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I really enjoyed this hike. The waterfall and lake were stunning and the wildflowers were prolific. I got hit with 3 short afternoon thunderstorms on this hike which was cool to experience. The trail is in excellent condition. It steadily slopes upwards the entire way to the lake but it's doable for any hiker with average abilities. I think the moderate rating is fair. I only saw one other group of people on this hike. Took me just under 4 hours to complete.

4 months ago

This is an absolutely amazing trail! You start out going up switchbacks in a heavily wooded valley for the first mile or so. There are some "shortcuts" that cut through the switchbacks. Don't take the shortcuts though....They're poorly maintained, incredibly rocky, and very steep. Then you break out of the trees, continue to climb the switchbacks, and then you will enter a flat meadow area with gorgeous views of the mountains to your left and the plains to your right. On a clear day you can see for over 100 miles up there. I could see all the way to the Sweetgrass hills and to Highwood Baldy. It was absolutely stunning! You will then continue along a gently undulating ridge and walk through wooded areas and meadows. You WILL lose the trail at times. The grass in the meadow is quite thick and it can be quite hard to stay on the trail in places. Look for where the grass has been beat down hikers if you lose the trail. There are also a couple of fallen trees you will have to climb over but it was no big deal. If you do lose the trail don't get discouraged. It's easy to pick back up again. Once you get towards the loop at the end the trail kind of just disappears. You can improvise here. I recommend walking up to the base of the granite peaks above you. You'll be in an amazing bowl of granite peaks with great views. Also, the wildflowers were prolific when I hiked this trail and I caught a gorgeous sunrise. The trail is in fair condition but not great. It's very rocky in some places, overgrown in others, and it doesn't look like anyone has maintained the last couple of miles of this trail for a long time. This did not make the hike less enjoyable though. It took me just under 6 hours to complete this hike. I did not see another soul during my entire hike. I don't think many people are aware of this trail. The road up to the trailhead is very bumpy and rocky but my Mazda 6 made it up it just fine. I loved this trail and I'd love to come back and hike it again one day.

no shade
5 months ago

Ok so i found the real freezout lake. The directions on this are incorrect, i just happened upon it as i was desperately seeking something to do. It’s 7 miles out of Fairfield hwy 89 enroute to Choteau. It’s across the street from First Ln NW. can’t miss the placard. My dog and I walked for a mile down the gravel road then decided to walk back to the Jeep and drive it. There’s a ton of waterfowl, even saw a couple of swans

5 months ago

The only trail i saw was if you walk on the railroad tracks. Hard to know if it was a used track or not, so i played it safe. There is a really cool old mill building there to see.

The ride through Choteau is beautiful. There is a pullover (7 miles, I think) before the trail that has a toilet and picnic area. You can wait till you get to the trailhead though; they have a toilet there, and campgrounds along the river. The trail sign at the road was missing, but you’ll know you’re on the right trail about 5 minutes into it when you see signs bolted onto a tree. During the entire hike, I only passed one group (two awesome ladies and their four dogs). Just when you get to the point of telling yourself “don’t think, just do it”, the next bend stops you in your tracks with stunning beauty. The lake is a gem and most definitely worth the hike! I was lucky, had the entire lake to myself. I did one last glance around before settling in by the water, and three mountain goats were coming into the lake from the trail -moments behind me. The mom came to within 10 feet of me, didn’t even notice me until I said something. I love solo hikes, and moments like this all to yourself are flat out magical. It was one of my favorite experiences, and one of my top U.S. hikes. This is definitely a spot to take friends who visit from out of state! The moderate rating is accurate. During a hot day you can easily go through 2L of water just getting to the lake. I would recommend 3L so that you can spend more time at the lake (unless you have a filter). If you have knee issues, bring a trekking pole for the hike back. There is a portion that’s just gravel and it slopes, so a pole will help.

6 months ago

Beautiful weekday, had the trail all to myself. The first 1.5 mile or so is not bad at all. Then when the trail goest north it gets steep, but its not crazy hard, there's just not much in the way of switchbacks. The forest has been logged and burned and unfortunately not much of it appears to be recovering. That said, the constant views and solitude made up for the dead forest (which is only at the bottom, before you go alpine). Also note, there is no sign indicating the trailhead, just a pullout to the left with a gate (looks like the sign got burned). This Alltrails track file is dead on and will lead you right to the trailhead and (almost) along the trail. Also note, the mileage for this trail is one way, so its about 8 miles RT.

Waterfalls were beautiful. Try to hike up the saddle behind the lake if you can - quite a great view.

