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wasnt what we thought it was gonna be. still cool though!

2 days ago

Hit up this trail on our first day heading into the BOB. Great eye opener for what was to come for a city slicker like myself. This trail whooped my butt but was a great time. Highly recommend it!

Good trial. There had been a good snowfall over the past couple of days, so it made the hike a little tricky, but not bad. I need to try this again in the summer months.

Saw wildlife every time. Saw a beautiful owl and hawk this time. Walked out onto the little boardwalk. Was cold, but gorgeous.

6 days ago

Did you notice that Elkhorn Creek disappears into the ground two and a half miles up the trail?

Pretty chill hike. Better ones within GNP tho.

Easy peasy hike with a awe inspiring, breath taking view at the end. Will do again.

Great trial. A light snow had fallen the day before, so it was a little slick on the rocks. But, overall, a beautiful trail. It starts out as an aggressive ascent, but it lessens as you go.

The trailhead is well marked. You begin by gradually going uphill, then it flattens out as you go around the left side of the creek and around a marshy area. We didn’t try hiking to the upper lake because of a lack of time. Looking forward to hiking it again next summer when it isn’t snowing and blowing.

This is one of the best hikes in one of the best national parks and arguably one of the best hikes in the country. The trail along the north or south shores of Lake Josephine are flat but it is heavy grizzly territory. After a little more than 2 miles from the trailhead you will begin the ascent up Mt. Grinnell. The climb is difficult but extremely rewarding. The views of the surrounding Many Glacier area are some of the best in the park and depending on the season, waterfalls are present along the cliff face from glacier runoffs. Once you get to the top you are greeted by Grinnell and Salamander Glaciers. The crystal clear blue glacier water is even more beautiful in person than it is in the photographs. Hikers can take a break relaxing near the glaciers before heading back down. Although it's a challenge, I think everyone that visits GNP should check-out this hike; you won't regret it! Check out my website for some more of the best hikes in Glacier National Park:


Started just as it began to snow, about 3 inches when we reached the lake. Well worth it!

Enjoyed a cool, late fall hike. Trails were very quiet but easy to follow. Hard rating is a bit exaggerated, but there are required river crossings to see the old mining camps, and you will get wet if you want to get there. Also watch for rattlesnakes. We saw several skins and had been warned that several large snakes lived in the canyon.

Fun walk with great views. did it on a rainy day so we could stay on pavement.

Went for a leisurely walk today with my mini Doxie and usually enjoy this trail but I had 6 large dogs come up to us today, unleashed. Two I had to yell several times to get away as my dog couldn't move and the owner...well maybe on her phone but what people don't get is even if your dog is somewhat trained and "nice", they get excited and step on my dog. This is not okay so please leash your dog or watch it at all times. And my rating was minus 1 star due to the hundred piles of poop along the trail, need to put up doggie bags perhaps?

nature trips
15 days ago

Only went a couple miles but the views and creek were gorgeous.

on Iceberg Lake Trail

15 days ago

Really love this hike, so many fantastic views and when you make it to the lake it really is a mountaintop experience. We were so glad to be able to have the lake to ourselves. There is such fantastic energy up there. We experienced great stillness and awe. Late September, early October is a fantastic time to go. Wear a lightly insulated jacket and the weather is perfect. We encountered maybe 6 people in the 6 hrs we were on the trail. (We took our time, spent a good amount of time at the top and also stopped to take a lot of photos along the way.) it’s true, it’s not s very hard hike, just long. The beginning part is steep but it’s not bad knowing that it doesn’t last very long... it did hurt a bit on the way back though! We didn’t see goats, sheep, bears, or moose, (even with our binoculars out every other clearing!) but we did encounter two friendly deer and a small flock of female grouse. Since there was no one else on the trail most of the time, we clapped our hands before we went around any of the sharp turns in the wooded areas. Nearby trails were closed due to bear activity. Take your bear spray and keep a keen eye out in this area while you are enjoying the views!

on Scenic Point

15 days ago

Stop it with this trail!! So good!! The views and landscape were unlike anything we had ever seen, really great views of the two medicine lakes and Rising Wolf. No goats, but had a few cute interactions with the chipmunks! It is a workout but well worth it. Also love how the views aren’t just at the top. There were really strong winds up at the summit area- could lean backward against it without falling over. Bring good protein (& bear spray)! We hope to get back to this trail again one day! Hiking in October is awesome! Weather is perfect for these types of trails and there were only one other group on the entire trail

Beautiful, nice walk. Bring a picnic mat and hot chocolate / wine.

18 days ago

Great trail for early hiking in the summer

18 days ago

*Review is to Bass Lake*

I hiked this on what was probably the last "good" weather weekend of 2018, in the middle of October. I went primarily for fishing and to explore the no name lake just north of Bass. I stayed 2 nights.

The hike to the lake is probably about 9ish miles one way. I only met a few spots with snow but nothing that couldn't be done with regular hiking boots. With a 40+ lb. pack, it took me 4 hours on the dot. There is a camping spot on the south side, just before the lake in the meadow-like area and there are others on the north/east side of Bass. You can follow the trail to find them.

If you have the 2015 US Forest Service map, please not that it is incorrect. It does NOT reflect that the trail crosses the creek, which it does twice. After the first crossing you hit the worst of it. For about a 1.5-2 miles, you climb. Once you cross back over the creek, the climb is more gradual.

The lake north of Bass, you'll have to go over the saddle. I started bush whacking to get there but realized there was a trail that will lead you that direction. The lake was about 90% frozen over already and contained no fish (I'm assuming it freezes over nearly entirely in the deep winter). It was cool to hike to though so if you have it in you, do it. You'll see some amazing views up there too.

Fishing at Bass was awesome. I absolutely love this lake.

18 days ago

The drive up is brutal. One can make it with an suv but better with a truck that has more clearance - we've done both and it still is a slow go due to very Rocky road. Once there, the lake is gorgeous. Quick little trail all the way around and a switchback in and out or use the stairs. It would be fun to snowmobile up here.

18 days ago

Gotta be the most gorgeous day hike ever. So glad I did it when I was a bit younger and more in shape.

19 days ago

Great hike with some good views. A little muddy because of the rain but all in all, lovely

Possibly my favorite of all the lakes in Glacier. The hike isn't particularly hard, and offers great views throughout including a waterfall beside the trail. Iceberg Lake itself is beautiful, nestled under stadium like cliffs.

A very long day hike, but completely worth it. It's actually not too difficult, with relatively minimal elevation gain. The hike itself takes you through dense forest before following the creek up to Cracker Lake. Aside from the spectacular mountain range backdrop, what's really striking is the white-blue color of the lake's water.

The road up to the trail is pretty rough

Great hike in the valley with rigid mountains all around you.

22 days ago

Very nice hike along the shores of lake McDonald. Beautiful views of the mountain range and colors but the winds across the lake took away the mirror reflection of the crystal clear water.

Portion of trails were closed due to fire damage from recent fires.

Beautiful hike through the woods and picturesque riverside scenery. No wildlife sightings, and nps had a portion of the loop closed for Maintenance but still well worth the trip.
Moderately easy, relatively low elevation change.

Beautiful hike on a 46 degree sunny day. Steady but manageable elevation for two sisters ages 63 & 71. Snow last 1/2 mile but easy to navigate. Saw 20 cedar waxwings about 1/2 way up!

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