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it's an enjoyable easy hike with great scenery.

What a gorgeous trail! It's pretty steep to the first lake (5mi round trip) but significantly less steep to get to the second, larger like (8mi round trip). Totally worth going that extra 1.5 miles. We also found wild raspberries!

Good trail for family. We would like to go back in a few years after everything recovers from the burn a few years back....

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2 months ago

Starts off steep for a good walking warmup. Flattens our after a quarter mile for a good run.

2 months ago

good day hike good to be in the forest. took my five month old dog no leash she loved it. our first time. we will hit the basin lakes trail next time.

It’s an amazing hike. It is 13.8 miles to September Morn though, that’s one way.

Very nice hike, popular so lots of others there too.

Don’t come here

Nice hike but there is no sign off main trail to Lake. I was able to use the AllTrails App map to show me the exact place to turn left. Otherwise I might not have been able to find it.

Love this hike! It’s a good hike and a rewarding view at the top! We started our hike at 6am which was perfect because it was cool for us through the burn area!!

We hiked this trail 8/22/2018 to Quinnebaugh Meadows, which is truly gorgeous, and from there up to Lake Mary. The trail starts through a couple miles of the 2008 Cascade Fire burn so it’s a harsh (and hot) landscape for a bit. The upside is that the trail is wallpapered with raspberry bushes so the going can be slow if you’re a picker. Then into the woods with a gradual incline and several spots to peek at the creek. The meadow is a beautiful place to have lunch and a rest. Then up — and up and up — the trail to Lake Mary; it’s a pretty hard ascent for a little more than a mile, but the views down to the valley are pretty spectacular. The lake itself is pretty enough but not amazing.

Very pretty trail! Word of advice— as you walk along the creek, keep an eye out for the makeshift bridge, or you’ll end up leap frogging logs only to find a dead end. Maybe that’s a newbie mistake, but it cost me 20 minutes round trip haha. This is towards the beginning of the trail, when you’re right beside the creek in the trees. I’d also recommend going to the second lake; while the first lake is cute and scenic, it is more the size of a very large pond. The second lake is a proper mountain lake, located in a small crater with large mountains rising beside it. Worth the trip.

Beautiful easy hike. Can be kind of confusing where to turn off the main trail to the lake. Easy Incline until the last ~.3mi turn off and your headed straight up to the lake. It’s a horse trail so be prepared for a lot of horse sh*t.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Great hiking trail. I would definitely do it again. Beautiful scenery the entire trail length up to Lost Lake. The hike wasn’t very vigorous with elevation gain or strenuous exercise but the 5 mile journey was definitely worth the view! As I said, overall, would definitely do it again!

Great Hike! Be sure to cross the creek when the trail sign says keep left. It was very dark when we went and didn’t see the makeshift bridge that was back a ways. We ended up taking a big detour to find the trail again.

Well kept trail with two beautiful lakes and a waterfall. The trail is well worn but the markings are poor and it's easy to get off trail if you're not paying close attention.

fun hike, cool lake and lots of wildlife.
we were charged at by a moose so bring bear spray

Lots of uphill, with short bursts of flat. The waterfalls at the bottom and the wild raspberries in the burned out area are a plus. Look for the little cabin at mile 2. Lake is nice, but not the “gorgeous mountain lake” I was looking for.

Great, easy hike! Good for kids in the 7-13 range.

Great hike. Not too difficult, not too easy. Very steady incline all the way up, only had to stop once on the way to the top. I've read that there's some confusion as to where the turnoff to Lost Lake is, just look for a tree that's been cut and on top of the cut is a little rock cairn. Turn left there and it's about another 1/4 to 1/2 mile. I'll share a picture for reference.

Great hike good fishing at September morn

Wildflowers were remarkable, mostly the Fireweed. Lake is much bigger than usual due to high snow melt this year, creek crossings are moderately difficult without getting wet. I'd consider this a mild-moderate hike. The first mile is definitely a tough warm-up, the last 3.5 miles are a bit easier.

Great trail conditions. Wildlife and campsite is great!

Pretty trail and views. Very rocky, need shoes or boots if taking horses.

Great hike. Absolutely stunning. It’s 5 miles round trip to the lower lake and 8 miles round trip to the upper lake. Be prepared for different weather patterns as the elevation changes. We got hailed on in July near the top!

3 months ago

Idyllic hike with creeks, lakes and wildflowers

3 months ago

Spectacular hike! Camped at September lake and hiked up to the pass in the morning. A great challenge; all the elevation gain is at the end

3 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Took my eight year old boy on an overnight hike. Both of us did well. Trail was well maintained and beautiful.

3 months ago

We love this area! We took the 4-wheeler to the top and hiked from there. We did veer from the trail to climb down to the lakes (which made the hike a bit tougher coming back up). There’s still snow in mid-July and lots of runoff coming down.

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