We hiked this trail on 7/16. I carried my 11 month old in a baby Bjorne carrier. Including me it was 3 adult women and my 14 yr old daughter and 11 year old nephew were along as well. It took us about 4 hours to complete. The sites were breathtaking. Took bear spray, stayed together, kept noise level up. Saw no bears and very little wildlife. Wildflowers were beautiful. Streams/waterfalls/snow patches closer to top. Oh there is a “toilet” at the top as well!

Moderate great trail-Picnic table and toilet ~3 miles up. Beautiful majestic lake at the end. Would recommend

We hiked this trail yesterday and it was absolutely breathtaking! I would do this is a heartbeat all over again.

Amazing views along the trail. Beautiful lake to celebrate the accent. Easy hike back down. We saw 2 goats up by the lake.

Just checked the trail. Still two feet of snow in the parking lot. It will be a while before use. FYI the Teton river road suffered some damage with the recent record rain, however is still passable. Fantastic hike when ever possible.

Beautiful hike on a 46 degree sunny day. Steady but manageable elevation for two sisters ages 63 & 71. Snow last 1/2 mile but easy to navigate. Saw 20 cedar waxwings about 1/2 way up!

Mon Sep 24 2018

You can walk around the several ponds or drive the gravel road. The snow geese migration is an incredible thing to see, even if you're not a birder! In the off-season Freezeout is a nice relaxing place to walk the dog or get in an evening run.

it's a great hike went up the end of June and the trail is all clear of snow and also made it to the lake and also seen a deer on the trail going up the the lake. but when my dad and I made it to the lake there was still snow on the trail so couldn't get all the way around the lake but still a great hike I recommend the hike

Mon Jul 30 2018

A nice hike for sure. This years flooding has left the river somewhat difficult to cross in many areas so be advised & careful. Quite a bit of tree-fall and erosion along the trail so best suited for hikers only at this time. Overall some nice scenery & a grizzly bear spotted on the way out!

Loved the waterfalls and the scenery! Mountain Goats visited and hung around for hours each day! Everything about this trip was breathtaking! I am 50 lbs overweight and had a 35 lb pack! Get out there!

Excellent hike. The lake was beautiful. Worth the trip.

the trail was great.the hike was great made it to the lake stayed up there Friday. hikes out today cause the weather was crappy but an awesome adventure recommend it

UPDATE: Just did this yesterday, as a trail run, and it's clear of snow -- even in the scree section that's often in a snowfield this time of year. Note that the recent flood washed out a bit of road just before the old Nature Conservancy ranch, and again just after Mill Falls. It's still passable, but drive w/caution. Have done this a few times over the years. Really a great trail, with loads of upside at the top. Lake is gorgeous; often with mountain goats roaming around. Challenging in tough conditions or with younger kids (but certainly doable for them!).

great hike, there were a few fallen trees but they weren't hard to go around. Only problem I had was the snow. Went hiking June 11, 2018 and it started snowing on us, plus there was still a good bit on the trail near the top. 2 spots of the snow on the trail were a bit dangerous/tricky. Later we would have gotten lost if it weren't for old footprints in the snow. We eventually did not make it to the lake because we lost the trail from the snow. If we were better dressed and there were trail markers the hike would have been better.

It was a awesome hike, I am a beginner and I would consider a moderate, the elevation was gradual with switchback inclines. I was wearing a 25lb pack and did well. We went up mid June and there was still snow at the higher elevations about half a mile from the lake. we didn't get all the way through the snow was hip high still. I am definitely planning on going back up later in the year.

Very hard climbing, make sure you have the right gear

Outstanding hike. First few miles are wooded with intermittent clearings which offer beautiful views. Nice grade (used for horses as well). We encountered a group of mountain goats at the pass. Reasonable scramble to the second ridge line if you take the western face ascent. Problem was, we couldn't find a good way up the final ascent and had to turn back after some serious climbing was involved. Think we should have gone a bit further to the south before heading up. Otherwise, you could cut across the north face at about 3 miles in, and scramble up to the ridge and follow to the summit from the east (that's what we'll try the next time). All-in-all a great hike.

My favorite lake hike that I have done so far. Really amazing views as you hike and at the top.

Mon Jun 26 2017

Great hike ... I need to remember to bring more water on these hot days

dose anyone know how the our lake trail is

Went in late May and the last mile was still snow covered and the lake was frozen. Hard to get to the top in the deep snow which made it impossible to find any real trail, but it was a fun challenge and we had a great time. Really beautiful.

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