to spend 2-3 hours. Great spots for photos. It's uphill to the lake but it's pretty gradual and not difficult. Trail is well maintained. The road going in used to be rough but it was graded and is now a breeze.

Hike here or die knowing you missed out. The most beautiful trail from beginning to end, with very little difficulty.

Beautiful. Felt so good to soak our feet in the gorgeous lake.

One of the most beautiful hikes you will ever go on. Just loved it.
Gravel road to get there. Trail well marked easy to follow. Anyone in decent shape can do. Being bear bells and or spray.
We went to the far end of the lake, 8 mile round trip. Elevation not difficult, flatlanders can do.
It was stunning and remote and perfect. We saw no other people the whole time.

10 months ago

Was a tough hike. Beautiful trail. constant climb. There is a shortcut almost at the end. We took it. Saves you about 1.5 miles. on the way back we went the long way. it was an amazing view on top. caught 15 golden trout. stayed 2 nights. We had a wonderful time.

Simply an amazing hike! We started from the Cooke City side and seriously appreciated the downhill to East Rosebud. Spent a few extra days and took our time. 4 days, 3 nights. Tossed the tent down at Ozul, Lake at the Falls and Elk Lake. Ozul was amazing, lots of places to camp on the west die of the trail. The hike up past Emil Lake and Fossil Lake was incredible. Lake at the Falls was a fluke. We weren't planning on staying there, but it's where we ran out of steam. Hard to find a place near the lake, but still amazing. The hike from Lake at the Falls to Elk Lake is great too. Keep your eyes open for raspberries!

Pay attention to the weather, got caught in a few thunderstorms the first day. Be prepared...the skeeters were big enough to carry you off. Lots of bug spray!

Simply outstanding. Waterfalls, mountains, lakes and fishing. Who could ask for more. An iconic hike that should be on your bucket list!

Great views all along this hike. Spectacular mountain meadows, lakes and hillsides

11 months ago

Hi Mark,

Myself and a few buddies are headed there in two weeks. It will be our first time on this trail, any suggestions for which lakes were best for camp sights? The fewest people, best fishing, etc?
Also, did you do any side hikes off of the main trail? Any info would be awesome! Thanks!!!

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