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2 days ago

Most importantly - do NOT follow the alltrails map. We did not upload our recording since we went up the alltrails trail up but took the way down recommended by others. We took the swift current chairlift up 2 miles and were then recommended to take bone crusher up to the trail. We took the all trails trail up which is not a trail. If not doing the chairlift, we were told to take moose tracks to bone crusher and then up lone mountain and to take the same way down. Lone mountain was made entirely of shale rocks and felt unstable to walk on. This hike is definitely not for those afraid of heights or unsteadiness. We were told the 'actual trail' is supposedly new and definitely not broken in. We encountered several others on the trail so we knew we were going the right way after going up the wrong way. Ropes were along the ridge but were not secured for grabbing. On the way down (on the way we were instructed to go up) there was more shale rock and a lot of three-point climbs but it was manageable. The experience was worth the hike but hoping that the 'new trail' the locals talked about gets more broken in for others so its a little less sketchy on the rocks.

Easy hike. Beautiful payoff!

So pretty! We arrived at the park before 8 but by the time we were able to load a shuttle, it was after nine- keep that in mind! We shuttled from apgar- we didn’t want to take the chance on parking once we got up there.
Like others before me have said- go early to beat the crowds- somewhat! My advice to crowd haters like myself- go the extra mile around to the other side of the lake. You can be more by yourself. It’s a gorgeous hike

On the trail at 7:30 AM with few other hikers. Busier on the way back but not crowded. Beautiful easy hike. Gorgeous clear lake. Boardwalk section is accessible for all abilities and quite lovely.

Pretty rough going up at times. Make sure to bring water and snacks. The lake and backdrop of mountains and waterfalls were breathtaking and so worth the hike up. It took about 2 hours up and 1.5 hours back. So worth the journey.

Would give it a 5 if it weren’t so crowded! Awesome payoff at the end and the waterfall toward the beginning is great too. But man, tons and tons of people.

Great hike today. Lightly trafficked with a fantastic payoff on the beach looking up at the snowmelt waterfalls spilling into the lake.

We got to the trail head by 9am on a rainy day so it was not too crowded. By the time we made our way back at around 11am the trail was really congested which took some of the enjoyment out of it for me. However, Avalanche Lake is spectacular and worth the effort.

3 days ago

There is a nice mix of easy and challenging sections on this trail. The views were spectacular and the flowers were gorgeous. The flies were pretty bad, but the mosquitos weren’t. We hiked 6.5 miles (all the way up) in just under 3 hours. It’s a great workout.

amazing trail! So much to see along the way and it never loses its appeal. The reward at the end is one of the most beautiful views you will ever see. Not difficult, but be prepared with good footwear and plenty of water. My 11 year old daughter had no problems on this hike and so much fun!

Loved the hike, but be aware that parking is hard to find during peak season. We had to walk an extra 1.5 miles due to limited parking. That said, the hike was well worth the extra effort and the lake at the top was a beautiful reward.

Excellent easy hike! we did it in the evening right before sunset (9PM). The trail is well maintained but with little views. But once the you get to the lake it is breathtaking! Def do it if you are visiting glacier!

Great hike! First part pretty much an uphill climb, but well worth the hike! We went to the far side of the lake closer to the falls and it is stunning from that side! Highly recommend it should you have time....wear bug repellent.

Beautiful easier hike. The sight of the lake is worth every step.
Difficult parking and busy with people. There is a pit toilet at the lake.

Beautiful hike! Lots of shade, lots of people. Some steep hills, but nothing too crazy :) hiked it with my husband who had our 1 year old in the baby carrier, my 13 and 10 year old. Spectacular views and the end of the trail was just stunning! Well worth it! Can’t wait to do it again! Right at the end by cedar trail we saw a deer about 20 feet from where we stood :D

Everything was awesome except that Parking sucked !

Worth it for the destination, Avalanche lake. Was muddy when we hiked. Very crowded, but on the other hand we felt safer with more people.

Parking is a little difficult. If you can't find parking at avalanche or cedar (right next to avalanche) you can choose to park further up the road and walk back.

There are rest rooms near Avalache parking area and one at the end of the trail ( that most people would avoid).

NPS also has ranger led hike option.

Easy hike. Crowded so arrive early (7-8ish) as parking also tough. FYI...pit toilet at end of trail for those who had a lotta of coffee...

Easy hike to a beautiful view of the mountains and the lake.

Easy, short hike to an amazing lake surrounded by waterfalls. We saw a couple of bears playing with each other about 50 meters from the trail.

I have hiked this the last two summers when we were in Glacier and we love it so much that next week when we are there again we will hike it again. For those that want to see beautiful off the road scenery this is a doable hike. Even kids and older citizens can make the walk and the entire time you are walking next to a beautiful stream with many awesome waterfall features.

11 days ago

Nice quiet trails. These trails are more for mountain biking but still work great for hiking or running. I would say these are more on the moderate side hiking wise than hard. I’m guessing it’s rated hard for bikers. Beautiful views.

11 days ago

Another favorite hiking trail. This is a really nice trail that has a steady incline but starts out very gradually. Once the switchbacks start it can be a steep climb. I got to the meadows and just loved the views and wildflowers up there. I made my turn around at the meadows, for me this was a great hike.

Fun trail through forest. Good looking lake with multiple waterfalls flowing into it. My kids loved playing in water. I wish I could give this maybe a 3.5 but I think there is more to offer in the area that deserves 4 and 5 stars.

It’s a pretty standard hike. Elderly or those with children will enjoy it. There’s nothing technical and the lake is enjoyable to look at. Experienced hikers should steer clear as there’s little that distinguishes this hike from many others and it’s very crowded with slow people that don’t let you pass them.

Beautiful hike. Walk upstream next to a river for a good part of the beginning. Views are pretty for most of the way. At the top is a huge open area around a calm and quiet lake that has views of a couple of waterfalls. Friendly chipmunks who want your food! Didn’t see any other wildlife though. Not very challenging. Good for a pregnant lady like me! Recommend this hike. We arrived around 8:30 and got a great parking spot but that might also because it was cold and rainy. Stayed very dry on the hike nonetheless

I suggest going early in the morning to avoid the masses since it is easily one of the most popular trails in the park. If you start at 7 am on a weekday there should be limited amounts of people. Parking gets harder as the morning passes, so get there early!

Great hike with plenty of photo ops and sweet views as a reward at the end. Yes it rained, yes it was muddy but it’s a wilderness trail and one that’s doable for most people. Just take your time and enjoy. Oh had a black bear on the trail too. Just minding its own business. Nice!

Mostly uphill there, easy descent. View was absolutely worth it! Get there early as parking is limited. We got there by 8 am and there weren’t many spots left!

Amazing hiking! My wife and I completed this hike as our first trip to Glacier National Park. The photos we saw online seemed photoshopped but it was amazing to see that it was exactly as photographed in person. Beautiful views unlike anything we have ever seen in our travels (including New Zealand). Worth the trip!

Very heavily trafficked. We got there around 10 am and had to park one mile down the road from the trailhead in a turnout. There were lots of people on the first mile of the trail but then it thinned out. My advice is not to stop for any photo ops on the way out but hit them on the way back. The trail is mostly shaded but there are some breaks with nice views. Beautiful photo ops next to the creek near the trailhead. Bathrooms at trailhead and across the main road near the camp parking lot.

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