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fun little walk, close to home. excellent for 14 yr old dog, 11 yr old son and myself.

Parking at Albertsons and crossing the foot bridge makes parking easy and free for this hike. Be prepared for lots of uphill - mostly gradual with some steep. I like this route up Sentinel due to the tree cover. Easy to make a loop by heading down via the M trail.

24 days ago

EASY TRAIL MY REAR END....this isn't an easy trail, I dont know why it says it is. you have to drive up this gravel road for a while as your driving up this mountain, not bad. of course GPS and all trails is not very accurate, your going up a mountain. so, when you get to the beginning of the trail, that's where the incline starts. the whole way up is an incline. there's a lot of downed trees and burned stumps and trees. the trail is pretty narrow. there's a few places that the trail jets off in different directions. I'd look at GPS and all trails to make sure I'm on the right path and, they both showed me off the main trail but going in the correct direction. your up on a mountain, GPS wont be very accurate. the whole way up is an incline hike that eventually tires your legs, I had to stop a few times. I dont see bringing kids on this hike. again, it's not an easy hike. half way up, I heard a grunt, I looked to my right and, this black thing ran off into the trees. wasn't sure what it was, I got a tiny glimpse and it was quick. I had ideas that I didn't want to think about but, I was nervous the rest of the way up. later as I was talking to the locals, they said yeah, we were warned that black bears might be in the area. I eventually reached the top and, I was hoping to see snow capped mountains but, there was way too much smoke from the fires in glacier national park. but, the other side on top was more clear and, you got to see the vastness and awe of how high you were up. it was also kind of windy. despite the smoke, the views were still pretty awesome. its a good hike up, I'd say not for kids and, not easy but, still pretty cool.

Awesome for kids! My toddler had a blast looking at birds, bugs, pinecones, and throwing rocks into the river. Easy gravel/dirt trail. Lots of shade. Minimal foot traffic on a weekend morning. The river is beautiful!

1 month ago

If you live closer to sea level, like me, this approximately 1,000 foot climb in a mile, at 6,000 feet, is extremely strenuous.

The view is worth the climb. Great panoramic view at the top, if you are willing to climb up the rocks on the butte.

Great view of Missoula. As a Canadian boy used to hiking big mountains in Banff and Jasper, I heavily under estimated this hike. The steepness of the trail is not to be taken lightly. Great hike. Can reach the summit in under an hour.

Great hike roughly 2hr round trip with slow steady speed;) Go early before sun hits mountain!

1 month ago

High diversity of landscaping, with view on the city and paths in the forest. The hike is about 17k and accessible to all. Need to use alltrails.com to find the right paths...

Fun short beginner trail. Brought 3 kids and a new puppy and all did very well.

Another beautiful summer day and cool enough to hike this beast! Parked near Griz Gateway no issues because it's Sunday. Dappled sunlight all the way up. Had my dog Otis jump in the river right before the hike & maybe I should've too! But it's crisp today for mid summer, in the 70s right now, high of 81. This is usually a perfect fall hike but the tree cover is keeping us cool enough today. Would not recommend this hike if it was weather in the 90's unless you leave real early. My favorite hike around Missoula by far! It's less baron than the other hikes and less trafficked. You have to walk quite a ways down Kim Williams trail and turn right at the white metal sign that says day use only. The trail is definitely at least moderate but not painstakingly long, it'll take you right up over Mount Sentinel where there's a variety of routes back down.

trail running
1 month ago

***July 14th, just late in posting. Awesome hike & run! I felt the trek through the first maybe 4-5 miles through the valley was a little stuffy. After that though in gaining elevation the views and terrain started opening up. The views of the lakes towards the top were incredible! And the scramble to the summit was pretty crazy but well worth it.

1 month ago

It was a good short hike for cardio and to get the lay of the land of Missoula. A. It dry and uninspired to look at but there were a few blooms of sunflowers near the L that perked the view. Max an hour of your a regular/athletic hiker. Check it out!

Parked at the M trail parking lot but walked around to the Kim Williams Trail and down it until it met up with the Hellgate Canyon trail. Took that up the backside of Sentinel, which provided much-appreciated shade, sporadic thimbleberries, and occasional views of the river and East Missoula. Hiked to the top of Sentinel and then back down the front side and down the M trail for a total of about 5.8 miles. Really enjoyable. Hazy views though due to smoke in the sky from nearby wildfires (which still didn’t dampen my enjoyment of it). All in all, a great hike.

Nice. Quick hike. But beware of no shade.

1 month ago

Beautiful view from the top of Mount Sentential! We started at the M Hike and continued to the top. It was quite strenuous for moderately in shape people. Once you got passed the M it was very quiet. Took about 3 hours to do the about 4.5 mile hike. The parking lot has $1.50 per hour so plan accordingly, 3 hours was perfect with about 20 minutes to spare (and we took a handful of breaks on the trail). Well worth it!

Nice hike this morning, mostly uphill until we decided to turn back

30-40 minutes up to the M. 1.5 to the top. After the first tree line above the M a long rather banal hike around to the other side. Very quiet and great views at the top, however. Only saw two other people on a Saturday near the top.

Great hike with well defined wide trail which made it easy to visit with my hiking buddy. Great tree canopy so you could do this hike anytime of day.

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2 months ago

Black bears on trail

2 months ago

The trail (going counter-clockwise) was very quiet and peaceful. Even though it was 90 degrees when we started out, it was comfortable in the shade. There are basically no trail markings so it is easy to stray. Although there were a few miles of trail through a pretty but not particularly interesting forest, much of the trail is scenic and varied. A vigorous hike but I would have rated it as moderate. Only the length might have someone thinking it is hard. The climb covers about four and a half miles but is very steady - maybe a 7 degree slope - and on even track.

Easy hike for kids, pretty scenery. A LOT of mosquitoes right now

2 months ago

Nice, short hike. I would not classify this as easy due to the steep trail. Gorgeous views. We went on hottest part of day and saw one deer. Driving road to trail wasn’t bad at this time of year (July). No reception on hike. We did not encounter a single person on the entire trail. I would definitely do this hike again.

Beautiful, easy trail. Great for dogs! If you come to a confusing intersection with other trails, just follow the signs for trail 9.0 and look for the little recreation area logo on the tree.

If you go right along the Sam Braxton turn uphill on the 9.0 trail and then follow the GPS when you get to the loop. Really nice hike. Great vistas.

Nice short walk but the mosquitoes were terrible, had to run the last half of the trail to escape them

Nice hike in town for a little exercise. Not much too it otherwise.

Good to go, all clear! The river trail is clear, although it’s cut about 2 feet back from the flood, which makes it interesting. A little saturated still towards the end, but good! At the big puddle the trail is clear to the left and then you can wade through the small stream after that or you can take the tall grass trail to the right, which I did. The rest of the way is clear. Remember Bug spray!! Not even a spot of mud on my dogs feet!


Amazing views! Wildflowers were in bloom and provides an excellent splash of color to the already green landscape. The trail provided a great hike on this Memorial Day and has left a lasting impression of the beauty that Missoula has in its vast surroundings. I recommend this trail to anyone that wants a taste of country hiking close to town. Awesome!

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