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Great little in town walk. Good place to take visitors. City views are impressive.

My favorite run/walk/hike in Billings. I start at Swords Park, circle Skeleton Cliff, go down to Boothill Cemetery, then hike the same route back up. It’s approx. 4 miles round trip. Nice views of Billings. Paved most of the way.

Nice workout to run on the trail or bike on. Never overcrowded yet many walks of life can be seen on the trails. Plenty of birds to watch. Be mindful of bugs/nats as you get closer to the river, especially in the summertime.

nature trips
2 months ago

Paved trail, nice little get-away. Very light hike. We went off the trail and down to the river to make the trip a little more exciting. Pretty views if you can get down there!

EPIC view! You have to check it out if visiting.

My dog and I walk/run the Going-to-the-Sun Road once it's the off-season and it's perfect. It's beautiful and quiet and very few cars go by. Once the roads are closed to traffic dogs are not allowed on them though. When it's completely covered in snow it's a great place to Snowshoe or cross-country ski.

Saw wildlife every time. Saw a beautiful owl and hawk this time. Walked out onto the little boardwalk. Was cold, but gorgeous.

Fun walk with great views. did it on a rainy day so we could stay on pavement.

this trail is too populated.

5 months ago

We stumbled on this trail while visiting Bigfork for the day. This was an easy trail with breathtaking views. There are multiple small trails off the main path that will lead you to boulders that overlook the river. We completed this in about 1.5 hours with multiple stops.

Absolutely the most scenic drive in all of America. You must drive it both directions ... then hike the trails.

This is a nice family-friendly, dog-friendly easy walking trail just outside the city. An easy to get-to “must see” for Great Falls. Paved trail along the river, goes between the dam and Giant Springs state park.

Great afternoon outing. Trails are not person or car specific so you can choose either. Highly recommend driving and heading out onto the boardwalk.

Whether you’re biking the road in May, driving it in the crowds of July, or enjoying the quiet after 10pm, this road is unbelievable.

Great trail. We rode mountain bikes from Zimmerman to Boot Hill today. After getting to this trail, we stayed south of the paved trail... it was more difficult and fun.

This trail is great. Novices can stay on pavement and the crazy riders can drop down next to the trims and have a challenging run.

mountain biking
6 months ago

A great little trail overlooking Billings. Started by the cemetery, worth checking out for sure. Spend a few minutes overlooking Skeleton Cliff and take it in. Creepy but cool. Only made it about halfway before I had to head back. Would definitely do again.

We weren’t exactly sure where to park so we just went to the loop. Was pretty. Dog enjoyed it. Several dead birds on the trail. Nice change close to town

nice easy walk along the river! about 2/3 of the way down the trail there is a smaller trail that takes you to the river where there are big beautiful boulders you can stand on with a fantastic view.

Beautiful well trodden path. Totally flat, and a nice walk into town along the river. I would not call this a hike but it’s a beautiful walk along the rushing river.

7 months ago

Great chill hike/run if you're looking for Swan River vistas. Put it on auto pilot and enjoy the views. Very easy walk for all types. Coming back!

scenic driving
7 months ago

SO BEAUTIFUL! Pictures doesn’t serve the scenery justice.

One of my all time favourite drives next to Icefields Parkway in Banff. Good memories here with my boyfriend. I'll forever cherish this drive.

The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. My favorite trip was at sunrise.

Of all the places I have the opportunity to drive this has to be on the top of my list. The views are unbelievable from the top. I’ve had the chance to not only drive this road but I’ve been able bike and snowshoe this road in the winter.
Pro: unbelievable experience with both scenic and wildlife experience.
Con: large crowds during summertime, very steep, limited parking.
Best time to visit: First two weeks of October just before they close it for the winter.

There is no better road in America. Don’t believe me... try it.

Biking this road before the season opens for vehicle traffic was the best decision we made while visiting Glacier. June 2018. We parked at Avalanche Lake and biked to Logan’s Pass, one of the most amazing things we have ever done! I have walked the Cliffs of Moher, climbed the Sydney Bridge etc etc BUT this trek was THE best!

had planned to walk this with my kids, but the weather didn't cooperate and when we got there we saw a sign advising us that we are in bear country and bear spray was recommended. I would have brought some had i known this sooner. so we drove instead. we mostly saw ducks and just a few other birds. the wildflowers were pretty. we're did walk out on the boardwalk and my kids saw an otter they said. the visitors center was closed due to staffing issues.

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