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June 10th 2018.

You will not make it to the trail head without a 4x4 truck or Jeep. Stock 93 GMC 1500 did fine. Maybe an Outback would do it but you will be scraping on large rocks.

The trailhead has no signs or markings but it's easy to find.

The first half of the trail is wet but clear. there is a swampy area you have to walk around but the trail is easy enough to pick up again.

The 2nd half of the trail was dry and rocky. a few small downed trees, but not bad for such a remote trail.

The climb wasn't too bad. It's high elevation (7600ft) so I don't recommend going in early June like me unless the forecast is clear. Rain was forecasted but we woke up to 3" of snow.

Beautiful lake, at least 2 big sites with fire rings. I recommend it if your car can make it!