Photos of Roscoe Fishing Trails

the Hike is amazing. nice and open most of the day. a well maintained trail with plenty of places to stop for photo ops. saw 2 moose down in the marsh area at the first look out about a mile in.

first waterfall is only 1.5 miles in. which is where you'll start most of your elevation gain. you'll easily gain 300+ in elevation in just a few switch backs. its surprisingly pretty gradual elevation gain. little effort with a huge reward.

this hike is animal friendly. watch out for the horse poop. usually pretty busy, except on rainy days. great hike for kids and excellent plus size hiker trail.

the drive out is easily 2 hours from the Billings area. paved until you get about 10 miles west of Roscoe. then dirt and gravel road the rest of the way out. with a small paved section in the middle. the gravel on part takes as much as an hour to travel depending on speed and clearance. took my Subaru outback out and had no issues.