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One of the more gorgeous hikes this country has to offer and a fun one at that. KEEP THIS IN MIND I did this in mid July and a large majority of the trail was still covered in massive snow sheets making hiking difficult and not for he faint of heart. You are rewarded however with the magnificent Grinnell Glacier which needs no words.

We did part of this trail, we started at the gunsight pass parking lot and went as far as we could which according to my gps watch was 8.6 miles, and 8 on my husbands apple watch, before we hit a big sheet of snow that we could not cross, this was above the lake before the pass, we tryed to test out a couple of feet, and couldn't do it, it is slippery snow and you can't really make foot holes with the running shoes we had on, maybe with clamp ons :/ most of the hike was scenic, we saw a moose that heard us from probably half a mile away and took off running. The trail was pretty overgrown, your legs are getting rubbed most of the trail.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike!! Be prepared for weather changes. Sleeted and rained on us the whole way back off and on. Beautiful scenery! Snowed on peaks across from us. Lots of picture opportunities!!

5 days ago

Did this hike from Jackson Overlook to Lake McDonald in a long day. It was absolutely stunning to go from the crowds of the Going To The Sun Road to nearly complete isolation near the top of the Pass. Bear spray is the obvious thing to bring but I would highly, highly recommend crampons and an ice ax for traversing the multiple long snowfields. I did not have them and would've really liked the peace of mind of having them because one bad step would've sent me tumbling quite a ways. Also keep an eye out for territorial mountain goats near the high spots and keep an eye out for construction at the Sperry Lodge as they rebuild from the 2017 fire.

7 days ago

To shorten the hiking distance and get a view of the scenary from the water, I recommend taking the boat tour from Many Glacier Lodge across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. You are offered a return pass later in the day for both boats.

No grizzly sightings, but we did see two bull moose (at different times) soaking in Lake Josephine.

9 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I've ever done. We saw moose, rams, deer, and all other sorts of wildlife. Amazing waterfalls, lake views, etc. It would be fantastic even without the payoff of getting to hang out at a glacier, but this hike just gets better and better the further up you go.

We loved this trail! There were stunning views of the lakes and glacier. We even saw a grizzly bear and her cub on a rock overlook and a moose cooling off in the lake during the afternoon. This hike is a must do!

Gorgeous hike all the way up. We hiked it on 7/4 and couldn’t make it up to the glacier due to snow on the trail but it was probably our favorite hike we did while in glacier. The views are unreal. We saw some mountain goats across the way with our binoculars, no other wildlife on the trail. Do this hike! You will not regret it.

Awesome Trail. Beautiful viewsand scenery. We even saw black bears down one of the side slopes. Started at Lake Josephine up to the falls as the last part of the trail was closed due to hazardous and unstable snow.

Awesome trail! Didn’t see any wildlife, we went almost to the mark where it’s closed at 3.5 miles in. Awesome views, definitely would recommend!

Even thought the last 3.5 miles of this trail was closed due to snow bridges being hazardous, the trail and sights didn’t disappoint. The scenery and wildlife was good, saw grizzly, big horns and mountain goats. This is a must if you are here.

It’s hard to describe how beautiful the destination is at the end of this hike. The view of Angel Wing is spectacular.

15 days ago

Hiked on 6/30. Absolutely beautiful! Still closed at the 3.5 mile mark for those without mountaineering gear, but the views on the way there were still incredible. About 2/3s of the way in it started to rain pretty heavily, but we were prepared with raincoats! About 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. Enjoy!

16 days ago

6/30/18. 8:45am. On a Saturday. Busy trail. Mosquitos weren’t a problem except for a few areas. Easy and fun hike with a 7 year old.

When you teach the outhouse, take the trail to the lake to step out onto the short pier. Lots of nice views throughout but this was our favorite.

Trail is closed just past Lake Josephine. 6 miles, 3 hours. We jumped trails and probably added another .75 to our hike.

17 days ago

This hike was easy and lovely. The falls are beautiful and the surrounding mountains are amazing. We did have some bugs. Half the group wasn't bothered and the other half used mosquito nets. Momma and baby grizzlies were in the area. So exciting!

