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Very nice trail. It’s my own fault that I went too far (turned around about 8 miles in), particularly since the temperature was in the mid-90s. Up until about 3 miles past the falls it was quite nice. After that the trail starts climbing considerably more steeply without any good views. All the berries along the trail were much appreciated!

Great hike, beautiful waterfalls, towering scenery overhead. A lot of bang for the buck here (and by buck I mean amount of hiking effort). The Bitterroots are extremely underrated as a hiking range.

Great hike, particularly for a first day after flying in from New York. Not too strenuous, but still a good workout. Went all the way to the waterfalls, with marvellous views all along the way (and some tasty huckleberries to be found).

Beautiful! Nice views at the beginning with delicious huckleberrys. Varied surroundings and changes in elevation with lots of streams flowing across the trail and even down the trail itself. We walked across several logs to get across the shallow streams. The trail can be hard to find at times especially in the wet areas. The lake is stunning, but the real jem in my opinion is the waterfall that spills from the lake.

11 days ago

Beautiful trail! Started around 8:30 am and hiked about 4 miles in before turning around. Saw very few people until ~1 mile before trailhead. Parts of the trail were overgrown with vegetation and muddy. Like others have said, parts of trail go through previous burn area that is not very shaded. Will definitely come back to hike in further. The dogs loved it!

Beautiful hike to the waterfall. Easy hike, lots of rocks and muddy sections. A few bugs in dense brush areas. Waterfall and creek are running fast! Loved it!

22 days ago

Great Trail. Took my 5 year old son with one of his big brothers. My 5 year old had no problems making it to the lake.

Easy to moderate trail. Beautiful views. Past the Falls is a bit grown in. Make sure you have plenty of water for after the falls. You can’t get close to the Creek for quite a ways.

Didn't make it to the waterfall, but pretty views of river, cliffs, and wildflowers.

1 month ago

There is a fair amount of water running on the trail, but it’s not impassible. Including my group, we saw 17 people hiking to the lake today.

Very easy trail, recommend hiking well past the falls, where you enter into denser forest.
There are plenty of boulders, for climbing, on either side of the trails to up the ante of the beautiful, but effortless trail.

It's actually 6.7 miles in and out, a couple of creek crossings but nothing hard, snow at the end but the lake is gorgeous.... so worth it

Breathtaking views! Hike over the boulders to get to the waterfall well worth it. Lots of hikers for a Tuesday. So many awe factors!!

Love this trail. Well marked. Water is awesome this time of year!

Great kid & dog friendly hike. A couple water spots to dodge but nothing crazy. You can see a waterfall about 3 miles in. The regular trail was washed out but you can hike some boulders to keep going. That was a little too advanced for our 6 yo so we turned around at that point. Will definitely do it again.

This trail is wonderful, don't listen to the reviewer who claims there isn't much wow factor. The views are gorgeous. The trail is actually pretty easy, if you don't mind rocks and the distance to the falls. There was a lot of water on the trail in places when we went a week ago but you could avoid getting wet fairly easily. l
Lots of wildflowers. Not too many other hikers. This is one of my favorites of the Bitteroot hikes.

rock climbing
3 months ago

Beautiful trail, steep incline at first, but levels out through the canyon, which is breathtaking and impressively tall-walled! Young pine forest surroundings. A friend I visited at Missoula State took me climbing here for my first time and it is a memory I will cherish forever.

Road to trail was good, trail was melting snow/ice.

Great hike

Great trail. Tons of great views and easy scrambling. When we went the creek was out of its banks so we had to take a few detours. About 6 miles in the canyon narrows and is more wooded. Tons of great rapids and scenery.

8 months ago

Beautiful views of the bitterroot mountains! Runoff makes the trail a bit rough and hard to follow. We went in late October and got snowed on in the night. Good tent spots right by the lake. I am definitely going to hike this again in the spring!

9 months ago

Easy.. Haha Nooooo!! Snowy most of the way, alders covered in snow, draped over the trail in many places. Great view above the clouds, now that I am done I am feeling like a rockstar but damn that was a tough hike!!!

First four miles or so were pretty nice, nothing too extreme. But FUCK whoever rated this as an "easy" trail based on the last mile.

9 months ago

Snow ankle deep, but gorgeous!! I did not leave myself enough time to make it to the lake, look forward to doing it again!! Awesome hike..
beautiful :))

Really liked this trail. It had a bit of everything. Rock cliffs, waterfalls, beaver dams...

Loved this trail!
Lots of ups and down with dramatic views of como lake. The sheer mountains on either side constantly change and add new picture oppourtunitys.
Landscape changes quickly from forest to alpine. We did loose the trail twice but found it quickly. The lake was low but clear and cold, could see fish swimming a bit. Would have loved to spend the night and done exploring around as there was so much to do in one day.
Very steep incline. Be prepared this one will take a lot of huffing and puffing!

11 months ago

The first three miles are gorgeous. Amazing views of Prinz Ridge and easy access to the creek. The next two miles to the falls are shady and sweet with a sweet payoff at the second set of falls. Another nice, shady two miles gets you into the actual wilderness area and to seven mile meadow where there are decent campsites. Water access here was made difficult by muddy banks, suck diminished the sites appeal. If you're not going all the way to the lake, camp here because the campsites at nine mile meadow are seriously lacking and were beyond infested with mosquitoes. From nine mile meadow, it's roughly three miles to the lake and the trail saves almost all the elevation gain until the end while affording really nice views of the surrounding peaks. The lake itself is tiny with an oily sheen and seemed devoid of fish, we were reluctant to swim though other folks told us they had. Three are several decent campsites I the near side of the lake, but we didn't explore much die to boggy conditions around the lake. The trail itself was overgrown and grabby with deep trenches at intervals that made footing uneasy at times. The initial five miles are the highlight of this trail, as there are far nicer lakes in the Bitterroot corridor.

Great views from the falls and the lake. More of a moderate hike with plenty of rocks, overgrowth, and some good inclines.

love this trail

Beautiful hike but it needs to be upgraded from easy to moderate. At least 1/3 of the trail is made of lots of big rocks and this makes a bit harder to travel across.

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