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My favorite... can't forget the fact that I was all alone in the wilderness for nearly 4 hrs with no human being in sight in Grizzly country. Amazing views , beautiful glacier falls ... Siyeh hike is an out of this world experience.

Anazing hike! So many diverse environments. 4:45 of hiking steady, 5.5 hrs total.

5 days ago

A very nice day with very few others on route. This is a bear active trail though, so make noise or talk as much as you can. Though we saw no bears on the trail we had a big grizzly Mum and big cub at the finish. Viewed them from the safety of our RV.
The track is easy with a steady gradient. The lake is spectacular and a nice lunch spot. Highly recommend.

Awesome trail. Only took it to the lake, but up the pass would totally be worth it. Consider breaking it into a couple nights at camp or pressing on LEW

8 days ago

This was our 2nd day of a 5 day backpack trip. We left from Red Eagle Foot campground and continued over Triple Divide Pass to Atlantic Creek campground. This is a spectacular and very difficult hike, especially with a full backpack.

The views are great along the way to the pass as you go through a river drainage and begin the ascent up to the pass. We saw a large bull moose near a beautiful waterfall coming down the mountain along the route. The views are even more spectacular as you climb the switchbacks to the pass and they take your breath away from the top. You can see around in all directions with Medicine Grizzly Lake below to the south and the drainage you just hiked up to the north. We had a couple dozen bighorn sheep up near the pass including a number of little ones. The hike down to Atlantic Creek is tough on the knees given the grade and rocky footing.

Overall it's worth the effort, but be prepared for a long day.

8 days ago

This was the first leg of a 5 day backpacking trip from St. Mary to Two Medicine. A fairly gradual uphill hike in the beginning with numerous wildflowers and thimbleberries along the route. Mostly without shade due to the fire, though regrowth is happening. The lake itself was very nice with good campsites and food prep area.

Did this hike as a part of the tail end of a backcountry hike starting in St Mary's. Started off at Morning Star and were scheduled to camp that night at Old Man Lake and head out the next morning out of Twin Medicine. Got up to Pitamakan Pass and was convinced by other hikers that we could NOT miss out on Dawson Pass. Ended up hiking to Dawson Pass and caught the last boat of the day across Two Medicine Lake. Made for a bit of brutal hike with multi-day backpack, but still absolutely epic. Favorite hike in Glacier by far. Even beats out Highline in my estimation. A definite bucket list hike.

10 days ago

we hiked this on 9/11. nice start to fall colors but the lake itself was disappointing. we did see a female moose on the trial

10 days ago

The hike from Two Medicine camp store parking lot up to Cobalt lake has great views of the surrounding area. Very scenic hike with some falls , streams and just lots to take in. Some moderately steep sections.

14 days ago

Most of the trail is a walk through the forest with a fair incline, but near the end it opens up and you are exposed. During the year that we went, the start of the trail goes through an area that has experienced a forest fire, so all that's left is just burnt tree trunks.
There is no big ending at the lake, it just ends. If you are feeling adventurous you can bushwack and walk around the lake.
Its a good place to skip rocks, and just hang out.

14 days ago

Easily taking up the top of my list of hikes in Glacier. It was fantastic! Totally different views the whole way on the hike. Be prepared for grizzlies and wind at the pass. You see three glaciers on this hike and can actually touch Siyeh glacier. I will say it was quite challenging. Not just the elevation gain (if you are slow and steady, you're fine) but the terrain itself. This trail is packed with scree and uneven terrain from rocks in the trail. Also, steep switchbacks on the way down if your direction is from Siyeh Bend to Sunrift. The description of this hike says 20.6 miles, but it isn't. It is more like 11.5 as nearly all people do this with staged cars or shuttle loops. Don't be afraid to hitchhike either.

Best. Hike. In GNP.

If you are capable, you MUST do this hike. We did it from Pitamakan to Dawson, which is apparently reverse, but the views are much much better this way, and the elevation gain is way easier.

I can not believe how beautiful this hike was. You get to see glacier from EVERY direction and I swear you can see every mountain peak in the park, along with tons of lakes and we saw bighorn sheep as well.

The top was very very windy, but it didn’t matter to us because the views are what blew us away (haha pun intended). Anyway, if I could only do one hike in the whole world ever again, it’d be this one.