18 days ago

just did the hike today - bring bug spray!! the places by the water are swarming with gnats. good wildlife viewing in the morning for the first 1.5 miles. the falls were ok but we had to turn around because of weather

18 days ago

hiked on 6/25 - the trail is not closed at 3.5 miles but it is roped off and not recommend you pass, but if you have snow climbing gear then you can probably make it. we stopped at 3.5 miles and was still worth it in my opinion but I want to come back to do the whole hike.

Absolutely amazingly stunning! Awesome turquoise water views the entire hike. We logged 8 miles RT from the campground to the top of Grinell. Lake where a sign permits further traffic due to dangerous snow fields (although very experienced hikers were continuing). There are several snow bridges over waterfalls that would make it too risky to go to the Glacier for me. There are innumerable waterfalls and wild flowers along the trail. We saw a sow and bear cub from a distance and a moose and calf down along the river. A grizzly was on the trail that day but we never ran in to it. Be sure to bring your bear spray and make plenty of noise and enjoy the trail!!

Amazing views! Even though we had to stop short of the Glacier the views were spectacular

20 days ago

Hiked on 6/25; highly recommended. We encountered a large grizzly on the way up past Lake Josephine, and he forced a retreat for 1/2 mile down the trail before he turned uphill.
The trail is roped off at 3.5 miles and to go beyond, mountaineering gear is recommended because of steep snow chutes. Wear waterproof boots and enjoy some mind blowing natural art.

This hike has it all. The approach takes you by picturesque lakes before ascending along a the valley wall toward Grinnell. Expect to see wildlife (we saw bighorn sheep). The glacier is only part of the end point--there are beautiful rock walls (with waterfalls) surrounding it and the lake it melts into. I highly recommend this hike for those that like a scenic approach before reaching the "main event."

One of the most beautiful hikes! Very windy, but the cold air was nice. Did it late June and couldn’t make it to the glacier because of hazardous snow conditions. The views were so worth the hike though

Wonderful hike! Added on Grinnell glacier trail. Saw moose and deer. Lower lake trail closed for severe flooding and end of glacier trail closed for snow shoot. But still an excellent 11 miles when all combined.

Beautiful hike, amazing views ! Not too hard of a hike but well worth it.

24 days ago

Did this hike June 23 and the last .75 miles to the lake was closed due to flooding. We went the .2 mile hike to Hidden Falls which was amazing!

24 days ago

Beautiful trail with gorgeous views!! When we went there was a lot of water on the trail so be prepared for that.

Make sure you have good boots on! Lots of rocks and uneven terrain, water, and chances are, snow! But what an amazing hike!

Hands down one of the best hikes I have ever done. Gorgeous view the entire way. Hiked on 6/17 and didn’t start until about 1 pm. The trail was still closed about 3.5 miles up, but still absolutely worth the hike anyway. Thick vegetation make this a bear’s haven and makes it easy to walk up on them. I saw a brown bear with 3 cubs. She was pretty stressed considering people were blocking her in front and from behind trying to get pictures and a good view. The trail is wet in some places from snow runoff and there are even some the small waterfalls because of it. It was fabulous! This trail really shows off what Glacier has to offer.

on Redrock Falls Trail

1 month ago

Reasonable hike with kids, lots of great climbing at the falls.

As other reviews have said this is one of the best hikes in the park and definitely the best hike on our trip. Ran into two grizzly bears near the switchback so be mindful and pay attention and make loud conversation and noise. The bears moved on down the mountain towards the lake rather quickly after the encounter. We waited around 15 minutes and moved up the trail away from them about 50 more yards. On the way down after waiting we spotted the larger grizzly about 70 yards away eating grass and moved cautiously away down the trail. Please have bear spray I cannot stress enough how important it is, we saw so many people without it luckily i didn’t have to use mine. The bears were fairly close to the trail also and were right in the switchback in the bushes which made them hard to see.

Hiked this trail Wednesday 6/13 at 8:30am

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