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The trail was beautiful with views of mountain ranges, wild flowers and open plains. We ended up hiking around 12 miles roundtrip. The only downside is the close proximity to the freeway, but this could also be viewed as a plus if you’re looking for a easy to access trail.

Hiked up to Chestnut Mountain which is about 4.8 miles out from the trailhead...so 9.6 miles roundtrip. This was suffice for me as I was hiking for views. Great view of Frog Rock from the Chestnut Mountain trail.

fun little walk, close to home. excellent for 14 yr old dog, 11 yr old son and myself.

Hard but definitely worth it. The last creek crossing is a bit unnerving but the logs are rather steady. The views are spectacular! The wild flowers are everywhere, the creek and various falls are picturesque, all culminating in the two lakes at the top. However basically the whole hike is very steep once you pass Pine Creek Falls which makes both up and down tiring. But for those who are willing to put in the work, you will be glad you came! Also, if you can, bring a camera. And I was able to camp to the right of the smaller lake near the more western stream that comes from the western part of the falls coming from the top of the lakes. As I had to carry all my gear for the night and I didn't have polls and I am a fairly small person, it took me 4 1/2 hours to get to the top and 3 1/2 hours to get down, but that was going slow, carrying a lot of weight and trying to be careful. The trail is well trafficed but not crowded, so yes you'll see people but you can still enjoy the lonliness of the woods. All together definitely worth it!

4 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike. The elevation change was a challenge but the views and lakes were well worth it. What a great hike!

Try this hike at sunset for a beautiful view and free parking!

Parking at Albertsons and crossing the foot bridge makes parking easy and free for this hike. Be prepared for lots of uphill - mostly gradual with some steep. I like this route up Sentinel due to the tree cover. Easy to make a loop by heading down via the M trail.

Great trail! I have four littles (ages 2-7) and it was PERFECT for them! We walked right along the creek and even found a few spots you could get done to the water. The kids had a blast walking across ‘the plank’ to get to the ‘rock island’ (water was about an inch or so deep!

Will definitely be back!

Great place to dump your trash. Anita is always there to clean it up. Be sure to give her a wave as you walk past her house on the way to the falls. I like to leave plastic water bottles along the way so they're there for the next time I come through.

16 days ago

great views at first falls and as you hit switchbacks above 7000 feet. At the top, first small lakes are beautiful. Pine Creek Lake is behind last saddle. it is larger and shoreline is large boulders and rock. nice spot for lunch before descent.

Nice running trail.

17 days ago

Beautiful views of the valley, and nicely shaded!

17 days ago

once you get past pine Creek falls it's switchbacks and uphill hiking the rest of the way. It was definitely a workout and I had to take multiple breaks along the way.

Great trail. We rode mountain bikes from Zimmerman to Boot Hill today. After getting to this trail, we stayed south of the paved trail... it was more difficult and fun.

This trail is great. Novices can stay on pavement and the crazy riders can drop down next to the trims and have a challenging run.

mountain biking
19 days ago

A great little trail overlooking Billings. Started by the cemetery, worth checking out for sure. Spend a few minutes overlooking Skeleton Cliff and take it in. Creepy but cool. Only made it about halfway before I had to head back. Would definitely do again.

24 days ago

Great hike to the falls. Past the falls gets steep and rocky as you head up to the lake. Definitely will be back for an overnight.

on Pine Creek Lake

25 days ago

It was a full day hike up and back. We enjoyed all the different incredible vistas on the way up and on the way back down. Hiking poles were key. Several waterfall views. Smoke in the valley hindered the long distance view, but the lake was spectacular, and worth the trip up.

During our first visit to Helena, we hiked the Powerline trail to the summit and took 1906 down the mountain. Being from the Midwest, I found this first climb to be moderately challenging. I consider myself relatively fit, but have to admit the altitude and steep incline in a short amount of time was not expected. After spending a week in that altitude, I returned to the same hike and did it in half the time.

1 month ago

Great views of Missoula. A quick 30 minutes. Not too difficult.

1 month ago

It’s a great workout. The trails have changed a lot since I was a kid. The entire mountain used to be covered in trees but beetle kill took out a lot of pine trees and now the mountain doesn’t have a lot of the beauty it once held. It’s still my all time favorite quick hike when I visit home.

1 month ago

Good view of the stadium 5-5

Pine Creek Falls are well worth the hike although as the property owner of the property the access road passes through to get to the falls this attraction can be a pain in the butt.
Hikers/tourists need to take care to read the posted signs & quit trespassing on private property.
Forest service public ground does not start until you cross the final cattle guard!!
The littering discarded on our place is also an issue. People stop throwing your trash out your windows. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate me throwing my trash in your yard so don't do it in mine!!
If you don't like my comments then start respecting private property & I won't have to address these issues like I shouldn't have to anyway. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE & THEIR PROPERTY OR STAY AWAY!

horseback riding
1 month ago

Note that most of Mount Helena Park is a City Park, with no horses allowed.

Fairly easy and mostly shaded walk. Uneven path with bolders and tree roots that might trip up young ones. The access road is paved and narrow. Would walk it again.

Great hike roughly 2hr round trip with slow steady speed;) Go early before sun hits mountain!

1 month ago

My favorite place in the world- spent two nights and for the first (and probably only) time, had the lake to ourselves for a whole night. The bugs were minimal which is saying a LOT this year, but I’d still recommend bug spray.

beautiful hike.lots of water in the creek.huckleberru season.

Another beautiful summer day and cool enough to hike this beast! Parked near Griz Gateway no issues because it's Sunday. Dappled sunlight all the way up. Had my dog Otis jump in the river right before the hike & maybe I should've too! But it's crisp today for mid summer, in the 70s right now, high of 81. This is usually a perfect fall hike but the tree cover is keeping us cool enough today. Would not recommend this hike if it was weather in the 90's unless you leave real early. My favorite hike around Missoula by far! It's less baron than the other hikes and less trafficked. You have to walk quite a ways down Kim Williams trail and turn right at the white metal sign that says day use only. The trail is definitely at least moderate but not painstakingly long, it'll take you right up over Mount Sentinel where there's a variety of routes back down.

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