19 days ago

Such a stunning view and refreshing dip in the lake! Tough trail with some wild weather, but definitely a favourite.

20 days ago

The highlight of our trip to GNP this year! We started at Sunrift bus stop and ended at Sinyeh Bend (10miles). Took the shuttle back to the car. Managed to find parking easily because apparently most people do not take the path this direction due to the added elevation as you reach the pass. It was difficult but so much pay off throughout. Both sides of the trip have a uniquely different experience. Light traffic on trail. Spotted a wild white mountain goat. Do this hike!

Tips: bring layers, lots of water, food, prepare for wind

20 days ago

Well worth the work to get there. You’ll climb and the wind is very gusty. Interesting natural and cultural discoveries along the way.

Tips: sunscreen, hiking poles are nice, layers, something to cover your face from the wind

We did this hike from Two Medicine to No Name lake for the first night and then from No Name lake to Oldman Lake for the second night. The trail was snow covered from Dawson Pass to Pitimakan Pass but manageable. Incredible views all along that stretch. Not a cakewalk by any stretch but the views are worth the effort.

on Scenic Point

22 days ago

2018.08 was smokey, but still worth it. loved the silhouette trees. will definitely come back.

Tough climb, but totally worth it!

23 days ago

- Well-maintained
- Gradient-friendly
- Spectacular views of valley and surrounding mountains
- Lots of fire damage
- Great lunch spot at lake
- No bugs due to high winds
- Good temperature throughout
- No bear sightings

24 days ago

My favorite hike of the trip! I personally thought it was better than Grinnell and High Line, but that may be impacted by the fact that the smoke had cleared out quite a bit the day we hiked this. But still, the views were incredible, especially as we hiked down from the pass towards Sunrift. Also way less people than on the other trails.

It had just snowed the day before, so we encountered quite a bit of snow (some places up to a foot on the trail) towards the pass and even had difficulty with route finding up there, but nothing too crazy. We heard reports of a grizzly and a couple cubs, and even saw their fresh prints in the snow multiple times as they crossed the switchbacks south of the pass, but never saw the bears.

Always be prepared for any weather... We hiked this at the end of August and encountered snow, freezing temps, and crazy wind at the top, and by the time we were waiting at the shuttle stop at Sunrift I was in a t-shirt and wishing I had shorts on.

We hiked Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge and appreciated the lesser amount of elevation gain. I also thought the best views were looking straight ahead the entire way down from the pass to Sunrift... I wouldn't want those views to be behind me. Took us just under 5 hours with stops, and my phone tracked it at 10.8 miles.

We did the loop counter clockwise per recommendations but I’m not sure it really mattered.
The trailhead starts in the campground of two medicines.

We had great views despite the smoke, and it was an awesome hike! We started about 8 we were finished around 3. Tough day, but worth it!

1 month ago

When I read the reviews here saying this hike is better than Highline Trail, I couldn't believe that could be true so we had to try Siyeh Pass. We hit the trail at about 7:45 and saw 6 people the remainder of the hike - lightly trafficked for sure. Through the beautiful forest at the start, we saw a lot of evidence of bears on the trail, but never saw a bear. We had to share the trail on the far side of the pass with a herd of bighorn sheep which was fun. The reviews are correct - this is better than Highline - (currently) my favorite hike in Glacier. The views are breathtaking, even with the smoke that was hovering. I plan on going back at a later date when the forest isn't on fire. And the views are in every direction. Plenty of long waterfalls in the distance and the red rock waterfalls near the end as you're hiking toward Sunrift Gorge shuttle stop are nice. I thought the uphill switchbacks were challenging; I was slow and steady. The switchbacks going back down might have been harder to recover from. I felt it for a couple days. (Out of shape mom hiking with teenage and adult kids) The whole hike took us just over 6 hours, but we stopped a lot for photos, lunch, and sheep. Could easily be done in less time. I would recommend a lightweight jacket as it is windy at the top. I would do this hike again tomorrow. We also noticed a trail sign indicating that you could hike to Many Glacier from this same trail. That might be top of the list on our next visit.

My husband and I did an out and back to Dawson’s Pass today. Incredible views! This trail exceeded our expectations.

