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Darby, Montana Map

The trail upkeep was very minimal. Due to a lack of trail markers, we got lost about 5 times on the way up. The views were well worth the trouble and the lake water is very clean. I recommend trying to find a campsite near Hart or the waterfall.

Our group was age 13-48 and although the length of this trail is short we give it moderate rating. Trail is steep and rocky most of the way. The lake is beautiful and we all swam and hung out. If you make it to Baker Lake, keep going to middle and Gem lakes - not much farther and gorgeous!

11 days ago

Fabulous hike and very challenging. Going up is challenging but coming down is very hard on the knees. Some in the party found using trek poles to be helpful especially coming down.

I recommend going straight up to the false summit then drop down a little to scramble over to the saddle. Then climb straight up from the saddle to the peak. Best, easiest, and shortest route.

16 days ago

Fun hike. Did in 2 hours 40 mins. We kept a good pace. Now back to Hamilton for a beer.

Easy, gorgeous hike! Did the entire loop last year. Currently camped at Three Frogs by the start of the trail. Going again Saturday morning.

This is a fantastic trail that I will definitely return to. I agree with the reviews that this is a great family hike, but want to add one little disclaimer. I was a little nervous in a few parts with my recently-turned 5 year old son, and I was glad my wife and I had our two year old strapped to our back. The drop-off is steep in a few parts, and you could tumble for a long ways. Like I said, fantastic trail — but wanted to give a warning to those with really little hikers.

Gorgeous trail and very easy. Beautiful to do almost anytime of the year. I went there in June and there was still some snow on the back end of the trail but overall very pleasant hike

Beautifully maintained hike with lots of variation in forest type. Bit of a stretch for the six year old, but we made it!

Hiked it with my 16 year old son, nice little hike

very hard trail..i went with teenagers.. so my knees hada hard time coming down.. best thing is... take your time.
..its gorgeous at the top.

1 month ago

Really pleasantly surprised by the waterfall near the middle of the loop. Great to start and end at a beach on a hot day.

Walked this trail on the 4th with the kiddos and my elderly mother in law in a wheelchair. It was nice to have a paved trail for the first little bit so that grandma could enjoy a little of the beautiful outdoors. The kids hiked farther up the trail and everyone had an enjoyable time. Very easy with beautiful views of lake the whole way.

We did this two years ago in July and it is one of the more challenging hikes I’ve ever done but so worth it. The last mile is a lot of scrambling. the view from the top is phenomenal and you’re able to see several lakes. Plan for a full day with plenty of water and snacks!

1 month ago

Easy because it’s short ... steep and challenging for the young, seniors, and semi in shape types of people ... take your walking sticks and camera ... views are great!

2 months ago

This is such a fun place! Great for swimming towards the end of the hike! Curious...any particular time there are not many yellow jackets? I love this place so much but there were so so many yellow jackets and my daughter was stung twice on the trail. I want to go when they are not swarming :). Gorgeous place and easy trail. So much fun!

Amazing trail.
1. $5 fee so have cash or check.
2. On the east side of the lake the water has washed out the trail. You can bravely venture across if you're sure footed (not recommended for kiddos, elderly or dogs who aren't water aware)...downstream 12 feet -ish there is a log you can cross (also not recommended for those mentioned above).
We had an amazing time on this hike and the waterfall area is worth every footstep. Gorgeous!

Easy to follow, mostly level, and dead gorgeous. Great way to ease in to the summer hiking season.

First hike of the season. I did the full loop and had a great time. The trail was a bit sloppy in places from the snowmelt but was otherwise easy to follow. Free parking if you go between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Including a break for lunch, it took me just over 3 hours.

Did this trail on horse back in summer 2016. Perfect!!

8 months ago

We did this hike at the end of October. It was very pleasant to hike along the creek. The sun was hidden behind the mountains in the afternoon which made it chilly, good layering was helpful!

10 months ago

Great fall hike. Tamarasks were just starting to change. Ran into about a foot of snow below Hart lake so struggled a bit with route below the lake

11 months ago

We backpacked in to Baker Lake, camped and then went up via the Gem Lake Gully. We returned via the Baker Lake Ridge. The return has a steep decent close to Baker. Gem Lake Gully was a climb but not too tough. My 4 year old son did the whole hike to the summit unaided. The trailhead trail doesn't go directly to Baker Lake. We tried to head back to the trailhead after getting cached bags at Baker and we followed cairns that did not go back to the trail. We ended up getting lost and had to simply camp another night in the woods until the sun came up. We had to call Search and Rescue to ping our exact location and they said it is very common for people coming out of Baker Lake to miss the trail. Just made for an even funner memory. Make sure you properly find the trail if you head back via Baker Lake. This is a nice step up if your family has done some of the easier hikes around the area (such as Lolo Peak, St. Mary's and Cha Pa Quinn). Have fun!

11 months ago

It says it's easy but if you're older or have young kids this may be a little much. Steep in areas but short and sweet.

11 months ago

This is one of the best short hikes I've ever done. The first half of the hike is very steep but after that it levels out for awhile. There is one final steep push right before the lake but isn't nearly as bad as the first part of the hike. The lake is gorgeous with a great view of Trapper Peak. We looped around the lake which had a trail that was easy to follow. Definitely recommend.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Easy and flat. Great for getting in your first hike of the summer to test the old body out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Gorgeous lake at the end of a short and sweet trail. The views of Trapper Peak beyond the lake are unreal. Steep in places and the drive up takes a bit but so worth it !

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Awesome views from the top... highly recommend going through middle lake and Gem lake and up through the gully if you're up for the challenge. Super fun hike

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Easy. we're fat out of shape smokers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

very easy hike with beautiful views of trappers peak and the bitterroot. lake was warm enough to jump in!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Great trail. Started at 2pm. First mile is very steep. I think I would rate as "moderate" especially if you have children. We had our 6 year olds who were troopers but definitely felt it up and back. After the first mile, trail levels out with minor elevation changes. Beautiful view of the canyon up to the lake. There's one more steep incline near the lake but not long. Saw some Yellowstone cut throats but they weren't interested in lures. Hiked around the lake which was beautiful. Hike back down was nice as well.

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