SPECTACULAR HIKE!! We started at Logan Pass, the trail follows Going to the Sun Road just 100 ft up and gives sweeping views of the valley. Smoke kind of made the views less amazing than normal but still amazing! The last few miles from the chalet are very steep but better to go down that way than up it! A must do hike when in Glacier! When we got to the the Loop we took the shuttle back to Logan Pass which took a while but was better than making our way all the way back. We had a very scary run in with 4 bighorn sheep that we accidentally spooked when coming around a blind corner so just be cautious while hiking! Great hike though!

on Cobalt Lake

1 month ago

Great hike and a decent alternative to some West side hikes that were inaccessible due to a fire. The lake was refreshing and there were mountain goats on the cliffs above the lake. Cold beer at the end is definitely called for.

1 month ago

Otokomi was a fairly strenous hike! It was our fourth day hiking so we were pretty tired and sore going into it! The hike has some burned areas leaving us pretty exposed so wear sunscreen and sunglasses! The hike is not frequently traveled so there are places where the trail is very narrow from bushes! We never had a problem finding the trail though! Lots of berries along the trail and we saw some bear droppings. The only bear we saw was near the end of the trail, down in the valley by the stream and it was walking towards the lake! Definitely bring your bear spray and be ready! The lake was very pretty and could see some trout swimming! There is not much for areas to sit down near the lake and lots of bugs! Bring your bug spray! We started at about 9am and there was only one other car in the parking lot. We passed by two groups of people going up and four groups on our way down! If you want some peace and quiet this is the trail!

I wish I could give this hike 10 stars.

The day before we did this, we were up on top of Siyeh Pass trail and met a couple that has been coming here since 1975. When asking them for hike suggestions to wrap up our last days in the park, they said that Dawson/Pitamakan was their favorite day hike in the park and that we absolutely have to do it. If there is anyone I trust in the world to give me a great hike suggestion for this park, it's this couple who has been coming here for 43 years and says that this one is their favorite.

Upon their suggestion, we did the loop counter-clockwise because they said the views progress better this way. An they were absolutely correct. This was the most unbelievable hike I've ever done. I've never felt more on top of the world in my entire life. You're just completely out in the open with stunning peaks and passes in the distance. You feel like an ant. Every half mile or so seemed to be the new greatest thing I've ever seen. And that's after doing Grinnell, Siyeh Pass, Highline, Avalanche Lake, and Hidden Lake in the days before. We ended up seeing a big horn male sheep and hiked 17.8 miles in 9 hrs and 45 mins.

If you're fast, you can catch a boat tour ride back on Two Medicine lake which will shave about 3 miles off of your trip. We were not quick enough but we got kind of a late start. The nice thing is that we snagged a Two Medicine first come first serve campground spot which is where the trail head is. So we finished the hike and went right into our tent.

If you're fit enough, this is an absolute must do and bucket-list hike for everyone. Amazing.

This hike is indeed epic as all get out. This was our first hike in the park when we went (late july). Forget all the poop you're hearing about starting at logan pass (which you can't right now anyways because of the fire closings.) Logan Pass is too "grandma-feeding-squirrels-out-of-her-car-window" anyways. We did this from The Loop to Logan Pass and it ended up being 12 miles even. Then shuttled back. The way the views progress on this route is better than the suggested opposite way.

This hike aint no joke friends. It's as tough as nails without any milk. Bring water and when in doubt, pinky out.

Disclaimer: this hike is honestly not as good as Siyeh Pass or Grinnell.
That is all. Respect nature. Goodbye.

1 month ago

We were in the park for 8 days and this was in our top 3 hikes we did. Absolutely special. Some reviews below me were totally correct in saying that this is better than the Highline Trail. Although highline is also incredible, it is too heavily trafficked to be better than Siyeh. We did this as a point to point and thumbed a ride back to the bend. After doing hidden lake and avalanche lake, it was nice to be on this trail with far less people (although giving the current fire conditions and closures to the west, there might be a ton of people out on this trail now).
This was a long hike and very very difficult towards the top by the pass with Mt. Siyeh behind you. Probably some off the steepest terrain I've ever hiked. The hike through the burnt down forest was eerie and awesome at the same time. But that means no shade. So bring lots of water!!
Besides Dawson/Pitamakan, this was our favorite hike in the park.

great hike, we took shuttle to Logan pass and ended at the Loop and went with shuttle to Apgar, it took us around 5 hours

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